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Aug 03, 2021

Philling the GAP: GAP and the Rules of Golf

Sometimes you need assistance in deciphering a ruling. Sometimes you need some clarification when interpreting the Rules of Golf. We’ve all been there.

Ultimately, we’re here for you when you have Rules of Golf questions. Whether it’s during one of our competitions, or even a curious inquiry, GAP provides resources and answers. GAP Rules Officials will be there for you on site. GAP Staff members will be there for you when you call. For more information, visit the GAP Policy page for more information about our policies pertaining to the Rules of Golf.

  • GAP Rules Officials are present during each competition conducted on the schedule.
  • Volunteers make up the bulk of the GAP Rules Officials roster.
  • The Association’s policy page outlines how competitions are conducted and officiated, in addition to providing information that may be pertinent to Rules questions you may have.
  • Rules of Golf Seminars are offered throughout the offseason months.
  • Contact the GAP Office (610-687-2340) if you have a Rules of Golf question and the next available staff member will assist you.

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