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Manasquan River Golf Club

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843 Riverview Drive | Brielle, NJ 08730


(732) 528-6500


(732) 223-5115




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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalChristopher Dymek(732) 528-9678
General ManagerMichael Zusack(732) 528-6500
SuperintendentMatt Morrow(732) 528-6505
Course Information
Club TypePrivate
ArchitectRobert White
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
BlackMen 37.5 142 37.9 13775.4140
BlueMen 35.8 139 36.4 13372.2136
WhiteMen 34.6 127 35.5 13370.1130
Green/WhiteMen 34.0 126 34.4 11868.4122
GreenMen 32.8 116 33.4 11566.2116
WhiteWomen 37.6 135 39.0 14276.6139
Green/WhiteWomen 37.0 132 37.2 14074.2136
GreenWomen 35.7 131 36.0 13171.7131
Family TeeWomen 30.2 102 31.2 10061.4101


On Sept. 8, 1922 the organization then bearing the name of “Manasquan River Golf & Country Club” filed its first corporate certificate in the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office in Freehold, New Jersey. The club was founded as the result of diligent effort by one of Brielle’s pioneers, Mr. Howard N. Folk. Mr. Folk was the original secretary of the club and a member of its first board of trustees. He served the organization on these two capacities for many, many years. The list of the original board of trustees bears the names of many men involved in the early growth of the borough: John Cattus, the club’s first president, Tasso Fischer, Peter Backes, George E. Devoll, Bancroft Gherardi, C.E. Emerich, Mott Marcellus and William Vanplanck.

The new corporation acquired The Charles Osborn Farm of about one hundred and forty-five acres on the Manasquan River. The trustees instructed Mr. Robert White, the famous golf course architect, to proceed with the construction of the first nine holes of the new golf course so that they would “be ready for play by May 30, 1923”. With remarkable adherence to the schedule the club house and the first nine holes of the golf course were opened to the members on Saturday, June 30, 1923. As the young organization continued through its early years it brought to the borough of Brielle and the surrounding shore municipalities a membership which listed many families famous on the national scene in industry and government. The membership list of Manasquan River Golf Club continues to the present time to reflect people of prominence. From its inception in 1922 the club flourished and grew in membership and size. In 1926 the second nine holes were completed for play.

After the end of World War II the club began that rage of progress and development which has brought it recognition in top golfing circles as one of the outstanding ten golf courses in the State of New Jersey.



843 Riverview Drive | Brielle, NJ 08730

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