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St. Davids Golf Club

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845 Radnor Street Road | Wayne, PA 19087


(610) 688-2010


(610) 688-8334




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Club Contacts
Golf ProfessionalTyler Santacroce(610) 688-9708
Club ManagerJon Anthony LaRocca(610) 688-2010
General ManagerJon Anthony LaRocca(610) 688-2010
SuperintendentCollin Harley(610) 688-9708
Course Information
Club TypePrivate
ArchitectDonald Ross
Tee Sheet Front 9 Back 9 Course
Rating Slope Rating Slope Rating Slope
BlackMen 36.4 130 35.7 13672.1133
SilverMen 35.4 127 34.9 13570.3131
Silver/Gold ComboMen 34.8 126 34.4 12969.2128
GoldMen 34.0 125 33.9 12767.9126
GreenMen 32.5 110 32.3 11864.8114
SilverWomen 38.1 138 38.2 13876.3138
GoldWomen 37.2 132 36.5 13273.7132
Gold/Green ComboWomen 36.1 126 35.2 12271.3124
GreenWomen 35.2 125 34.3 11969.5122


  One Sunday in the spring of 1896, A. J. D. (Tony) Peterson arrived at the home of George W. Schultz. According to Schultz, Peterson was “carrying a small white ball and a club with a bent iron on its end.” The previous day Peterson had been introduced to a Scottish game called “GOLF” at the recently opened Devon Golf Club, a nine-hole course located on the current site of Waterloo Gardens.   

  The following Saturday Peterson arranged for Schultz to play the Devon course with a set of borrowed golf clubs. Schultz apparently enjoyed playing golf enough that later on that year he, along with William H. Brooks, Dr. George L. S. Jameson (who went by “GLS”), Louis Peterson and Herman Wendell decided to organize their own golf club.

  This group of founders recognized the need to generate enough members to meet the financial obligations they would face and also the need for a site large enough to build a golf course. The Founders drafted a letter with an attached sign-up sheet for people interested in membership to sign and commit to the terms of becoming members of the new club. The undated letter reads as follows:

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A 1903 photo of a player driving from the 10th tee at St. Davids.



845 Radnor Street Road | Wayne, PA 19087

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