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Jul 09, 2018

#BrewerCup: Smeraglio snags Senior medal; McCool tops Super-Senior bracket

July 9, 2018

SPRING HOUSE, Pa.- All Glenn Smeraglio needs, in pursuit of the career Golf Association of Philadelphia Senior Grand Slam, is two Major titles. The first being a Frank H. Chapman Cup victory. The second, a widely-coveted Brewer Cup victory.

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  A 3-under-par 68 ignited the start of that quest Monday at Old York Road Country Club (par 71, 6,395 yards). Smeraglio’s low round of the day earned him medalist honors in the 11th Brewer Cup’s stroke-play qualifying round.

   “It would be such an honor to win Mr. [O. Gordon Brewer, Jr.’s] event. He’s such a legend,” said Smeraglio, 58, of Newtown, Pa. “I’d really like to get one.”

  His title run begins tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. versus No. 16 seed Doug Fedoryshyn of Concord Country Club, who earned the last Round-of-16 berth in a 6-for-5 playoff.

  The Lu Lu Country Club member bettered 65 Senior hopefuls to take the top spot. The day’s cut line stopped at 5-over-par 76.

  On Smeraglio’s front nine, Old York Road’s back, he got one birdie to fall. After a bogey on the par 4, 410-yard 13th, Smeraglio hit a 9-iron to eight feet on No. 14 (par 3, 154 yards) and rolled it in for his first of four red figures on the day. Smeraglio would go on to make the turn at even par.

  A stretch of three birdies in his last five got Smeraglio to the magic number. On No. 5 (par 3, 199 yards), Smeraglio placed a 5-iron to 12 feet and drained it. The next birdie arrived on No. 7 (par 4, 402 yards) after a blasted 3-wood led to a 130-yard 9-iron approach that slid down the backslope to six feet before getting that look to go.

  The par 5, 525-yard 9th hosted birdie No. 4. Smeraglio got up-and-down from just short of the left bunker to settle at 3 under.

   “I hit 16 greens today. It was overall a very good, solid round and I was very fortunate,” he said.

  Smeraglio, the two-time reigning Senior Silver Cross Winner, has been dealing with a left knee injury over the past six months. Cortisone shots and limping have been more common than not this season.

   “It’s been a frustrating six months for sure,” said Smeraglio, who took home this year’s Francis B. Warner Cup (Gross) at Concord Country Club. “The shots have helped me get some drive back into that knee. I didn’t know it was as hurt as it was. Before I couldn’t do much, and I was flinching during my swing, but now I can use those muscles again. I’ll have to get it replaced eventually but it’s been progressively better.”

  Injury or not, Smeraglio is now the man to beat with the No. 1 seed.

Super-Senior Division

   GAP Senior stalwart Robin McCool collected his second Brewer Cup Super-Senior medalist honors (2016) with a steady 1-under-par 70, the only red number in his division at Old York Road (par 70, 6,036 yards).

  The Saucon Valley Country Club member sprinted out of the gates with birdies on Nos. 2 (par 4, 325 yards) and 3 (par 3, 140 yards).

  On No. 2, McCool hit a 3-wood to the end of the fairway and jammed a 9-iron from 120 yards to four feet. He would birdie No. 3 as a result of a smooth 8-iron to seven feet.

  After birdieing No. 9 (par 5, 470 yards) to get to 2-under-par, McCool gave bogeyed No. 10 (par 4, 399 yards) after his drive plugged into the hazard off the tee. But he bounced back after making a 15-foot birdie putt on No. 11 (par 4, 366 yards).

  “I didn’t have very high expectations coming into today,” said McCool, 67 of Center Valley, Pa. “I played in Saucon’s Buck Cup (Stroke Play Championship) over the weekend, which is from the tips, which was just brutal. I hit the ball really well. I had to resign myself to hitting it solid and in play because I struggled with the length. I took a little something from that into today.”

  McCool’s golf game has changed quite a bit throughout the last few years. Two back surgeries and 10 screws later, McCool committed to changing his shot shaping from primarily a draw to a fade.

  McCool said it has made a difference on his back because he doesn’t have to go after the ball as hard as he used to.

  “I’ve made a change to hit all fades,” said McCool. “ I changed all of my clubs on purpose and got bigger grips. That makes it easier for me to play and some golf courses are so easy because they move well for someone who hits a fade. The greens are so difficult here so you have to be in the fairways to be able to try to get the ball close to the greens.”

  McCool is the only person to win the Brewer Cup as both a Senior (2010, 2013) and a Super-Senior (2016) since the tournament’s inception in 2008. It’s a tournament that always holds a special spot in McCool’s heart.

  “I was on the GAP Executive Committee and the Championship Committee when the Brewer Cup was created,” said McCool. “We wanted to honor Mr. Brewer’s great contributions and accomplishments in the game. To play in a tournament that is named in his honor is important for me to do. It is always something that I look forward to.”

  The top-seeded McCool will face Thomas Mallouk of Lookaway Golf Club at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

NOTE: Frank Rutan, IV of Philadelphia Cricket Club, a former GAP President, aced the par 3, 154-yard 14th hole with an 8-iron.

  The Brewer Cup is named in honor of O. Gordon Brewer, Jr., the former president of Pine Valley Golf Club. He is a two-time U.S. Senior Amateur Champion and veteran of 42 USGA Championships. He’s captured two Golf Association of Philadelphia Amateur Championship titles (1967, 1976), a GAP Senior Amateur Championship crown (1997) and a Senior Player of the Year (1997) as well as countless invitational titles. Seven years ago he was recognized for his contributions to the game with the USGA’s Bob Jones Award.

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Senior Division
Name, club Score
Glenn Smeraglio, Lu Lu Country Club 68
Raymond Thompson, Overbrook Golf Club 69
Chip Lutz, LedgeRock Golf Club 72
John Alterman, Commonwealth National Golf Club 74
Greg Guyer, Philadelphia Cricket Club 74
Oscar Mestre, Overbrook Golf Club 74
Steven Walczak, Wilmington Country Club 74
Bob Arthur, Tavistock Country Club 75
Bob Beck, Lehigh Country Club 75
John Donnelly, Concord Country Club 75
Kenneth Phillips, Lancaster Country Club 75
*Christopher Clauson, Lu Lu Country Club 76
*Frank Corrado, Jr., Lu Lu Country Club 76
*Doug Fedoryshyn, Concord Country Club 76
*Brian Rothaus, Philmont Country Club 76
*David West, Philadelphia Publinks GA 76
Failed to qualify
*Bert Kosup, Lu Lu Country Club 76
Norman Charlesworth, Running Deer Golf Club 77
Charles Dowds, III, Applebrook Golf Club 77
Dennis Konczyk, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 77
Scott Mayne, LedgeRock Golf Club 77
Carlos Ochoa, Little Mill Country Club 77
Joseph Roeder, Little Mill Country Club 77
Frank Rutan, IV, Philadelphia Cricket Club 77
Richard Atcavage, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 78
Scott Carney, Commonwealth National Golf Club 78
Brian Corbett, Country Club of Scranton 78
Gregory Day, Old York Road Country Club 78
Tom DiCinti, Mercer Oaks Golf Course 78
Bryan Marvin, Old York Road Country Club 78
John Robinson, Lu Lu Country Club 78
Rich Thon, The Springhaven Club 78
Alan Wagenschnur, Loch Nairn Golf Club 78
Ron Weaver, Bent Creek Country Club 78
Gregory Buliga, Yardley Country Club 79
Thomas Krug, Commonwealth National Golf Club 79
J. Kirk Luntey, Merion Golf Club 79
Rand Mendez, Fieldstone Golf Club 79
Drew Panebianco, Five Ponds Golf Club 79
Gary Smith, Pine Valley Golf Club 79
Bob Taylor, Middletown Country Club 79
Michael Vassil, Country Club of Scranton 79
Thomas Hyland, Little Mill Country Club 80
Steve Meyer, Rolling Green Golf Club 80
Byron Whitman, Berkshire Country Club 80
Jeffrey Allen, Wild Quail Golf & Country Club 81
Jim Gavaghan, Commonwealth National Golf Club 81
Doug Jones, Little Mill Country Club 81
James Muller, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club 81
Jim Simmons, Stonewall 81
Robert Wurtz, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club 81
Denis Darragh, Olde Homestead Golf Club 82
Andy Lykon, Pinecrest Country Club 82
Timothy McCabe, Bon Air Country Club 82
Matt Mingione, The 1912 Club 82
Mark Cubberley, Mercer Oaks Golf Course 83
Robert Dietrich, Loch Nairn Golf Club 83
Matthew Manfred, Commonwealth National Golf Club 83
Michael Anderson, Philadelphia Cricket Club 84
Patrick Cahill, III, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 84
Gary Daniels, Applebrook Golf Club 84
Andrew Sterge, Applebrook Golf Club 84
Jeff Rogatz, Wilmington Country Club 86
Barry Westington, Country Club of Scranton 86
Vince Yost, Cedarbrook Country Club 90
Bill Boyle, Metedeconk National Golf Club WD
Joe Campisano, Five Ponds Golf Club WD
Arthur Kania, Jr., Merion Golf Club WD
Randy Mitchell, Wilmington Country Club WD
Joseph Russo, Running Deer Golf Club WD
Chris Smedley, Hartefeld National WD
Super-Senior Division
Robin McCool, Saucon Valley Country Club 70
Don Donatoni, White Manor Country Club 72
Thomas Humphrey, Wilmington Country Club 75
Ed Chylinski, Chester Valley Golf Club 76
Buck Jones, Philadelphia Publinks GA 76
Frank Polizzi, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 76
Joe Cordaro, Saucon Valley Country Club 77
Thomas Mallouk, Lookaway Golf Club 77
Failed to qualify
Robert Billings, Rolling Green Golf Club 78
Daniel Burton, Lancaster Country Club 78
Bennett Meyer, Rolling Green Golf Club 78
Steve Tagert, Spring Ford Country Club 78
Alan Van Horn, Commonwealth National Golf Club 78
O. Gordon Brewer, Jr., Pine Valley Golf Club 79
Sheldon Pollack, Bala Golf Club 79
Drew Swenda, Jr., Fieldstone Golf Club 80
Charles McDowell, Wilmington Country Club 81
John Owens, Tavistock Country Club 81
Charles Whipple, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81
Bernie Zbrzeznj, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 82
Don Ashley, Philadelphia Country Club 83
James Prendergast, Spring Ford Country Club 83
Michael Anton, Lookaway Golf Club 85
Richard Smith, Philadelphia Country Club 86
Hal Morris, Talamore Country Club 87
Charles McClaskey, Philadelphia Publinks GA 88
Raymond Pawulich, Little Mill Country Club WD
*decided in playoff

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