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Penn Oaks Golf Club

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150 Penn Oaks Drive | West Chester, PA 19382


(610) 399-0501


(610) 399-1083




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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalJesse Hallett(610) 399-8898
Club ManagerStephen DiMarco(610) 933-0501
General ManagerStephen DiMarco(610) 933-0501
SuperintendentMark Williams(610) 842-1366
Course Information
Club TypePrivate
ArchitectRussell Roberts
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
MusketMen 36.1 140 36.7 13872.8139
CrownMen 35.4 138 35.8 13571.2137
William PennMen 34.9 136 35.2 13270.1134
CannonMen 33.5 129 34.5 12868.0129
Liberty BellMen 32.9 127 33.1 12566.0126
William PennWomen 37.3 131 38.3 13875.6135
CannonWomen 36.0 126 37.3 13473.3130
Liberty BellWomen 35.2 122 35.7 12770.9125
Forward TeeWomen 34.1 120 32.6 11166.7116


Like a number of other Philadelphia area courses, Penn Oaks is routed over land granted to William Penn by Charles II in the latter part of the 17th century. Over the next 300 years, this West Chester tract would pass through several hands before it was acquired by Alfred J. Vilone, Sr., in 1965. Mr. Vilone, it may be recalled, was the principal founder and first president of Cavaliers Country Club.

Pleased with the work that Maryland-based Russell Roberts had done in designing the Cavaliers course, Vilone commissioned him to lay out Penn Oaks. The result is a fairly tight eighteen which demands straight driving. The greens are generous targets, but the combination of both bold and subtle breaks makes putting an adventurous undertaking and gives the course much of its character.

Alfred Vilone owned and operated Penn Oaks until 1990, at which time it was purchased by the Iacobucci Organization, and then in 2005 a group of local businessmen purchased the club and it remains a private club.



150 Penn Oaks Drive | West Chester, PA 19382

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