Jan 01, 2021

Philling the GAP: 1 MORE Campaign

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

We don’t want one more global pandemic in 2021. We do want another year of the 1 MORE Campaign. Wish granted. The 1 MORE Campaign encourages members to play one more round, to eat one more meal, to take one more lesson, to employ one more caddie or to introduce one more golfer to the sport. Go the extra mile to support the game. One more thing: those who opt into the 1 MORE Campaign become eligible for monthly prizes.

  • The 1 MORE Campaign, a vision of former GAP President Bob Morey, began in 2016. It runs from April 1 to Nov. 14, the organization’s active handicapping season.
  • GAP members can sign up for the 1 MORE Campaign via My GAP Locker. Participants can track their monthly progress to see where they stand compared to 2020 for each month.
  • Prizes awarded for participation in the 1 MORE Campaign will be announced prior to its April launch, so stay tuned.
  • The 1 MORE Campaign echoes a “Plus One” call-to-action issued by USGA President Diana Murphy during her Annual Meeting address in 2016.
  • Callaway Golf served as a presenting sponsor of the 1 MORE Campaign from 2018-19.

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