Sep 16, 2020

13th Senior 27-Hole Challenge

Chester Valley duo captures 13th Senior 27-Hole Challenge trophy

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Three different laps around Bala Golf Club (par 68, 5,425 yards) resulted in a GAP trophy for a Chester Valley Golf Club duo.

Matt Hancock and Ken Silverwood battled to a 6-over 140 total and the win Wednesday, bettering a field of 20 Senior teams.

The first nine of the day featured a four-ball (better-ball of partners) format, followed by greensomes (selective drive/alternate shot) and team aggregate portions. Now in its 13th year, the Senior 27-Hole Challenge replaced the Senior Net Championship on the tournament schedule.

After a 1-under better-ball score, Hancock and Silverwood pulled away from the competitors with an eye-opening 2-under score in the greensomes format. It was their performance there — which featured one birdie by each teammate — that decided their fate.

“I figured we’d have to get a couple under par on the better ball, which we didn’t, but we made up for it in the alternate shot,” said Hancock, 59, of Malvern, Pa. “We played surprisingly well in that format. I think we probably gained four shots or so on the field there. I think it’s safe to say that’s where we won it.”

It was the pivotal final nine, the team aggregate portion, that ultimately decided the championship. Although Hancock (4-over 37) and Silverwood (5-over 78) didn’t keep up their stellar form in the team aggregate, it was enough to seal the deal.

“We started getting tired on the third nine and could tell we weren’t playing as well as we did before. But we fought through it and both contributed what we could,” said Silverwood, 61, of West Chester, Pa. “Neither one of us gave up which ultimately was important.”

Playing in the first group out, both players had little idea whether or not their 6-over total would hold up. In fact, their victory came as a pleasant surprise come dinner time.

“When we handed in our scorecards, we didn’t really know where we stood. [Director of Competitions Kirby Martin] reminded us that anything could happen in this format,” said Silverwood.

“It was super hearing that news. I haven’t been in the GAP winner’s circle too much and it was a pleasure,” said Hancock. “It’s just fun to play with a guy you really enjoy spending time with, and we were going to have a good day whether we won or not.”

A great — not good — day, plus a trophy added to the collection.

Super-Senior Division

It was a spectacular follow-up performance for the Super-Senior Division’s defending champions.

Robin McCool of Saucon Valley Country Club and Craig Scott of Great Bear Golf & Country Club worked their way to a second-straight title Wednesday, finishing the Senior 27-Hole Challenge at 5-over par 135. Their day at Bala (par 68, 5,082 yards) earned them a one-stroke victory over the 16-team Super-Senior field.

A sizzling 3-under 30 start in the better-ball portion got the duo in the mix early. However, a rough greensomes performance of 5-over 38 made things interesting.

“It’s a Flynn design with a bunch of shot values to it. Local knowledge definitely would have helped out there,” said Scott, 71, of Marshalls Creek, Pa.

“There were some tough club selections for us out there. Neither of us had ever played the course,” said McCool, 69, of Center Valley, Pa. “We also had a good amount of three putts, too, which didn’t help.”

What did help was a clutch five-foot par putt by McCool on the 27th hole of the day, on Bala’s par-3, 150 yard 9th hole. Both McCool and Scott ran their mid-range par putts past the hole. McCool stepped up confidently and got the winning putt to fall over the left lip.

“At least I was able to push that one in,” said McCool.

The duo, who have been playing golf together for an estimated 35 years, finished at 5-over 71 on their final nine, resulting in the victory, following up last year’s win at Wild Quail Golf & Country Club.

Maybe it’s because of their back-to-back trophies. Or maybe because their dedicated golf fanhood. Either way, count McCool and Scott as diehard fans of the Senior 27-Hole Challenge’s playing format.

“I said this last year, but I believe this was one of the best additions ever made to the [GAP schedule]. It’s a very unique tournament and playing format,” said Scott.”It’s an entire test of the golf game, and I think some of the guys who haven’t played in it have been missing out.”

Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The Association’s 288 Member Clubs and 75,000 individual members are spread across the Eastern half of Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey and Delaware. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Gross results
Senior Division
Name, club, scoreR1R2R3Total
Ken Silverwood/Matthew Hancock, Chester Valley323375140
Carl Everett/J. Kirk Luntey, Merion313873142
John Alterman/John Nottage, Commonwealth National353774146
Steve Kohlbus/Jay Cambell,Tanglewood/Bon Air364171148
Mark Fine/Brent Peterson, Lehigh323978149
Rick Umani/Chris Terebesi, Honeybrook343879151
Chuck Caparo/Matthew Mingione, 1912 Club364174151
David Chenard/Jim Muehlbronner, Sandy Run364176153
Chris Groves/Peter Krajsa, Brookside CC of Allentown354179155
Bill Fagan/Ken Jones, St. Davids374179157
William Christine/Joseph McClatchy, LuLu/Llanerch343786157
Michael Schoedler/Rob Tredinnick, Five Ponds/Commonwealth National343887159
Rich Kaspar/Michael Shoup, Sandy Run354183159
Tom Huff/George Marshalek, Coatesville/Philadelphia Publinks354381159
Terry Williams-Woodward/John Lobb, Bellewood364084160
Robert Frankil/Jonathan Rinde, Bellewood/Timber Trails364482162
Rodger Spear, Stanley Cuneo/Pocono Farms364384163
Joe Lunardi/Michael Pierce, Llanerch/Springhaven414387171
Terrance Schmidt/Gerard Schmidt, Talamore/Bensalem404392175
Jeff Brodsky/Andrew Repetto, Philadelphia Publinks4145100186
Super-Senior Division
Robin McCool/Craig Scott, Saucon Valley/Great Bear303871139
Rich Ton/Drew Harmer, Springhaven333572140
Howard Press/Raymond Pawulich, Little Mill333772142
John Young/John DiMarzio, Sandy Run353975149
Tom DiCinti/Bob Majczan, French Creek353876149
Bruce Berger/Arthur Frankel, Philmont404171152
Andy Donaldson/George Jeitles, French Creek373878153
Robert DeLong/Robert Krotee, Radnor Valley/Willow Hollow373979155
Gerald Eckert/Alan Over, Bent Creek364178155
Joe Viscuso/Peter Torras, Kennett Square334083156
Paul Csigi/Rayman Solomon, Bala364179156
Palmer Toto/Tom Mallouk, Lookaway354388166
Joe DeAngelis/Michael McCorriston, Makefield/Jericho National344689169
Joseph Martella/Tom Mee, Sandy Run384487169
Quinn Spitzer/Washburn Oberwager, Makefield Highlands/Merion384688172
Thomas Butler/Charles Gallagher, III, Flourtown385096184
Net results
Senior Division
Name, club, score
Carl Everett/J. Kirk Luntey, Merion31333397
Ken Silverwood/Matthew Hancock, Chester Valley31333397
Steve Kohlbus/Jay Cambell,Tanglewood/Bon Air32382898
Rodger Spear, Stanley Cuneo/Pocono Farms31392898
Chris Groves/Peter Krajsa, Brookside CC of Allentown30383199
Bill Fagan/Ken Jones, St. Davids333829100
William Christine/Joseph McClatchy, LuLu/Llanerch313535101
Joe Lunardi/Michael Pierce, Llanerch/Springhaven343731102
Tom Huff/George Marshalek, Coatesville/Philadelphia Publinks314031102
John Alterman/John Nottage, Commonwealth National353731103
David Chenard/Jim Muehlbronner, Sandy Run344029103
Rich Kaspar/Michael Shoup, Sandy Run323932103
Terry Williams-Woodward/John Lobb, Bellewood333734104
Mark Fine/Brent Peterson, Lehigh313934104
Rick Umani/Chris Terebesi, Honeybrook343833105
Chuck Caparo/Matthew Mingione, 1912 Club354030105
Terrance Schmidt/Gerard Schmidt, Talamore/Bensalem353931105
Robert Frankil/Jonathan Rinde, Bellewood/Timber Trails344132107
Jeff Brodsky/Andrew Repetto, Philadelphia Publinks353936110
Michael Schoedler/Rob Tredinnick, Five Ponds/Commonwealth National333741111
Super-Senior Division
Robert DeLong/Robert Krotee, Radnor Valley/Willow Hollow313466131
Rich Ton/Drew Harmer, Springhaven303468132
John Young/John DiMarzio, Sandy Run313666133
Andy Donaldson/George Jeitles, French Creek333467134
Paul Csigi/Rayman Solomon, Bala323869139
Howard Press/Raymond Pawulich, Little Mill333771141
Robin McCool/Craig Scott, Saucon Valley/Great Bear313973143
Joe DeAngelis/Michael McCorriston, Makefield/Jericho National284176145
Bruce Berger/Arthur Frankel, Philmont384067145
Joe Viscuso/Peter Torras, Kennett Square313877146
Gerald Eckert/Alan Over, Bent Creek344075149
Palmer Toto/Tom Mallouk, Lookaway324078150
Quinn Spitzer/Washburn Oberwager, Makefield Highlands/Merion334276151
Tom DiCinti/Bob Majczan, French Creek363977152
Thomas Butler/Charles Gallagher, III, Flourtown314480155
Joseph Martella/Tom Mee, Sandy Run354179155

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