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Jun 19, 2024

120th Open Championship Qualifying: Jericho National

Blue Bell duo lead Open Qualifying


NEW HOPE, Pa. — Buddy Hansen and Kevin Lafond, amateurs out of Blue Bell Country Club, carded rounds of 1-under-par 71 to share medalist honors in Open Championship Qualifying at Jericho National Golf Club (par 72, 7,003 yards) Wednesday.

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Hansen and Lafond earned one of 33 qualifying positions and ties available for the Championship proper. The 120th Open Championship will take place July 16-17 at Applebrook Golf Club in Malvern, Pa.

The cut line stopped at 5-over-par 77 by day’s end.

The Open Championship is the third of four Majors on GAP’s tournament calendar.


Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The organization’s 345 Member Clubs and 110,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Name, clubScore
(a) Bud Hansen, Blue Bell Country Club71
(a) Kevin Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club71
(a) Christian Deussing, Jericho National Golf Club72
(a) Matthew Homer, Wilmington Country Club73
(a) Christian Matt, Cedarbrook Country Club73
(a) Jackson Debusschere, DuPont Country Club73
(a) Keller Mulhern, Whitford Country Club73
(a) Brian Hollins, Little Mill Country Club74
(a) Jared Tendler, Jericho National Golf Club74
(a) Zack Amole, French Creek Golf Club74
(a) Benjamin Ortwein, The Shore Club74
Joseph Kogelman, Merchantville Country Club75
(a) Liam Hart, Spring Mill Country Club75
(a) Carter Field, LuLu Country Club75
(a) Jack Dare, Riverton Country Club75
(a) Brandon Wilson, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association75
Michael Moses, Concord Country Club75
(a) Jimmy Kramarski, Moorestown Field Club75
Stephen Sanderson, Saucon Valley Country Club76
(a) Noah Moelter, Blue Bell Country Club76
(a) Matt Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club76
(a) Andrew Bilson, Bent Creek Country Club76
(a) Butch Silknitter, Bellewood Country Club76
(a) Nick Fioravante, LedgeRock Golf Club76
(a) Zach Mueller, Five Ponds Golf Club76
(a) Jake Maddaloni, Aronimink Golf Club76
(a) Brian Isztwan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club76
(a) Nicola Cerilli, Indian Valley Country Club76
(a) Stephan Giffin, Burlington Country Club77
(a) Ben Keyser, The Legacy Club77
(a) Joseph Tigani, Fieldstone Golf Club77
(a) Nick Hano, LuLu Country Club77
 Anthony Hoffman, John F. Byrne Golf Club77
(a) Patrick Rutter, Schuylkill Country Club77
Jim Haus, Bent Creek Country Club77
(a) Ryan Richardson, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association77
(a) Connor Vanin, DuPont Country Club77
(a) Darren Nolan, Cedarbrook Country Club77
Alternates (in order)
Hugh Reilly, Philadelphia PGA78
(a) Phil Villari, Riverton Country Club78
(a) Max Siegfried, Aronimink Golf Club79
(a) Brandon Raihl, Philadelphia Cricket Club79
(a) Nihal Shah, Cherry Valley Country Club79
(a) Nathan Guertler, Merion Golf Club79
(a) Matt Dolinsky, Heidelberg Country Club79
(a) Matteo Patitucci, Philmont Country Club79
Failed to qualify
(a) Peter D’Angelo, Burlington Country Club79
(a) George Crouse, Ed Oliver Golf Club80
(a) Sean Torpey, Doylestown Country Club80
(a) Ryan Rigby, Doylestown Country Club80
(a) Gary Daniels, Applebrook Golf Club80
(a) Ryan Cass, Hidden Creek Golf Club80
(a) Joe Garner, DuPont Country Club80
(a) Nick Ciocca, Aronimink Golf Club80
(a) Quinn Hanley, USGA/GAP GC80
(a) Trey Croney, Saucon Valley Country Club80
(a) Todd Baron, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association80
(a) Jordan Cooper, The Legacy Club81
(a) Michael Dunphy, USGA/GAP GC81
(a) Jake Elliott, Riverton Country Club81
(a) Simon Asadoorian, Northampton Valley Country Club81
(a) Kevin Maguire, Laurel Creek Country Club81
(a) Justin Howe, Applecross Country Club81
(a) Joseph Kepic, The Skramble House of Golf81
(a) Steve Levchenco, Philmont Country Club82
(a) Benjamin Foster, LuLu Country Club82
(a) Neil Gordon, Doylestown Country Club82
(a) Andrew Carrigan, The Legacy Club82
(a) Seamus Maguire, Bala Golf Club82
 Rocco Sgrillo, John F. Byrne Golf Club82
(a) William Breslin, Huntingdon Valley Country Club82
(a) Frank Grabuski, Overbrook Golf Club82
(a) Jake Speers, Bent Creek Country Club82
(a) Luke Morgan, Schuylkill Country Club82
(a) Tommy Ditullio, Manasquan River Golf Club82
(a) Lannon Boyd, Overbrook Golf Club83
(a) Beau Guarino, Riverton Country Club83
(a) Jack Quirk, Sandy Run Country Club83
(a) Nicky Riscica, Trenton Country Club83
(a) Ben Litt, Riverton Country Club83
(a) Patrick McDermott, St. Davids Golf Club83
(a) Dave Landau, Berkshire Country Club83
(a) Greg Sadowski, Philadelphia Publinks Golf Association83
(a) Chris Waldmann, The 1912 Club83
(a) Jeff Long, Riverton Country Club84
(a) Brian Walker, Talamore Country Club84
(a) Mario Ventresca, Cedarbrook Country Club84
(a) Dan Pinciotti, Huntingdon Valley Country Club84
(a) Thomas Maguire, Springdale Golf Club84
(a) Marshall Kain, Overbrook Golf Club84
(a) Rick Henn, Jericho National Golf Club84
Logan Hay, Burlington Country Club85
(a) Greg Wasserson, Green Valley Country Club85
(a) Ryan Quinn, Commonwealth National Golf Club85
(a) Matthew Quirk, Sunnybrook Golf Club85
(a) Cal Parker, LuLu Country Club85
(a) Conor Breslin, USGA/GAP GC85
(a) Christian Haldeman, Saucon Valley Country Club85
(a) Corey Haydu, Spring Mill Country Club85
(a) Nick Linkchorst, Golf Course at Glen Mills85
(a) Joseph Noyes, Little Mill Country Club85
(a) Matt Worrall, DuPont Country Club86
(a) Austin Schreffler, USGA/GAP GC86
(a) Michael Dignazio, Wilmington Country Club86
(a) Brad Ebersole, The Ridge at Back Brook87
(a) Dan Gallagher, Riverton Country Club87
(a) Drew Brandt, Penn Oaks Golf Club87
(a) Ian Zang, Raven’s Claw Golf Club87
(a) Richie Kline, Kennett Square Golf & Country Club87
(a) Trevor Talerico, Concord Country Club87
(a) Nicholas Henn, Jericho National Golf Club87
(a) Dylan Chessher, Wild Quail Golf & Country Club87
(a) Salvatore Galati, The Legacy Club88
Ryan Daley, Jericho National Golf Club88
(a) Connor Faust, Saucon Valley Country Club89
(a) Pearse Lee, Riverton Country Club89
(a) Sean Cudahy, USGA/GAP GC89
(a) Joe Petrino, Makefield Highlands Golf Club90
(a) Josh Schneider, Amateur Golf Society90
(a) David Walters, Huntingdon Valley Country Club90
(a) Matt Malinowski, Trenton Country Club90
(a) Brady Crow, Moorestown Field Club90
(a) Brent Glah, Commonwealth National Golf Club90
(a) Jon Dutcher, Penn Oaks Golf Club91
Tyler Henning, Waynesborough Country Club91
(a) Parker Wine, Radley Run Country Club91
(a) Justin Spaeth, Cedarbrook Country Club91
Kevin Rossi, Green Valley Country Club92
(a) Phil Formica, Yardley Country Club92
(a) Travis Falkner, Little Mill Country Club92
(a) Nick Waskey, Doylestown Country Club94
(a) Eric Shenyo, White Clay Creek Country Club96
(a) Tom Reading, USGA/GAP GC97
(a) Anthony Carson, USGA/GAP GC99
(a) Will Walsh, Philadelphia Country Club100
(a) Michael Sydnes, Talamore Country ClubWD
(a) Michael Gallagher, Galloway National Golf ClubWD
(a) Win Thomas, USGA/GAP GCWD
(a) Michael Anastasia, USGA/GAP GCWD
(a) Jack Wallace, Riverton Country ClubWD
(a) Ryan Divis, USGA/GAP GCWD
 Andy Watters, Talamore Country ClubWD
(a) Nikita Romanov, Philadelphia Publinks Golf AssociationWD
(a) Matthew Reed, Doylestown Country ClubNS
WD – withdraw
NS – no show
(a) – denotes amateur

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