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Jeffersonville Golf Club

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2400 West Main Street | Jeffersonville, PA 19403


(610) 539-0422


(610) 630-9781


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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalMichael L. Housley(610) 539-0422
General Manager (610) 539-0422
SuperintendentRich Shilling(610) 539-0422
Course Information
Club TypePublic
ArchitectDonald Ross
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
YellowMen 35.3 132 35.5 13670.8134
GreenMen 34.6 129 34.8 13269.4131
Green/WhiteMen 33.7 127 33.3 13067.0129
WhiteMen 32.3 121 32.6 12964.9125
YellowWomen 38.2 140 39.0 14677.2143
GreenWomen 37.3 137 38.1 14175.4139
Green/WhiteWomen 36.8 137 36.1 12872.9133
WhiteWomen 35.0 124 35.1 12970.1127


In 1919, Anson B. Evans, a former Norristown burgess, purchased the Montgomery Riding Academy, a 135-acre site in West Norriton, Pa. that previously served as a racetrack. He converted the property into an 18-hole golf course, which was designed by Donald Ross in 1931. Evans died in 1945, but his wife Ida and their daughter Elizabeth Kane continued to operate Jeffersonville Golf Club with the help of golf professional George Scott.

In 1972, the West Norriton Municipal Authority bought the property for $131,000. It was to be leased to the township for 35 years. West Norriton Township then gained full ownership at the fulfillment of the lease. Acquisition of Jeffersonville GC guarantees preservation of open space amid construction. In 2000, renovations to realign, restore and improve the course began. They were funded by a $3 million bond issue and supervised by Ron Pritchard, an architect who specializes in restoring Ross designs.

Specific renovations included tee restoration, bunker installation, removal of trees and obstacles and the creation of a new irrigation system. Currently, the township’s Board of Commissioners is evaluating a master plan that includes the following: relocation of the maintenance building; developing an improved clubhouse, banquet facility and pro shop; improve or relocate the picnic pavilion; increase parking; improve the golf experience and general beautification of the property.

More than 35,000 rounds are played annually at Jeffersonville GC. High school teams from Norristown Area High School, Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School and Perkiomen Valley High School practice and play at the course. Jeffersonville GC also offers a golf clinic for children and adults.



2400 West Main Street | Jeffersonville, PA 19403

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