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Mar 30, 2020


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Voting for #GAPDecade moment

Feels like it’s been a decade since you’ve teed it up, doesn’t it?

Well, believe it or not a decade — literally speaking — is in the rearview mirror. Fare thee well, 2010s.

As a parting gift, GAP brings you #GAPDecade: a bracket featuring eight of the decade’s top tournament moments. Four matchups, one ultimate champion.

Final – No. 1 vs. No. 3

No. 1: 2016 BMW Philadelphia Amateur Championship Final, Michael McDermott v. Jeff Osberg.

Sure, McDermott won his third J. Wood Platt Trophy (2008, 2013) by defeating Osberg, 1-up, at Merion Golf Club. But the Philadelphia golf community was the real winner, watching GAP’s top two competitors of the past two decades at one of most iconic clubs in golf. Can’t write a better script than that.

No. 3: Amateur Chris Crawford qualifies for consecutive U.S. Opens.

As if qualifying for the U.S. Open isn’t difficult enough. Christopher Crawford, then an amateur out of Spring Mill Country Club, earned back-to-back invitations (2016-17). As impressive a feat as any in the world of golf.

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