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Apr 01, 2020

Philling the GAP: GHIN Mobile App

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

The GAP App is like Eli Manning: retired and not returning to the playing field. But fret not. The GHIN Mobile App is your new recommended source for score posting on the go. Available for free on Android and iOS devices, it is the official mobile application of the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN), a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. The ability to post scores is key here. The GAP App may be off in the sunset, but the GHIN Mobile App basks in the sun.

  • The GHIN Mobile App is solely for golfers of a club using GHIN services.
  • Additional features of the GHIN Mobile App include stat tracking, score history, golfer lookup and a course handicap calculator.
  • In order to incorporate the changes of the World Handicap System, the GHIN Mobile App was redesigned for 2020. If you use the GHIN Mobile App in the past, then you need to now update it.
  • Links to GAP event portals and the GAP Member Club Directory are available via the GHIN Mobile App.

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