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Pre-Junior Event at West Chester results

Name, club Score
Liam McFadden, Overbrook Golf Club 27
Sean Curran, Jr., Merion Golf Club 29
Kevin Lang, Jr., Whitford Country Club 29
Nick Shanahan, Applebrook Golf Club 30
Zach Moua, St. Davids Golf Club 31
Chase Baker, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 32
Sammy Sciarra, Tavistock Country Club 32
Nick Linkchorst, Golf Course at Glen Mills 34
Jonathan Abboud, Berkshire Country Club 35
Jeffrey Grimes, Jr., St. Davids Golf Club 35
Hayden Meadows, Whitford Country Club 37
Luke Freimuth, Cedarbrook Country Club 38
Jay Jackson, Little Mill Country Club 39
Luke Fallon, Berkshire Country Club 41
Walker Mannon, Phoenixville Country Club 42
Charles Armstrong, Tavistock Country Club 50
Nate Yi, Tavistock Country Club 65
Name, club Score
Jillian Burks, Applecross Country Club 30
Mina Benedetto, Concord Country Club 31
Cynthia Aiken, St. Davids Golf Club 41
Zoey Moua, St. Davids Golf Club 41
Corinne McReynolds, Whitford Country Club 46