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Nov 01, 2021

Center Stage: John Moser

Center Stage is a new series that highlights individuals who continue to support the GAP Central Series.

Before John Moser became a more proactive golfer, he played baseball alongside Ed Ott, a former Pittsburgh Pirates catcher and member of its 1979 World Series team. They both participated in the American Legion Baseball program in the Central-Eastern Pennsylvania area. 

“Ed honestly wasn’t the greatest hitter that I’ve ever played with,” Moser, 70, of Watsontown, Pa., said. “But he was the best ballplayer I’ve ever been around. He had a terrific arm, and he could run, throw and do it all.”

Moser dedicated 35 years to baseball as he played catcher and third base. 

“I played golf, but I didn’t get too serious until after I finished playing baseball,” Moser, a White Deer Golf Course member, said. “The reason why I didn’t want to play too much golf is that I didn’t want it to affect my baseball swing. After being done with baseball and playing more golf, I had to readjust my swing because I would always aim left instead of hitting straight on the fairway.”

Moser did manage to make the transition from baseball to golf. One moment stands out thus far, and it came in June 2014.

“I had a hole-in-one at Belles Springs Golf Course on No. 8, and what made that shot so significant was that it was after having a hip replacement,” Moser said. “Being able to earn that achievement is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Moser, a White Deer member of 15 years, plays in a golf league at his club once a week.

“I also try to travel around and play at other courses,” Moser added. “That’s one of the best things about being with GAP is having the ability to play at different courses and tournaments throughout the area.”

Moser tries to play in five GAP events every year. He has competed at various golf courses, including Bucknell Golf Club and Tyoga Country Club.

“I enjoy spending time playing at Bucknell because I work in Lewisburg, and I can leave the office and be at the course playing within five minutes,” Moser said. Moser works at Sholley Insurance Agency in Lewisburg, Pa.

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