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Lebanon Country Club

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3375 West Oak Street | Lebanon, PA 17042


(717) 273-0611


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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalChris Perry(717) 272-1893
General Manager (717) 273-0611
SuperintendentDaniel Brickley(717) 273-1944
Course Information
Club TypePrivate
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
1Men 35.9 136 36.2 13172.1134
2Men 35.3 133 35.8 12971.1131
3Men 34.2 129 34.7 12568.9127
4Men 33.6 126 34.4 12468.0125
4Women 36.0 131 36.9 13072.9131
5Women 35.9 129 35.6 12471.5127
6Women 34.9 127 34.3 11969.2123


In early 1920, Mr. Charles Killinger, Esq. and Mr. Jim Shenk were appointed by a group of prominent Lebanon, Pa. citizens to find a suitable location for a country club and golf course. Killinger and Shenk selected the adjoining farms of Abraham B. Horst and Samuel B. Horst, each with 100 acres, as a desirable location. The close proximity of these properties to the only public transportation, the Hershey Electric Railway, made them a prime choice.

The club project site was agreed upon at a cost of $40,000. Development of the site was authorized at a charter meeting of the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce on March 31, 1920. The project was estimated to cost $60,000. Barn improvements were proposed to house and facilitate club activities. The lower floor would accommodate a gymnasium and locker room, and a large dance floor was planned for the second floor. The presence of a strong flowing stream on the property would aid in the construction of a swimming pool and skating pond.

On May 6, 1920, 18 men were elected to the Board of Governors, including: Warren G. Light, Esq., President; Jacob M. Shenk, Vice President; C. Oscar Bressler, Esq., Secretary; and Harry J. Shenk, Treasurer. On July 1, 1920, a meeting of the membership was held. The charter was accepted and the bylaws adopted. The club membership consisted of 160 family members, 57 single men, 17 single women, and 14 Junior members.



3375 West Oak Street | Lebanon, PA 17042

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