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Feb 08, 2019

2018 AGA/GAP Senior Player of the Year: Art Brunn, Jr.

An avid Anthracite competitor got the most out of his starts in 2018.
Wyoming Valley Country Club’s Art Brunn, Jr. earned Senior Anthracite Player of the Year points in 10 of the 13 point-eligible events on the AGA/GAP circuit this season. His consistency and marvelous short game earned him his second consecutive Anthracite Senior POY Award with 1,246.3 points. He also won the Amateur Player of the Year in 2012.
“What I’ll remember about this year was going out with a victory in the Men’s Coal Scuttle,” said Brunn, 52, of Hanover Township, Pa. “Winning that event is a huge deal. All of the clubs here in the region participate and it is held in a high regard.”
Brunn opened the Men’s Coal Scuttle at Wyoming Valley with a 3-under-par 68 and backed it up with an even-par 72 at the Country Club of Scranton’s Old Course to win by three shots.
A victory in the Senior Division of the 10th AGA/GAP Spring Stroke Play at Glenmaura National Golf Club and a tie for second in the Senior Division of the AGA/GAP 20th Mid.-Am./Senior Tournament at Elmhurst Country Club were other strong points of his year.
“I worked a ton on my short game this year,” said Brunn. “I’ve been coaching golf at Holy Redeemer High School for 27 years now and we work on [the kids] short games all the time. It is something I enjoy doing. In medal play, having a solid short game is everything.”
Brunn said that the AGA/GAP merger has increased the talent and competition levels in the Anthracite region. He joked that he now has to take out more of the young kids and their long-hitting personas.
“It’s always great to get recognized by GAP,” said Brunn. “It means you had a good year and played well throughout its entirety. It is truly a great honor and I have been fortunate to win it in both the Amateur and Senior Divisions.”
2018 standings
Name, club
Art Brunn, Jr., Wyoming Valley
Robert Andrejko, Scranton Municipal
Kenneth Bolcavage, Elkview
Michael Vassil, Scranton
Mark Bartkowski, Scranton Municipal
Michael Heck, Elkview
Bob Gill, Fox Hill
Vincent Scarpetta, Jr., Nittany
Brian Hoban, Elmhurst
Brian Corbett, Scranton

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