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Jun 29, 2017

Huntingdon Valley’s Gregors grab Father & Son (Younger) title

EXTON, Pa. — Perennial participants Douglas and Wade Gregor finally struck gold in the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s Father & Son (Younger). The Phoenixville, Pa. residents carded a 1-over-par 73 to take the tournament’s 60th edition at a pleasant Whitford Country Club (par 72, 6,240 yards) Thursday.

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  “Spending four hours with him on a golf course, nothing could be better,” Douglas, 47, said. “It’s great to see his maturity. We started playing in this years ago. It’s nice that our scores have gotten better. We have adult conversations in the cart now. It’s a fun four hours.”

  “It’s a nice time being out with my dad. Being able to play with my cousin and uncle (Frankie and Frank Gregor) is always fun,” Wade, 16, added.

  The event’s format is selective drive/alternate shot. Given their experience, the Gregor team knew a key to success: establish a strategy early, execute and execute frequently. Wade’s knack for fairways and fiery putter gave the Huntingdon Valley Country Club members a victorious game plan.

  “I was just trying to let him hit as many approach shots as he could,” Wade, a soon-to-be junior at La Salle College High School, said.

  “And I got a few of those within that 10-foot range. We turned those into birdies,” Douglas, an attorney, added.

  Sure did.

  On No. 3 (par 4, 400 yards), Douglas, who serves as president of the Pennsylvania Golf Association, knocked a wedge 120 yards to 10 feet. Wade clean up the birdie putt. He also made a 10-footer on the par 3, 116-yard No. 5 after another well-struck wedge by dad. The Gregor team also used Wade’s tee position to perfection on No. 10 (par 4, 336 yards). With a favorable lie and angle to the flagstick, Douglas smacked a sand wedge 80 yards to 10 feet for another red figure.

  Conversely, a pair of heavy wedges courtesy of Wade resulted in bogeys on Nos. 7 (par 4, 360 yards) and 18 (par 4, 364 yards). The Gregor team also stumbled a bit on the par 3, 163-yard 17th hole, where a three-putt from 40 feet made for another bogey. The downhill, dogleg right No. 9 (par 5, 480 yards) shows a 6 on the scorecard, but it also offers a glimpse into the Gregor’s go-getter mindset — one that afforded hardware in the end.

  “I hit a good drive. Wade wanted to go for the green in two so we let him,” Douglas said. “He hit a good shot. It just one-bounced into the pond. We didn’t want to play conservative. He wanted to go for it, and dad let him go for it.”

  As mentioned, Wade, who caddies at Huntingdon Valley, felt in control on Whitford’s undulating complexes.

  “The putter was clicking today,” he said. “It’s kind of been off-and-on so far this summer. Somedays I feel good with it. Others not so much. Today I felt good.”

  “He’s hitting the ball much farther and straighter. His putting is better,” Douglas added. “He’s really improved a lot. His game has gotten a lot better this summer, which is nice to see.”

  Golf continues to strengthen the Gregors’ bond. Television shows such as “Family Guy” and “American Dad” contribute to the closeness these days, too.

  “He’s gotten me into watching cartoons now. We spend quality time that way,” Douglas said with a smile.

Junior-Junior Division

  The event’s Junior-Junior Division (par 72, 5,809 yards) crowned co-champions. Whitford’s own Owen and Keller Mulhern and Wilmington Country Club’s Jeffrey and Anthony Ciconte carded respective even-par 72s to share the top spot.

  The Mulhern team, hailing from Exton, Pa., fired four birdies and an eagle on the day, but it’s a moment on the par 5, 503-yard 16th hole that will resonate.

  “We’re going to remember No. 16 for the rest of our lives. That one’s going to leave a mark,” Owen, 40, a financial advisor, said. “We were lying two in a [left] fairway bunker, maybe 60 yards short of the green. I bladed a wedge that unfortunately hit the cart path and went out-of-bounds. That forced the 13-year-old to hit the exact same shot.”

  “Which he stuffed to six feet,” Keller, 13, a soon-to-be eighth grader at Lionville Middle School, interjected.

  Bogeys in between spoiled — score-wise — an otherwise spectacular round. The Mulhern team, playing in the day’s first group, posted back-to-back birdies on Nos. 4 (par 5, 467 yards) and 5 (par 3, 106 yards). On the first, Owen threw a sand wedge from 65 yards to 10 feet. Keller cleaned up the birdie putt. His crisp wedge gave dad a 12-footer on the next hole. A flip-wedge by Keller on No. 7 (par 4, 33 yards) provided an eight-foot birdie opportunity, which Owen poured in the heart. Keller boomed a 5-iron from 165 yards to three feet for eagle on the par 5, 444-yard 12th hole. Owen returned the favor with a pitching wedge to seven feet on the next hole (par 3, 132 yards). Keller drained the downhiller.

  “With Keller now being 13, playing as much as he’s playing, we felt like this was our chance to get in the mix. We’ve been chomping at the bit for today,” Owen said. “It was a good day. We’ll get some chicken wings. It will make up for the two doubles.”

  Like the Mulhern team, Jeffrey Ciconte also competed in the morning, but alongside 10-year-old son Joe.

  “I was very fortunate to play with both of my sons. Joe and I had a great morning. It helped in terms of getting a sense of the green speeds. Obviously seeing the pin placements was an advantage,” Jeffrey, 40, who works in the banking industry, said. “Anthony and I played really well this afternoon. He was rock solid.”

  “We had three birdies. He led me to them,” Anthony, 13, a soon-to-be eighth grader at The Tatnall School, said. “It was fun.”

  On No. 5, Jeffrey stopped a wedge at four feet for a team birdie. He knocked a sand wedge 90 yards to 15 feet on No. 9 (par 5, 468 yards). Jeffrey’s drive on No. 10 (par 4, 332 yards) left Anthony with a 20-yard bum-and-run shot, which he put to 10 feet. His dad cleaned up the birdie putt.

  The Wilmington, Del. residents traverse the course together on a regular basis during the summers. What does Anthony enjoy most about teeing it up with dad?

  “He hits good shots,” Anthony said.


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Junior Division
Name, club Score
Douglas Gregor/Wade Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 73
Jackson Tappen/Roger Tappen, Cedarbrook Country Club 76
Kevin Conners/Ryan Conners, Whitford Country Club 76
William Keane, Jr./Will Keane, Philadelphia Country Club 76
Colman Mitchell/Randy Mitchell, Wilmington Country Club 76
Mark Lafond/Matthew Lafond, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club/Blue Bell Country Club 77
Dylan Audi/George Audi, LedgeRock Golf Club 79
Franny McCabe, Jr./Ryan McCabe, The Springhaven Club 79
Alex Hanna/Gregory Hanna, Overbrook Golf Club 80
Christopher Greer/Hayden Greer, Laurel Creek Country Club/Moorestown Field Club 80
Dan Lafond/Eric Lafond, Commonwealth National Golf Club 81
Andrew Damico/Philip Damico, McCall Golf & Country Club 82
Jim Dalzell/James Dalzell, Jr., Linwood Country Club 82
Mark Fuessinger/Stephen Fuessinger, Llanerch Country Club 82
John Tall/Ryan Tall, Spring Ford Country Club 83
Luke Watson/Troy Watson, Spring Ford Country Club 83
James Gradisek/Michael Gradisek, Philadelphia Country Club/Stonewall 84
Nicholas Taylor/Warren Taylor, Yardley Country Club 85
Edward Hanzel/Matthew Hanzel, Running Deer Golf Club 85
Andrew Isztwan/Patrick Isztwan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 85
Michael Bednar/Michael Bednar, Rolling Green Golf Club 86
Frank Gregor/Frankie Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 87
Ben Griffaton/George Griffaton, Bellewood Country Club 88
John McClatchy/Tim McClatchy, Whitford Country Club 89
Charles Hurchalla/Zachary Hurchalla, Stonewall 89
Finnian McGarry/Jim McGarry, Tavistock Country Club 89
Gregory Damico/Philip Damico, McCall Golf & Country Club 89
Craig Boyk/Grant Boyk, Five Ponds Golf Club 90
Jacob Sokalsky/Lee Sokalsky, Penn Oaks Golf Club 90
P.J. Sullivan/Patrick Sullivan, Philadelphia Publinks GA 91
Rob Moses/Robbie Moses, Concord Country Club 91
Gavin Maurer/Mark Maurer, II, Bent Creek Country Club 93
Brett Gulati/David Gulati, RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 93
Jack Schmidt/Mark Schmidt, Old York Road Country Club 94
Jake Armstrong/William Armstrong, Tavistock Country Club 96
Jack Haywood/Reed Haywood, Radley Run Country Club 100
David Kluck/Jake Kluck, PineCrest Country Club 101
Max Mallon/Sean Mallon, Golf Course at Glen Mills 114
Andrew Isztwan/Brian Isztwan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club WD
Justin Hershey/Mark Hershey, Applebrook Golf Club WD
Brendan Stang/Eric Stang, Cedarbrook Country Club WD
Junior-Junior Division
Name, club Score
*Keller Mulhern/Owen Mulhern, Whitford Country Club 72
*Anthony Ciconte/Jeffrey Ciconte, Wilmington Country Club 72
Christian Matt/Kenneth Matt, Talamore Country Club 75
Derek Zerfass/Matthew Zerfass, Brookside CC of Allentown 76
Declan Rymer/Keith Rymer, Whitford Country Club 77
Barry Wiseman/Nate Wiseman, The Bucks Club 77
Chris LaRosa/David LaRosa, Cedarbrook Country Club 78
Benjamin Saggers/Nick Saggers, Applecross Country Club 79
Brian Block/Michael Block, Overbrook Golf Club 80
D.J. Peterson/Mark Peterson, Waynesborough Country Club/Philadelphia Cricket Club 80
Kevin Lafond/Mark Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club/Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 81
Brendan Nolan/Darren Nolan, Talamore Country Club 83
Marc Shaffer/Reilly Shaffer, Llanerch Country Club 83
Kasim Narinesingh-Smith/Greg Smith, Radley Run Country Club 84
Jason Homer/Jeffrey Homer, Wilmington Country Club 85
Eric Holt/Eric Holt, Jr., Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 86
Jack Novis/Mark Novis, Lancaster Country Club 86
Jason Homer/Matthew Homer, Wilmington Country Club 86
Dylan Kochis/Matt Kochis, Whitford Country Club 87
Jeffrey Ciconte/Joe Ciconte, Wilmington Country Club 88
Joe Halferty/Joseph Halferty, Cedarbrook Country Club 88
Cameron Benedetto/Larry Benedetto, Concord Country Club 89
Ed Hughes/Scott Hughes, Talamore Country Club 89
Bryan Sundheim/Joe Sundheim, Skippack Golf Club at Evansburg State Park/Talamore Country Club 89
Bryce Fazio/Michael Fazio, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 90
Kidder Urban/Tom Urban, Bellewood Country Club 92
Adam Cohen/Danny Cohen, Philmont Country Club 94
Aidan Buchanan/Sean Buchanan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 95
Jack Rogers/Matthew Rogers, Overbrook Golf Club 95
Ethan Shore/Richard Shore, Flourtown Country Club 96
Bradd Forstein/Maxwell Forstein, Laurel Creek Country Club 97
Joel Pantos/Matt Pantos, Five Ponds Golf Club 97
David Woolley/William Woolley, Tavistock Country Club 99
Anthony Villari/Nicholas Villari, Riverton Country Club 99
Jackson Puskar/John Puskar, Kennett Square Golf & Country Club 100
Charles Meadows/Hayden Meadows, Whitford Country Club 102
Matthew Rogers/Sean Rogers, Overbrook Golf Club 102
Stephen Digiulio/Thomas Digiulio, Wedgwood Country Club 102
Tim Yenawine/Zachary Yenawine, Lehigh Country Club 104
Eric Fryer/Steve Fryer, Talamore Country Club DQ
DQ-disqualification; WD-withdrawal

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