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Jul 05, 2016

Rolling Green’s Bastians better field in Father & Son (Younger)

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. — If you had told Dan and Matt Bastian that they would take home a Father & Son (Younger) title Tuesday at RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve (par 71, 6,320 yards), they both would have laughed it off.| Junior Division scorecards | Junior-Junior Division scorecards | History |

  “We drove up early this morning from the Jersey Shore. I hit a few putts with sandals on and he forgot to put a belt on – we obviously didn’t have very high expectations for today,” said Matt, 50, of Media, Pa. “We were both literally running to the first tee to get there in time.”

  And it is a good thing they did, because the Bastian’s hustle paid off in a big way.

  The father-son duo fired a 1-over 72 in an alternate shot, stroke-play format (with select drives) to take home the Junior Division title. The Bastians, of Rolling Green Golf Club, bettered 33 other father-son pairings.

  Their round began on the back nine. The first sign of good things to come arrived early on No. 11 (par 4, 330 yards). Matt hit a “terrible” 8-iron left of the green, but Dan stepped up, hit a chip with plenty of speed and rocked the ball off the bottom of the flagstick and into the cup for birdie.

  More red numbers arrived on the front. Dan placed an 8-iron to two feet on No. 5 (par 3, 161 yards) and his father cleaned it up with a tap-in birdie. On No. 9 (par 4, 300 yards), the Bastian’s last hole of the day, Matt rifled driver to the front edge of the green. Dan’s eagle attempt trickled 15 feet past the hole, but Matt stepped up and knocked in the comebacker.

  Post-round praise was plentiful for Dan’s clutch putting.

  “He made about a 100 feet of putts today. I’d say [Dan] had four par saves that were over 20 feet. And that’s weird, because he isn’t that great of a putter,” said a laughing Matt.

  “They were just falling for me today. It was just one of those days – I liked the greens here,” said Dan, 15, also of Media, Pa.

  Two years ago, at Blue Bell Country Club, the younger Bastian told his father that he “choked in this tournament”. This year, it was time for the older Bastian to get his vindication.

  “We get to play a lot socially together. The only other competition we play in is our Father-Son tournament at Rolling Green. It’s always a good time,” said Matt. “Other than that, we try and avoid each other.”

  “It was a great experience working together instead of just yelling together,” said Dan, who took home the Junior-Junior title in the 2014 Jock Mackenzie Memorial. “We get really sarcastic with each other, but we had a really great time today.”

  Ryan McCabe of The Springhaven Club had himself quite the day.

  The 13-year-old qualified for the Drive, Chip and Putt subregionals after finishing second overall in his local-qualifying group Tuesday morning at Sunnybrook Golf Club. He followed that up in the afternoon with a Junior-Junior title, alongside his father, Franny, at RiverCrest.

  “It was a fun day. My putting, surprisingly, definitely saved me. I didn’t do well on chipping or driving, but it was great to finish so well [this morning],” said the younger McCabe, of Media, Pa. “When I got here today, I couldn’t make a putt. It was a long day but I’m used to that.”

  The McCabes started their title chase by parring every hole on the back nine. They combined their impressive start with a 5-over 40 on the concluding nine, good for a total of 5-over 75. They topped a field of 34 total father-son teams in the Junior-Junior flight.

  “We were ham and egging it today, even though the last nine was a lot more egging it,” said Franny, 61, also of Media, Pa. “We had a ton of fun today. This is the third time we’ve played together in this. We always enjoy it.”

   The Father & Son (Younger), now in its 59th year, is open to father and son teams with sons 17 years of age and younger. The Junior-Junior Division consists of teams with sons 13 years and younger.

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Name, club Score
Daniel Bastian/Matthew Bastian, Rolling Green Golf Club 72
Ryan Tall/John Tall, Spring Ford Country Club 73
Matthew Civitella/Matthew Civitella, Waynesborough Country Club 73
Frank Gregor/Frankie Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 75
Barry Wiseman/Ben Wiseman, The Bucks Club 75
Christopher Dalessandro/Vincent Dalessandro, Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club 75
Jeff Fialko/Jack Fialko, Aronimink Golf Club 76
Sean McNamara/Stephen McNamara, Bent Creek Country Club 76
Kyle Green/Hudson Green, Jr., Bellewood Country Club/Stonewall 76
Christopher Greer/Hayden Greer, Laurel Creek Country Club 77
Mark Lafond/Matthew Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club 77
Daniel Galbreath/Robert Galbreath, Sr., Huntingdon Valley Country Club 78
Doug Murray/Jack Murray, Stonewall 78
Chris Anderson/Harry Anderson, Wilmington Country Club 78
Charles Hummer/Case Hummer, Aronimink Golf Club 79
D.J. Pinciotti, III/Daniel Pinciotti, Jr., Huntingdon Valley Country Club 79
Douglas Gregor/Wade Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 79
Donald Degraff/Danny Degraff, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 79
Andrew Desjardins/Jay Desjardins, Waynesborough Country Club 79
Dan Lafond/Eric Lafond, Commonwealth National Golf Club 80
Warren Taylor/Nicholas Taylor, Yardley Country Club 80
Nicholas Hano, III/Nicholas Hano, Jr., Aronimink Golf Club/Applebrook Golf Club 82
Philip Damico/Gregory Damico, McCall Golf & Country Club 82
Ernie Sims/Gavin Sims, Overbrook Golf Club 82
Brent Schoeller/Mark Schoeller, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 82
Rob Sitzler/Jake Sitzler, Burlington Country Club 83
Edward Hanzel/Matthew Hanzel, Running Deer Golf Club 83
Will Keane/William Keane, Jr., Philadelphia Country Club 84
Cory Hunter/John Hunter, Commonwealth National Golf Club 84
James Gillespie/James Gillespie, Jr., Concord Country Club 84
Gavin Maurer/Mark Maurer, II, Bent Creek Country Club 85
Brayden Diprinzio/Mark Diprinzio, Chester Valley Golf Club 87
Peter Susanin/Ryan Susanin, Overbrook Golf Club 88
Scott Cahoone/Zachary Cahoone, Aronimink Golf Club/Rolling Green Golf Club 88
DennisW.J. Burton/Jack Burton, Stonewall/Overbrook Golf Club 89
Patrick Sullivan/P.J. Sullivan, Philadelphia Publinks GA 90
Alex Hanna/Gregory Hanna, Overbrook Golf Club 90
Ryan Daufenbach/Jack Daufenbach, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 90
Brendan Mcgrath/Jay Mcgrath, Radley Run Country Club 92
Peter Dugery/Joe Dugery, Bala Golf Club 94
Ryan Tague/Michael Tague, Overbrook Golf Club 95
Andrew Lombard/Alex Lombard, The Springhaven Club 97
Richard Johnson/Matt Johnson, White Clay Creek Country Club 98
John Morton/Edwin Morton, Raven’s Claw Golf Club/Philadelphia Publinks  GA 99
Charles Lynch/Chuck Lynch, Jr., Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 100
Michael Roberts/Michael F. Roberts, Old York Road Country Club 101
Eric Stang/Brendan Stang, Cedarbrook Country Club 107
Jack Haywood/Reed Haywood, Radley Run Country Club 108
Tim Kennedy/Ryan Kennedy, Applecross Country Club 117
Mark Hershey/Justin Hershey, Applebrook Golf Club WD
William Armstrong/Jake Armstrong, Tavistock Country Club WD
George Griffaton/Ben Griffaton, Bellewood Country Club/Brookside Country Club NC
G.Patrick Dougherty/Nolan Dougherty, Philadelphia Cricket Club WD
Randy Mitchell/Colman Mitchell, Wilmington Country Club WD
Archie Filshill/Archie Filshill, Jr., Huntingdon Valley Country Club WD
Name, club Score
Ryan McCabe/Franny McCabe, Jr., The Springhaven Club 75
Jason Homer/Matthew Homer, Wilmington Country Club 76
Philip Damico/Andrew Damico, McCall Golf & Country Club 78
Brendan Nolan/Darren Nolan, Talamore Country Club 78
Ken Sim/Noah Sim, Commonwealth National Golf Club 79
Mark Lafond/Kevin Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club 79
David LaRosa/Chris LaRosa, Cedarbrook Country Club 80
Jack Deppen/Blaine Deppen, Skippack Golf Club at Evansburg State Park/Blue Bell Country Club 80
Michael Gradisek/James Gradisek, Stonewall/Philadelphia Country Club 80
Jeffrey Ciconte/Anthony Ciconte, Wilmington Country Club 81
Kenneth Matt/Christian Matt, Philadelphia Publinks GA 81
Andrew Isztwan/Patrick Isztwan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 82
Jason Homer/Jeffrey Homer, Wilmington Country Club 82
Owen Mulhern/Keller Mulhern, Whitford Country Club 82
Matt Gehrt/Ben Gehrt, Hartefeld National 84
Nathan Guertler/David Guertler, Laurel Creek Country Club 84
Troy Watson/Luke Watson, Spring Ford Country Club 84
Nick Ciocca/Nicholas Ciocca, Aronimink Golf Club 85
Richard Shore/Ethan Shore, Flourtown Country Club 87
Matt Gibson/Alex Gibson, Chester Valley Golf Club 87
Ed Hughes/Scott Hughes, Talamore Country Club 89
Gregory Hurchalla/Charles Hurchalla, Stonewall/Moselem Springs Golf Club 89
Tom Urban/Kidder Urban, Bellewood Country Club 89
Matthew Baker/Joshua Baker, West Chester Golf & Country Club 91
Scott Kim/Colby Kim, Overbrook Golf Club 92
Stephen Shewbrooks/Gavin Shewbrooks, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 93
Tim Yenawine/Zachary Yenawine, Lehigh Country Club 94
Christopher Bradley/McClain Bradley, Aronimink Golf Club 100
Bradd Forstein/Jack Forstein, Laurel Creek Country Club 101
Steve Tazza/William Tazza, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 104
Tommy Warner, III/Thomas Warner, Jr., Medford Village Country Club 108
Jason Small/Jackson Small, White Manor Country Club 111
Brian Block/Michael Block, Overbrook Golf Club NC
Kevin Althouse/Andrew Althouse, Hartefeld National NS

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