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May 31, 2007

Maguire duo takes Father & Son Championship in playoff; former GAP President Walsh makes it 10 Father & Son titles

  EXTON, Pa. – Alex Maguire, Sr., and Alex, Jr., of Brookside CC and Philadelphia Cricket Club, respectively, birdied the fourth and final playoff hole to win the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s 96th Father & Son (Older) Championship on Thursday at Whitford CC (par 72, 6,448 yards).

  Their playoff win came over Overbrook GC’s Brad and Frank McFadden; 2005 Father & Son champions Neil (Llanerch CC) and Michael McDermott (Merion GC); and Tom and Michael Hyland of Inverness Club (Toldeo, Ohio) and Little Mill CC, respectively, who all shot 1-under-par 71s in regulation play.

  “The putt was straight in,” said Alex, Sr., of the winning stroke. “It was right on line.”

  But moments before, there was a bit of a debate between the father and son pair on how to play the par 5, 562-yard fourth hole. Alex, Jr., who just finished blasting a 300-plus yard drive down the middle of the fairway, wanted his father to go for broke on their second shot and attempt to carry the creek guarding the landing area just in front of the green.

  “I talked him out of it,” Alex, Sr., quickly said. “I thought we should lay up because he is such a great wedge player. He showed that by hitting [the ball] to within six feet.”

  It turned out that father knew best as the two took home their first Father & Son title.

  For the McDermott family, a victory would have been their fourth Father & Son title in the last six years.

  “I think we played pretty well together,” said Neil, who also played 18 holes with his other son Kevin. “We certainly left a few out there on the greens, but all-in-all it was a pretty solid round of golf.”

  Neil McDermott is the Immediate Past President of the Golf Association.

  William Walsh, also a Past President of GAP (1992-94), and his son Chet, of Philadelphia CC, repeated as the Super-Senior champions with a 3-over-par 75, playing from shorter tees at 5,827 yards.

  For William, who just recently celebrated his 85th birthday, his Super-Senior victory marks his 10th Father & Son title over the last five decades with four different sons. This includes the 1996 Father & Son (older) title he took home with Chet at age 75.

  “I was excited to play today,” said Chet of the chance to play a round with his father. “We usually get a chance to play over the winter, but I couldn’t make it down to Florida this year.”

  Chet gave his father a couple opportunities for birdie and par by sticking some of his approach shots close to the hole. William took advantage with a couple solid putts for par and two for birdie on holes Nos. 9 (par 5) and 15 (par 4).

  After Chet almost drove the green on No. 15, William executed a solid lag putt from about 12-15 feet off the green to within three feet. Chet then cleaned up for birdie.

  Jack and Edward Erickson of Yardley CC took home the Super-Senior net prize with a 70.

  The Father & Son Championship is an 18-hole gross and net stroke play, selective drive, alternate shot and 40% of combined handicap event with two divisions, Super Senior (fathers 65 years and older) and Championship.

  Eligibility is open to father and son teams with sons at 18 years old and over.

  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 135 Member Clubs and 60,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The purpose of the Association is simple: To promote, protect and preserve the game of golf in the region.

Champion – Gross

  1. Alex, Jr., and Alex Maguire, Sr., Philadelphia Cricket Club / Brookside CC 71
  T2. Neil and Michael McDermott, Llanerch CC / Merion GC 71
  T2. Brad and Frank McFadden, Overbrook GC 71
  T2. Michael and Thomas Hyland, Inverness Club / Little Mill CC 71

Champion – Net
  1. Kenneth and Scott Henry, Medford Lakes CC 65

Super Senior – Gross
  1. William and Chet Walsh, Philadelphia CC 75

Super Senior – Net
  1. Jack and Edward Erickson of Yardley CC 70

Name Club Gross Net
Maguire, Jr., Alex A. / Maguire, Sr., Alex A. Philadelphia Cricket Club / Brookside CC 71 69
McDermott, Neil / McDermott, Michael P. Llanerch CC/ Merion GC 71 71
McFadden, Brad / McFadden, Francis J. Overbrook Golf Club(5) 71 70
Hyland, Michael / Hyland, Thomas Little Mill Country Club / Inverness Club 71 71
Smith, David T. / Smith, Zach Doylestown Country Club 72 71
Marshalek, Jr., George J. / Marshalek, Patrick Whitford Country Club 72 67
Henry, Kenneth L. / Henry, Scott R. Medford Lakes Country Club 73 65
McClaskey, Charles / McClaskey, Glenn L. Wyncote GC/ Wedgwood CC 73 72
McClaskey, Bryan C. / McClaskey, Charles Merchantville CC/Wyncote GC 74 72
Cusick, Sr., Ronald / Cusick, Douglas A. Tavistock Country Club 74 72
Detweiler, Brandon / Detweiler, Marlin Lancaster Country Club 74 74
Yard, Chris / Yard, Scott Whitford Country Club 75 73
Shevlin, Joseph M. / Shevlin, Jonathan North Hills Country Club 75 71
Beringer, Christopher / Beringer, Ted Philadelphia Country Club 76 68
Borowsky, Larry / Borowsky, Alan White Manor Country Club 76 74
Brookreson, David K. / Brookreson, Jesse F. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 76 73
Bernstein, David / Bernstein, Jason White Manor Country Club 77 69
Quigley, Bryan D. / Quigley, Mark D. Lu Lu Country Club 77 71
Kaspar, Richard F. / Kaspar, Christopher R. Lu Lu Country Club 77 73
McFadden, Francis J. / McFadden, Sean F. Overbrook Golf Club 77 75
Widdoes, Aaron / Widdoes, Pete Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club/ Inniscrone GC 77 77
Maguire, Bo / Maguire, Sr., Alex A. Brookside Country Club 77 75
Choe, Robert / Choe, Yong Rolling Green Golf Club 78 68
Sullivan, Sr., James E. / Sullivan, Jr., James E. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 78 78
Meehan, Jr., Richard P. / Meehan, Jack Moorestown Field Club 79 73
Klagholz, Jeff / Klagholz, Martin Rolling Green GC/ Applebrook GC 79 74
Howson, Jr., Jay Y. / Howson, Gregory P. St. Davids Golf Club 79 76
Beck, Donald P. / Beck, Ryan Old York Road Country Club 79 75
Levine, David / Levine, Louis S. Greenacres CC/ Saucon Valley CC 79 74
Zeiders, Duncan M. / Zeiders, Doug Old York Road Country Club 79 74
O’Brien, Dan / O’Brien, Dave Cedarbrook Country Club 79 75
Hoegel, Donald C. / Hoegel, David Little Mill Country Club 80 74
Fonner, Eric / Fonner, William W. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 80 76
Ward, Jr., Richard J. / Ward, Dan Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 80 72
Petroll, Philip / Petroll, Pete Penn Oaks Golf Club 80 72
Gibson, Scott / Gibson, George H. Riverton Country Club 80 74
Forbes, Sr., Richard J. / Forbes, Jr., Richard J. North Hills CC/ Ashbourne GC 80 74
Mandel, David / Mandel, Marc A. White Manor Country Club 81 73
Bondi, Kevin P. / Bondi, Edward E. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81 78
Polizzi, Frank S. / Polizzi, Jr., Frank Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 81 70
Holt, Thomas J. Jr. / Holt, Eric T. Torresdale-Frankford Country Club 81 78
Sullivan, Mike H. / Sullivan, Patrick Philadelphia Publinks GA 82 71
McDermott, Neil / McDermott, Kevin P. Llanerch Country Club 82 81
Dunphy, Michael D. / Dunphy, Dennis M. Waynesborough Country Club 82 76
McKernan, William L. / McKernan, III, William L. Cedarbrook Country Club 82 74
Haas, Christopher M. / Haas, Robert L. Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 82 70
McIntyre, Ralph / McIntyre, Bradford P. Tavistock Country Club 82 72
O’Brien, Kevin P. / O’Brien, Dave Cedarbrook Country Club 83 81
Thomas, IV, Oren / Thomas, III, Oren Tavistock Country Club 83 77
Roberts, Doug / Roberts, Bradley A. Chester Valley GC/ Wedgwood CC 83 80
Silk, Sean / Silk, Larry Greate Bay Country Club 83 77
Harris, Mitch / Harris, Bob Blue Bell Country Club 84 80
Quimby, Kerry / Quimby, Kevin Golden Oaks Golf Club 84 78
Simonson, Christopher M. / Simonson, Jon Tavistock Country Club 84 78
Franconi, Aldo / Franconi, Ryan Fox Hill Country Club 84 80
Forcino, Geoff E. / Forcino, Ernest R. Waynesborough Country Club 84 75
Young, Gerald / Young, John R. Sandy Run Country Club 85 77
Hirsekorn, Kurt F. / Hirsekorn, Frederick J. Bay City Country Club/Tavistock CC 85 79
O’Brien, James J. / O’Brien, Anthony Cedarbrook CC 85 77
Easton, III, John K. / Easton, Jr., John K. Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 85 75
Malone, David Jr. / Malone, David Sandy Run Country Club 85 78
Mears, Brian / Mears, Jr., Don Concord Country Club 86 75
O’Reilly, Sean M. / O’Reilly, Timothy P. Aronimick Golf Club 86 76
Rush, James T. / Rush, J. Thomas Riverton Country Club 86 74
Seese, Sean / Seese, Jack Huntingdon Valley Country Club 86 83
McClatchy, John / McClatchy, Tim Whitford Country Club 86 75
Pfeiffer, David / Pfeiffer, Francis Whitemarsh Valley CC/Riverton CC 87 80
Van Ostenbridge, Dan / Van Ostenbridge, Matt Springford Country Club 87 77
Davidson, Bob / Davidson, Jeffrey W Philadelphia Publinks GA/Llanerch CC 87 80
Holt, III, Thomas / Holt, Jr., Thomas J. Torresdale-Frankford Country Club 87 83
Rimm, Jack / Rimm, John M. Water Gap CC/ Berkleigh CC 88 80
Waldron, Rob / Waldron, R. Emmett Old York Road CC/ North Hills CC 88 77
Blomstedt, Edward / Blomstedt, Jeff A. Wilmington Country Club 88 78
Moran, Michael P. / Moran, Tom Overbrook Golf Club 88 81
Milner, Tim / Milner, Byron L. Overbrook Golf Club 89 82
Klagholz, Martin / Klagholz, Marty Jr. Rolling Green GC 90 82
Bean Jr., Richard / Bean, Richard C. Tavistock Country Club 90 81
Phillips, Kenneth A. / Phillips, Grant K. Lancaster Country Club 90 83
Shott, Joseph / Shott, Edward J. North Hills Country Club 90 80
Croney, Jr., Kenneth / Croney, J. Kenneth Overbrook GC/ Sunnybrook GC 91 85
Loughery, Charles / Loughery, Charles F. Sandy Run Country Club 91 82
Finn, George A. / Finn, Thomas J. Cavaliers CC / Sussex Pines GC 91 73
Coroniti, Rick / Coroniti, Sam Spring Ford CC/Downingtown GC 92 80
Mears, III, Robert D / Mears, Jr., Don Concord Country Club 92 81
Flynn, Larry / Flynn, Daniel B. Sandy Run Country Club 92 76
Carrigan, Brian / Carrigan, Jim Chester Valley Golf Club 92 82
Mignogna, Michael / Mignogna, Jerry T. Yardley Country Club 93 93
Greenough, Allen L. / Cook, Llewellyn H. Merion Golf Club 93 83
Woolley, David / Woolley, Michael S. Tavistock Country Club 93 81
Goldstein, Barry W. / Goldstein, Aaron Commonwealth National Golf Club 94 86
Willis, Gerald J. / Willis, Gerald G. Tavistock Country Club 94 82
Ahern, Tim / Ahern, Timothy M. Wedgwood Country Club 94 81
Curley, Charles V. / Curley, Jack Philadelphia Country Club 94 85
Stagliano, Anthony R. / Stagliano, David A. Cedarbrook Country Club 95 81
Hurchalla, Gregory / Hurchalla, Charles F. Stonewall 96 83
Bielecki, David / Bielecki, Dave C. Old York Road Country Club 96 96
Pelesh, Neal / Pelesh, Jeffrey N. Edgmont Country Club 98 86
Caruso, Charles A. / Caruso, Carmen A. Ravens Claw GC/Ballamor GC 99 87
Davidson, Jr., John S. / Davidson, John S. GC at Glenn Mills/ Concord CC 99 85
Chermol, Thomas L. / Chermol, Michael The Springhaven Club/ GC at Glenn Mills 103 91
Impriano, Jack J. / Impriano, Bradley J. Applebrook GC/ Edgmont CC 104 88
Moore, Thomas M. / Moore, Jr., Thomas B. Sandy Run Country Club 106 89
Kenefic, Michael R. / Kenefic, Michael W. Sandy Run CC/ North Hills CC 112 92
Wasilewski, Dennis P. / Wasilewski, Christopher Waynesborough Country Club NC NC
MacDonald, John W. / MacDonald, David Medford Lakes CC/ JC Melrose CC WD WD
Super Senior
Walsh, William T. / Walsh, P. Chet Philadelphia Country Club 75 67
Erickson, Jack E. / Erickson, Edward Yardley Country Club 77 70
Zalis, Gary / Zalis, Anthony Little Mill Country Club 80 71
Moran, Joseph III / Moran, Joe Overbrook Golf Club 80 71
Basehore, Glenn H. / Basehore, Terry R. Whitford CC/ CC of Harrisburg 81 71
Moses, Mark James / Moses, Sr., Michael D. Concord Country Club 84 75
Mark, Alex / Mark, Peter Little Mill Country Club/RiverCrest Golf Club 84 72
Curvan, Tim / Curvan, Jim Aronimink GC/Phoenixville GC 85 74
Moses, Sr., Michael D. / Moses, Robert Concord Country Club 86 80
Yost, Ed / Yost, Vince G Cedarbrook Country Club 87 77
Quinn, Gerald F. / Quinn, Michael J. Tavistock Country Club 88 81
Simms, James F. / Simms, John B. Sandy Run Country Club 90 76
Antoni, Ronald / Antoni, Sr., Erwin J. Sandy Run Country Club 90 78
Dworak, Stanley J. / Dworak, Jr., Stan T. Intian Valley Country Club 91 76
Westermann, Sr., Marty / Westermann, Marty, Jr. McCall Golf & Country Club 96 82

NC-no card; WD-withdrawal

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