Philadelphia Challenge Matches – History

The Philadelphia Challenge Matches pits two 12-man teams, including two senior contestants, from GAP and the Philadelphia Section of the PGA in a concurrent individual match and better-ball match. Each match is worth one point. Ties are halved. The Philadelphia Section leads the series, 22-5-4.

2023GAP10.5PGA7.5Saucon Valley CC (Grace)
2022PGA10GAP8Saucon Valley CC (Grace)
2021GAP 10PGA8Saucon Valley CC (Grace)
2020No Contest - COVID-19
2019No Contest - weather
2018GAP10PGA8Lehigh CC
2017PGA10.5GAP7.5Saucon Valley CC (Weyhill)
2016PGA11.5GAP6.5Saucon Valley CC (Grace)
2015PGA14.5GAP3.5Applebrook GC
2014PGA10GAP8Applebrook GC
2013GAP10PGA8Applebrook GC
2012PGA9.5GAP8.5Applebrook GC
2011PGA11.5GAP6.5Applebrook GC
2010PGA9GAP9LedgeRock GC
2009PGA16.5GAP1.5Woodcrest CC
2008PGA11.5GAP6.5Stone Harbor GC
2007PGA12GAP6Commonwealth National GC
2006PGA9GAP9Moselem Springs GC
2005PGA9GAP9Tavistock CC
2004PGA11GAP7Stonewall (North)
2003PGA12.5GAP5.5Tatersall GC
2002PGA9GAP9Tavistock CC
2001PGA10GAP8Whitemarsh Valley CC
2000PGA10GAP8Bellewood GC
1999PGA12.5GAP5.5Kennett Square G&CC
1998PGA12.5GAP5.5Tavistock CC
1997PGA16.5GAP1.5Chester Valley GC
1996PGA14GAP4Huntingdon Valley CC
1995PGA12.5GAP5.5Merion GC (West)
1994GAP11.5PGA6.5Green Valley CC
1993PGA9.5GAP8.5Philadelphia Cricket Club
1992PGA15GAP3Manufacturers' G&CC
1991PGA10GAP8Rolling Green GC