Aug 11, 2005

Maude, Von Borsig in Patterson Cup playoff

  CONCORDVILLE, Pa.–Tug Maude of Merion GC and Conrad Von Borsig of Concord CC need another 18 holes to decide the 103rd Joseph H. Patterson Cup champion. Maude, 22,of Wayne, Pa., and Von Borsig, 18, of Swarthmore, Pa., tied at 5-under-par 138 and will meet tomorrow at Concord CC in an 18-hole playoff to determine the winner. This will be the first Patterson Cup playoff since 2000 when Greg O’Connor of Huntingdon Valley CC won the title in a three-man shootout.

  Maude posted rounds of 68 (Radley Run CC)-70 (Concord CC). Von Borsig carded a pair of 69s. Both players are in search of their first Patterson Cup victory.

 “I know Tug real well from when I worked on the driving range at Merion,” said Von Borsig. “It should be a lot of fun.”

  Added Maude, who fell in the Amateur Championship final in June to Clint Deibert of Doylestown CC, “It’s a chance at redemption.”

  Both players, and another friend of the two, John Sawin, 20, of Haverford, Pa., all had chances at Patterson Cup glory.

  Sawin eagled the 18th hole (par 5, 521 yards), his ninth hole, in the second round to move to 7-under par at the turn and held a two-shot lead at that point. However, his putter floundered and an overshot 8-iron on No. 8 (par 3, 186 yards) struck a fatal blow to his chances. An 18-foot birdie opportunity on the final hole to tie Maude and Von Borsig failed to find the bottom of the cup.

  Maude, who opened with a 4-under-par 68 at Radley Run CC in the morning, too, watched his flat stick fail him. He registered 17 greens in the a.m. and 15 in the second round. He posted six birdies and a double bogey at Radley Run CC where he lipped out three straight birdie putts in the range of eight to 30 feet to close the round.

  Maude remained at 4-under par after the opening nine holes in the afternoon at Concord CC with a double bogey and bogey. He then opened his final nine holes, the front side, with four straight pars. He said he lipped out birdie chances on holes 2-4 before finally canning a par-saving 12-footer on No. 5 (par 4, 374 yards) and an easy birdie opportunity at No. 6 (par 5, 568 yards). Knowing birdies were needed, he lipped out a 35-footer on No. 7 (par 4, 454 yards) and

  another at No. 8 from 12 feet. A great up and down from 40 yards short of the green on No. 9 (par 4, 415 yards) put him at 5-under par for the tournament.

  “I thought 5-under par would have a chance,” said Maude. “I had two double bogeys and two bogeys. I wish I could take away those doubles, obviously.’

  Von Borsig, who is heading to the University of Virginia later this year, turned in 2-under-par 34 and stood at 5 under.

  “I figured I had to catch John before I should worry about anyone else,” said Von Borsig, a recent graduate of Strath Haven High School. “If I could catch him I thought I would be in good shape.”

  Von Borsig continued his steady march up the leaderboard with five straight pars to open his final nine. He flopped a lob wedge from 91 yards to four feet for a birdie on No. 6 but his drive on No. 7 landed in the rough and he failed to get up and down.

  Von Borsig had a downhill 20-foot birdie opportunity on No. 8 and another long chance on No. 9 but couldn’t get either to fall.

  There was some consolation for Sawin, however. The Princeton University junior captured the 96th Silver Cross Award by two strokes over Maude and three over Von Borsig.

  The Silver Cross is awarded to the player with the lowest aggregate score in the two qualifying rounds of the Amateur Championship and two rounds of the Patterson Cup.

  “It’s a huge honor for me,” said Sawin. “I feel it is a great judge of the best player across four rounds and two months.”

  This was Sawin’s first Silver Cross Award.

  The Amateur Championship Qualifier was held at Cedarbrook CC and Green Valley CC.

Name Club Rd 1 Rd 2 Total
Conrad Von Borsig Concord Country Club 69 RCC 69 CCC 138
Tug Maude Merion Golf Club 68 RCC 70 CCC 138
John Sawin Merion Golf Club 68 RCC 71 CCC 139
Billy Stewart Llanerch Country Club 68 CCC 71 RCC 139
Chris Anderson Wilmington Country Club 71 RCC 71 CCC 142
Alan Borowsky White Manor Country Club 70 RCC 73 CCC 143
Maximillian Muller Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 70 CCC 74 RCC 144
Patrick Rutter Berkleigh Country Club 71 CCC 73 RCC 144
Andrew Achenbach RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 71 RCC 73 CCC 144
Nick Ryder Aronimink Golf Club 73 CCC 72 RCC 145
Robin McCool Saucon Valley Country Club 71 CCC 74 RCC 145
Roc Irey Cedarbrook Country Club 72 CCC 73 RCC 145
Christopher Lange Overbrook Golf Club 73 RCC 72 CCC 145
Sean Clifford Ashbourne Country Club 74 RCC 71 CCC 145
Jason Bernstein White Manor Country Club 68 CCC 78 RCC 146
John Mullins Spring Ford Country Club 73 RCC 73 CCC 146
Mark Peterson Philadelphia Cricket Club 73 RCC 73 CCC 146
Stephen Arnold Yardley Country Club 76 RCC 71 CCC 147
Sean Leonard Tavistock Country Club 71 RCC 77 CCC 148
Rich Pruchnik West Chester Golf & Country Club 76 CCC 72 RCC 148
Rob Galbreath, Jr. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 75 RCC 73 CCC 148
Drew Panebianco Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 75 RCC 73 CCC 148
Tom Borsello Fieldstone Golf Club 78 RCC 70 CCC 148
Arthur Kania, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 73 RCC 75 CCC 148
Brian Gillespie St. Davids Golf Club 73 CCC 76 RCC 149
Christopher Gold Little Mill Country Club 73 CCC 76 RCC 149
Douglas Cusick Tavistock Country Club 78 CCC 71 RCC 149
Oscar Mestre, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 74 CCC 75 RCC 149
Glenn Smeraglio Yardley Country Club 76 RCC 73 CCC 149
Christopher Kaspar Lu Lu Country Club 71 CCC 78 RCC 149
Michael Tash Tavistock Country Club 72 RCC 77 CCC 149
Steve Scarpetta Glenmaura National Golf Club 70 RCC 79 CCC 149
Edmund Chylinski Chester Valley Golf Club 77 CCC 73 RCC 150
Rich Thon The Springhaven Club 72 CCC 78 RCC 150
Douglas Schroer St. Davids Golf Club 75 CCC 75 RCC 150
Cole Willcox Philadelphia Country Club 76 RCC 74 CCC 150
Michael McDermott Merion Golf Club 76 RCC 74 CCC 150
Thomas Gramigna Tavistock Country Club 77 CCC 73 RCC 150
Michael Moffat Commonwealth National Golf Club 75 RCC 75 CCC 150
David Liotta Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 76 RCC 74 CCC 150
P. Chet Walsh Philadelphia Country Club 75 CCC 76 RCC 151
Billy Macknis Downingtown Golf Club 76 RCC 75 CCC 151
Gerard Ascolese North Hills Country Club 72 CCC 80 RCC 152
Paul Polinsky Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 75 CCC 77 RCC 152
Tom Carter Greate Bay Golf Club 77 CCC 75 RCC 152
Christopher Ault Spring Mill Country Club 77 CCC 75 RCC 152
Michael Evangelista Concord Country Club 80 RCC 72 CCC 152
Timothy Hager Lookaway Golf Club 72 RCC 80 CCC 152
Francis McFadden Overbrook Golf Club 77 RCC 75 CCC 152
Ryan McCarty Little Mill Country Club 78 RCC 74 CCC 152
John Robinson Commonwealth National Golf Club 74 RCC 78 CCC 152
Kenneth Matt Lu Lu Country Club 77 CCC 76 RCC 153
James Kania, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 76 CCC 77 RCC 153
Daniel Delaney Concord Country Club 78 RCC 75 CCC 153
Anthony Apostolico Hartefeld National 81 RCC 72 CCC 153
Steven Walczak Wilmington Country Club 74 RCC 79 CCC 153
Chris Gallagher Penn Oaks Golf Club 78 RCC 76 CCC 154
Daniel Rexon Tavistock Country Club 75 CCC 79 RCC 154
Robert Dziak Spring Ford Country Club 75 CCC 79 RCC 154
Bryant Reyes Hartefeld National 77 CCC 77 RCC 154
Byron Whitman Golden Oaks Golf Club 79 CCC 75 RCC 154
Brian Corbett Huntsville Golf Club 75 RCC 79 CCC 154
Scott Elwell Running Deer Golf Club 76 CCC 79 RCC 155
Bill Dwyer Concord Country Club 73 CCC 82 RCC 155
Scott Storck Philadelphia Cricket Club 74 CCC 81 RCC 155
Kyle Davis Inniscrone Golf Club 79 RCC 76 CCC 155
Jack Wallace Burlington Country Club 78 RCC 77 CCC 155
Paul Gagliardi Cedarbrook Country Club 76 CCC 79 RCC 155
Thomas Covello Penn Oaks Golf Club 76 RCC 79 CCC 155
Daniel Doyle Edgmont Country Club 75 RCC 80 CCC 155
Keith Matt Lu Lu Country Club 80 CCC 76 RCC 156
Gregg Angelillo Moselem Springs Golf Club 79 RCC 77 CCC 156
Thomas DiCinti Little Mill Country Club 79 RCC 77 CCC 156
Andrew Harmer The Springhaven Club 75 RCC 81 CCC 156
Garrett Basalyga Philadelphia Publinks GA 81 RCC 75 CCC 156
Mark Inman Cherry Valley Country Club 77 CCC 80 RCC 157
Jeff Griest Waynesborough Country Club 73 CCC 84 RCC 157
Chris Terebesi Chester Valley Golf Club 82 RCC 75 CCC 157
Gil Moniz Jr. Woodbury Country Club 79 CCC 79 RCC 158
Billy McCrossan White Manor Country Club 79 RCC 79 CCC 158
James Kieserman Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 77 CCC 82 RCC 159
Joe Cunningham Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 80 CCC 79 RCC 159
Chip Culp Philadelphia Cricket Club 79 RCC 80 CCC 159
Michael O’Keefe Little Mill Country Club 80 CCC 80 RCC 160
Thomas Hyland Little Mill Country Club 80 RCC 80 CCC 160
Patrick Rugg Rolling Green Golf Club 86 RCC 74 CCC 160
Bob Cunningham Downingtown Golf Club 79 RCC 81 CCC 160
Peter Moran Edgmont Country Club 84 RCC 77 CCC 161
Shawn Lavin Llanerch Country Club 83 RCC 78 CCC 161
Sean Davy Medford Village Country Club 79 CCC 83 RCC 162
Dylan Spadt Silver Creek Country Club 85 CCC 77 RCC 162
Robert Ockenfuss Indian Valley Country Club 84 RCC 78 CCC 162
Jon Lavin Radnor Valley Country Club 86 RCC 77 CCC 163
Adam Pifer Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 85 RCC 78 CCC 163
Martin Klagholz Rolling Green Golf Club 83 CCC 81 RCC 164
William Bello Metedeconk National Golf Club 80 CCC 84 RCC 164
Marlin Detweiler Lancaster Country Club 79 RCC 85 CCC 164
Tom Piersanti Radley Run Country Club 83 CCC 82 RCC 165
Bill Murray Merchantville Country Club 78 CCC 87 RCC 165
Trevor Seufer Stonewall 77 CCC 88 RCC 165
Brian C. Creghan Plymouth Country Club 85 RCC 80 CCC 165
Mark Kosko Seaview Marriott Resort 75 CCC 91 RCC 166
Matthew Welsh St. Davids Golf Club 84 RCC 82 CCC 166
Burton McHugh Sunnybrook Golf Club 85 RCC 81 CCC 166
Matthew Walsh Overbrook Golf Club 89 CCC 78 RCC 167
William Voris Seaview Marriott Resort & Spa 82 CCC 85 RCC 167
Robert McConathey Running Deer Golf Club 84 CCC 83 RCC 167
Lucas Serbun Sandy Run Country Club 81 CCC 86 RCC 167
Alexander Liebman Seaview Marriott Resort & Spa 84 CCC 84 RCC 168
Andrew Francis Honeybrook Golf Club 82 RCC 86 CCC 168
James Finnerty Radley Run Country Club 79 RCC 89 CCC 168
Jason Early Overbrook Golf Club 86 CCC 83 RCC 169
Ryan Owens Greate Bay Country Club 80 RCC 89 CCC 169
Jason Ochroch Meadowlands Country Club 80 CCC 90 RCC 170
David Hoegel Little Mill Country Club 81 CCC 89 RCC 170
Darren Moses Concord Country Club 82 CCC 89 RCC 171
George Connell Gulph Mills Golf Club 87 CCC 84 RCC 171
Jason Sieminski Philadelphia Cricket Club 92 CCC 85 RCC 177
Joe Olin Little Mill Country Club 86 CCC 92 RCC 178
David Chenard Philadelphia Publinks GA 76 CCC WD RCC WD
John Kondash, Jr. Burlington Country Club 84 CCC WD RCC WD
Shane Dooley Spring Ford Country Club 77 RCC WD CCC WD
Lance Oberparleiter Wedgwood Country Club 81 CCC WD RCC WD
Thomas Dell Lancaster Country Club 78 CCC WD RCC WD
Patrick O’Brien North Hills Country Club 81 CCC WD RCC WD
James Winner Philadelphia Publinks GA 81 RCC WD CCC WD
Vince Yost Cedarbrook Country Club 85 RCC WD CCC WD
Eugene Flanagan McCall Golf & Country Club 88 CCC WD RCC WD
Christopher Binder Little Mill Country Club 79 RCC WD CCC WD

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