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Jul 01, 2021

Philling the GAP: Course Rating

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

“This course gets a five-star rating.” Something you might say to one of your friends. A compliment sure, but not an example of course rating. As one of GAP’s premiere services, course rating is as necessary as water on a sweltering July day. Here’s how it works. GAP course rating volunteers rate every member course on a seven-year rotation, as well as any other area course requesting service. John Manos, GAP Director of Course Rating, then reviews each rating to make sure that criteria is consistently being applied. Creating an equitable playing field for all golfers is paramount. Once a golf course is rated, then scores can be posted for handicap purposes. GAP rates 50 courses annually. This service gets five stars.

  • In April 1983, GAP conducted its first course rating meeting at Gulph Mills Golf Club.
  • Raters evaluate the golf course for two types of golfer: scratch and bogey. The scratch golfer hits it 250 yards off the tee (230 of which are in the air). The bogey golfer hits it 200 yards off the tee (180 in the air). Each subsequent shot for the scratch golfer travels 200 yards (180 of which are in the air) and the bogey golfer hits it 170 yards (150 in the air).
  • A course rating is based on what a scratch golfer should shoot on that course, while the slope rating is an indicator of the difficulty of the course for a bogey golfer.

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