Central Series event: Indian Hills - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Jul 01, 2024

Central Series event: Indian Hills

GAP Central Series event at Indian Hills

Central Junior Series event at Indian Hills Golf Club
July 1, 2024
Junior Boys’ Division
Name, clubScore
Cole Duffy, Frosty Valley76
Kamdon Eicher, Shade Mountain Golf Course81
Ryan Ault, Clinton Country Club83
Kane Wolf, Clinton Country Club85
Carter Girton, Belles Springs Golf Course85
Boom Thompson, Towanda Golf Club86
Graham Welles, Towanda Golf Club87
Alexander Dietrich, Shade Mountain Golf Course87
Wilson Abram, Shade Mountain Golf Course88
Wade Habovick, Belles Springs Golf Course92
Callen Cevette, GAP Youth on Course95
Ben Rowan, GAP Youth on Course99
Derek McElrath, Tyoga Golf Course100
Karl Unger, Berwick Golf Club102
Bryce Bussom, GAP Youth on Course103
Aidan Wetzel, GAP Youth on Course104
Mason Lytle, GAP Youth on Course108
Dakota Keister, GAP Youth on Course109
Landon Chappel, Clinton Country Club109
Garrett Rankinen, Williamsport Country Club112
Jax Reichenbach, GAP Youth on Course113
Bryson Rankinen, Williamsport Country Club114
Grahm Davis, GAP Youth on Course123
Quinton Davis, GAP Youth on Course126
Junior Girls’ Division
Name, clubScore
Cailyn Schall, Williamsport Country Club81
Kylie Schall, Williamsport Country Club105
Lexi Schmadel, GAP Youth on Course111
Junior-Junior Boys’ Division
Name, clubScore
Conley Killian, GAP Youth on Course47
Lucas Pyle, Shade Mountain Golf Course48
River Knepp, Shade Mountain Golf Course52
Myla Rankinen, Williamsport Country Club55
Henry Eschbach, GAP YOC60

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