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Evan Barbin gets long-awaited title, wins at White Clay Creek

WILMINGTON, Del. – Being in the darkness of the Barbin family shadow used to fill Evan Barbin with envy and jealousy.

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The youngest Barbin watched his two older brothers (Austin and Zach) claim numerous titles, including Austin’s recent BMW Philadelphia Amateur crown, throughout the region as he dedicated every waking moment of each day to a game that didn’t care to reward him like it did his brothers.

Evan Barbin

“When I was in high school and Austin was a senior in high school he won basically every event that I played in with him,” Barbin, of Chesapeake Bay Golf Club, said. “He had all of the spotlight and I was jealous but I wasn’t mature enough to handle it. I felt like I was in the shadows. As I have gotten older, I gained a great respect for him as a player and more importantly a brother. I am proud of all my brothers and I am their number one fan when I am not playing my best.”

Wednesday at White Clay Creek Country Club (par 72, 6,585 yards), Evan stepped into the light of the spotlight he created for himself. He’s the 73rd Delaware Amateur champion.

His 72-hole total of 13 under was good enough for a three-shot victory over Amory Davis of Bidermann Golf Club. Davis led Barbin by three shots heading into the final round after Barbin fired a 69 to Davis’ 68 in the morning 18. Barbin was the only player to break par in all four rounds.

“Being the Delaware Amateur champion means everything to me right now,” Barbin, 20, of Elkton, Md., said. “I’ve struggled for so long. My golf game never won me anything big. I’ve always loved this tournament. It is so close to home. This feeling is amazing. This means more than most people know.”

Barbin made the turn to the final nine four shots behind Davis. He walked to No. 11 with a one-shot lead.

Amory Davis (left) and Barbin

You read that correctly.

Amory Davis, the 2007 titleholder, made a mess of No. 10 (par 5, 582 yards). His drive sailed right into the penalty area. His third shot sailed into an environmentally-sensitive penalty area, a no-play zone.

Just inside the edge of it, Davis played from it. He would make what he thought would be a miraculous bogey when he chipped in for six. He would be informed of a two-shot penalty by Official in Charge Grant Morse on the 12th tee.

Knowing this was finally the opportunity Barbin had hoped for, he stepped into a 3-iron from 250 yards for what would be one of his Championship moments. It landed 15 feet away. He canned the putt. 

“That was the best shot I’ve hit in a while,” Barbin, a rising junior at Liberty University, said. “I had 15 feet left and that was the first putt I made outside of 10 feet. That got me fired up. My heart rate was super high but I dialed it back in and remained calm.”

“They told us when the week started about these environmentally-sensitive areas of the golf course,” Davis, 35, of Santa Fe, N.M., said. “They are no-play zones. I was so in the moment that I wasn’t thinking to look for a stake. I saw a red line and assumed it was in a normal penalty area. I figured I could chop it out. I thought of the penalty like life. I am doing the best I can to control what I can control. If I dwell on it and make a scene, that is a waste of energy. Evan played great on the back nine.”


Barbin seized control of the tournament with consecutive birdies on Nos. 13 (par 3, 175 yards) and 14 (par 4, 375 yards). He hit an 8-iron to 15 feet on No. 13 and pured a pitching wedge from 140 yards to 7 feet on No. 14. But the most important shot was his fourth after hitting his second into the penalty area on No. 15 (par 5, 533 yards).

He spun a lob wedge from 80 yards to 10 feet and converted for a clutch par. Slowly slamming the door on Davis.

Barbin’s iconic Championship moment came at the last (par 4, 372 yards). Standing 15 feet away he had three putts to win. He only needed one.

“I was pretty numb when that putt went in,” Barbin said. “It didn’t really hit me until my dad came over and whispered words of encouragement. It is a putt I won’t forget for the rest of my life. In a sense, it is going to change my life.”

New in 2024, the Delaware Amateur is an official USGA Exemption event. Barbin, just like his brother Austin, earned their spots in the U.S. Amateur as a result of their victories in the Delaware Amateur and the BMW Philadelphia Amateur. Amory Davis is already in the field as a result of his New Mexico/West Texas Amateur title on June 12. Davis will be exempt from local qualifying for the 2025 U.S. Amateur.

Just before going to bed before the final day, Austin and Evan had a conversation. One only people with a sibling can understand. It’s a conversation that has meaning and impact.

Barbin with U.S. Amateur gold ticket

“Austin emphasized sticking to my routine no matter what,” Barbin said. “It settled my nerves and it paid off. That conversation really stuck with me today. That was one of the first times he gave me sentimental advice. Austin believed in me last night and it sparked something.”

When Evan walks into Chesapeake Bay the next time he’s home, he will see something he hasn’t seen in his life. A trophy and photo about one of his wins. One he’s devoted his whole life to getting. 

“I’ve never worked harder for anything in my life than I have at golf,” Barbin said. “I never got any rewards from playing golf because I have never had any success that resulted in a trophy. Something just clicked when I returned home from school this year. I told myself I was really going to earn it this summer and make a name for myself. There were times where I didn’t want to work hard but I did. It makes all of it worth it.”

Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The organization’s 345 Member Clubs and 110,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Name, clubR1R2R3R4Total
Evan Barbin, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club69716966275
Amory Davis, Bidermann Golf Club70686872278
Aaron Williams, Bayside Resort Golf Club71747367285
Alex Seelig, LedgeRock Golf Club76747266288
Jake Haberstumpf, LedgeRock Golf Club78726672288
Matthew Homer, Wilmington Country Club76707074290
Logan Paczewski, Huntsville Golf Club77727568292
Tyler Cleaves, USGA/GAP GC78697372292
Calen Sanderson, Jericho National Golf Club79697372293
Nick Fioravante, LedgeRock Golf Club77737372295
Peyton Mussina, Williamsport Country Club73757374295
Connor McGarrity, Briarwood Golf Club79717174295
Kevin Lydon, LuLu Country Club77677576295
Morgan Lofland, Phoenixville Country Club75767471296
Eli Shah, Penn Oaks Golf Club75757472296
Daniel Oh, Blue Bell Country Club81687572296
Charlie Bundy, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association73747574296
Jackson Roman, Briarwood Golf Club75777570297
Jackson Debusschere, DuPont Country Club78757570298
Blake Micholas, Kings Creek Country Club85717172299
Lorenzo Sanz, Briarwood Golf Club77757374299
Jeffrey Homer, Wilmington Country Club77747276299
Steve Cutler, USGA/GAP GC79737475301
Nick Ciocca, Aronimink Golf Club70748176301
Matt Dolinsky, Galen Hall Golf Club79747774304
Michael Vital, Northampton Country Club80787870306
Hudson Pace, Wild Quail Golf & Country Club76787777308
Nikita Romanov, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club80777874309
Jack Irons, Medford Lakes Country Club74817579309
Logan Wagner, Bent Creek Country Club79778175312
Kyle Pritchard, Green Pond Country Club85747876313
Drew Zieg, Kennett Square Golf & Country Club81788472315
Michael Dignazio, Wilmington Country Club82777681316
Charles Young, Briarwood Golf Club80798079318
Brian Zinman, USGA/GAP GC79758085319
Matt Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club83758285325
Chris Lange, Jr., Overbrook Golf Club787979WD236
Brandon Wilson, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club8176WD157
Jacoby Chappa, Wild Quail Golf & Country Club7877NS155
WD – withdraw
NS – no show

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