Jan 01, 2023

Philling the GAP: News section

What’s going on in GAP? Visit www.gapgolf.org (you’re here already if you made it this far). You’ll first see the latest stories flash across the homepage. The news hub, however, is your electronic promised land. Click on the “News” tab at the top of the screen. In addition to the most recent stories, you’ll notice a convenient box of categories. From tournament results to history to handicapping, you can access whatever you seek. The information is as robust as our bellies after holiday snacking.

  • What do you know? The News section of the GAP website includes a Philling the GAP tab.
  • Alphabetization makes for optimization. Each category in the News box is listed from A to Z.
  • Can’t find a news story you’re looking for in this section? Let us know. Email email@gapgolf.org.

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