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Jul 01, 2009

Golden Oaks GC duo wins Father & Son (Younger)

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. – Bob Fair and his stepson Daniel Lee of Golden Oaks GC carded a 2-over-par 74 at Sunnybrook GC (par 72, 6,532 yards) Wednesday to win the 52nd Father & Son (Younger) Championship.

   “We fit together like a puzzle,” Lee, 16, said.

   “We just didn’t leave each other in any bad places,” Fair, 45, added.

   The Fleetwood, Pa. residents agreed that consistent and complimentary play dictated their round.

   “He hit some really solid approach shots,” Fair said.

   “And he took care of the putting,” Lee added.

   Collectively, Fair and Lee fired birdies on Nos. 5 (par 3, 126 yards), 7 (par 5, 520 yards) and 13 (par 4, 387 yards). Fair stuck his 7-iron to about seven feet, and Lee converted the birdie putt on No. 5.

   “That’s kind of the way the day went,” Fair said.

   After Lee’s tee shot – a driver – on No. 7 found the fairway, Fair knocked a hybrid about 185 yards. With 80 yards left to the flagstick, Lee again stuck his approach – a lob wedge – to about two feet.

   “He left me with an easy birdie putt,” Fair said.

   “That was one of the major ones, too,” Lee added.

   On No. 13, Fair poked an 8-iron to about six feet, and Lee cleaned up the putt. The duo took advantage of the opportunity to play in this year’s event. Lee usually spends his summers away from home with his grandparents.

   “He only has one year left to play younger,” Fair said. “Since he’s home, I wanted him to play in the Berks County and Philadelphia stuff.”

   Jack and Michael Gregor of Huntingdon Valley CC won the Junior-Junior Division with a score of 1-under-par 71.

   “He was the horse. He was the star, that’s for sure,” Michael, 46, said.

   The Gregors, of North Whales, Pa., fired birdies on Nos. 8 (par 3, 167 yards), 12 (par 4, 344 yards), 15 (par 3, 144 yards) and 16 (par 5, 504 yards). On No. 8, Michael drove his 8-iron to about 15 feet, and Jack converted the birdie putt. Michael’s 8-iron again tested Jack’s putting on No. 12 as his approach landed about 25 feet from the flagstick. Jack drained the birdie putt.

   Jack, 13, stuck his 6-iron to five feet, and his dad cleaned up the birdie putt on No. 15. The very next hole, Michael knocked his wedge 100 yards to leave Jack with a 6-footer for birdie.

   This is the second Junior-Junior title for the Gregors. The duo won in the Father & Son (Younger) in 2006 at Trenton CC.

   Randy and Davis Mitchell of Wilmington CC placed second by registering a 1-over-par 73.

   “We just played very consistent golf,” Randy, 48, said. “We started with nine straight pars. We played well all day. We were in the fairway all day. We weren’t chipping all day. We weren’t in any trouble.”

   The Wilmington, Del. residents registered birdies on Nos. 3 (par 5, 488 yards) 5, par 3, 126 yards) and 8 (par 3, 167 yards). Standing about 125 yards from the flagstick, Randy stuck his 9-iron to about three feet, and Davis, 11, cleaned up the putt. Davis returned the favor on No. 5 by knocking his 6-iron to three feet.

   This marks the Mitchell’s first appearance in the Father & Son Younger. The duo almost didn’t participate. Randy wasn’t aware of the event until friends and tee-mates Andrew and Mortan Hobbs, also of Wilmington CC, brought it to his attention.

   Needless to say, the Mitchells were glad they entered.

   “We love to play together. It’s just great,” Randy said. “He makes up for my mistakes. He’s pretty good for his age.”

   The Father-Son (Younger) tournament is for those father and son teams with sons up to the age of 17. It’s the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s biggest one-day event of the year. Wednesday’s field at Sunnybrook GC consisted of 238 players.

Junior-Junior Division
Name Club Scores
Gregor, Jack / Gregor, Michael Huntingdon Valley CC 71
Mitchell, Randy / Mitchell, Davis Wilmington CC 73
Erhardt, Clement / Erhardt, Reilly Trenton CC 77
Van Arkel, Gerhard / Van Arkel, Jake Merion GC 79
Davis, James / Davis, Jimmy Merion GC 79
Quirk, Jack / Quirk, John Huntingdon Valley CC 81
Storako, Jeff / Storako, Jake Wedgewood CC 81
Klaus, Jacob / Klaus, Brian Tavistock CC 84
Bastian, Matthew / Bastian, Jr., Matthew Rolling Green GC 84
Ade, Christopher / Ade, Matthew Riverton CC 85
Swiger, Wally / Swiger, Cole Huntingdon Valley CC 85
Davis, Michael / Davis, William Merion GC/Aronimink GC 85
Binet, Brian / Binet, Chris Whitemarsh Valley CC 85
McGeary, Kevin / McGeary, Jr., Kevin Aronimink GC/Llanerch CC 86
Willner, Mike / Willner, Andrew White Manor CC 86
Jones, Ken / Jones, Dean Riverton CC 87
Bellwoar, Harry / Bellwoar, H. Jay Overbrook GC 87
Brigidi, III, Frank / Brigidi, Frank North Hills CC 88
Loftus, Robert / Loftus, Jr., Robert Overbrook GC 88
Beckett, Tristan / Beckett, Michael Yardley CC 89
Rueter, Joseph / Rueter, Jr., Joseph Torresdale-Frankford CC 90
Garno, III, Edmund / Garno, Peter Merion GC 90
Pina, Joel / Pina, Cullen Overbrook GC 90
Williams, David / Williams, Cameron Whitemarsh Valley CC 91
Erhardt, Regan / Erhardt, Clement Trenton CC 91
Hogan, Mark / Hogan, Mark Spring Ford CC 91
Fisher, Thomas / Fisher, Ron North Hills CC 92
Fazzini, John / Fazzini, David Stonewall 93
Clark, Edward / Clark, Ron Tavistock CC 94
Fazio, Michael / Fazio, Jake Huntingdon Valley CC 94
Hobbs, Andrew / Hobbs, Mortan Wilmington CC 95
Bellwoar, Jack / Bellwoar, H. Jay Overbrook GC 95
Tredinnick, Robert / Tredinnick, Taylor Commonwealth National GC 96
Worster, John / Worster, Reid Huntingdon Valley CC 96
Gregor, Douglas / Gregor, Andrew Huntingdon Valley CC 97
Levitsky, Neal / Levitsky, Kevin Wilmington CC 98
Miller, Mike / Miller, Robert Overbrook GC 99
Pierce, III, Alfred / Pierce, William Philadelphia Cricket Club 100
Henderson, Jack / Henderson, Jeffrey Gulph Mills GC 101
Sims, Ernie / Sims, Gavin Overbrook GC 101
Anthony, IV, Jim / Anthony, V, James Bensalem Township CC 101
Eaton, David / Eaton, Hunter Stonewall 101
Harlow, Gregory / Wu, Alexander Cedarbrook CC 102
Jones, Timothy / Jones, Ken Riverton CC 102
Nabial, John / Nabial, James Cherry Valley CC 103
Wagner, John / Wagner, Charlie Overbrook GC 103
Farris, Jack / Farris, John Huntingdon Valley CC 103
Brennan, Ryan / Brennan, Sr., Matthew Rolling Green GC 104
Easton, III, John / Easton, IV, John Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 104
Gregor, Frank / Gregor, Frankie Huntingdon Valley CC 108
Cook, Michael / Cook, Michael Applebrook GC 109
Conroy, Joseph / Conroy, Joe Llanerch CC 111
Duffey, Daniel / Duffey, Dan The Bucks Club 114
Gillespie, Patrick / Gillespie, Jr., Patrick Overbrook GC 115
Scholler, Mark / Schoeller, Brent Huntingdon Valley CC 118
Quirk, Matthew / Quirk, John Philadelphia CC/Huntingdon Valley CC WD
Farris, John / Farris, Hugh Philadelphia CC WD
Junior Division
Fair, Bob / Lee, Daniel Golden Oaks GC 74
Johnson, Jim / Johnson, Michael Talamore CC 75
Dougherty, R. Morgan / Dougherty, Michael Huntingdon Valley CC 76
McKeon, Tripp / McKeon, Ted Whitemarsh Valley CC 77
Liebert, Edward / Liebert, Cameron White Manor CC 78
Westhafer, Dennis / Westhafer, Ryan West Chester Golf & Country Club 78
Laessig, Thomas / Laessig, Neil Commonwealth National GC 78
Liu, M.D., Grant / Liu, Jonathan Commonwealth National GC 78
Dorey, Julian / Dorey, David Tavistock CC 79
Moran, Christopher / Moran, Michael Overbrook GC 79
O’Shea, William / O’Shea, Daniel Llanerch CC 81
Kotalik, M.D., Frederick / Kotalik, Sean Chester Valley GC 82
Carbone, Sr., Paul / Carbone, Jr., Paul Old York Road CC 82
Brennan, Edward / Brennan, Ted Philadelphia CC 82
Cooley, Seth / Cooley, Benjamin Lu Lu CC 83
Fogel, Ryan / Fogel, Jef Penn Oaks GC 83
Kopertowski, Alexander / Kopertowski, Stanley Lu Lu CC 83
Shattuck, Scott / Shattuck, Braden Golf Course at Glen Mills 83
Meehan, Mike / Meehan, Jr., Richard Huntingdon Valley CC 83
Templin, Drew / Templin, Joseph LedgeRock GC 83
Arsenault, James / Arsenault, Zach Little Mill CC 83
McCallister, John / McCallister, Stephen Old York Road CC 84
Furman, Daniel / Furman, Edward Commonwealth National GC 84
Summers, T. J. / Summers, Timothy Doylestown CC 84
Marvin, Bryan / Marvin, Michael Old York Road CC 84
Susanin, Peter / Susanin, Scott Overbrook GC 85
Holt, Christian / Holt, Jr., Thomas Torresdale-Frankford CC 85
Kramarski, Lou / Kramarski, Jimmy Riverton CC 86
Blickle, Alex / Blickle, James LedgeRock GC 87
Melnick, Steven / Melnick, Corey Rivercrest GC & Preserve 87
Warren, W. Scott / Warren Jr, Scott Merion GC 87
Worthington, Francis / Worthington, Frank Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 87
Leighton, Jr., M.D., John / Leighton, John Huntingdon Valley CC 87
Barlow, David / Barlow, Christopher Rivercrest GC & Preserve 87
Van Ostenbridge, Mitch / Dan Van Ostenbridge Spring Ford CC 88
Lafond, Mark / Lafond, Alex Peter Blue Bell CC 88
Stefanowicz, III, Adam / Stefanowicz, Adam Huntingdon Valley CC 88
Stefanowicz, Jr., Brian / Stefanowicz, Brian Huntingdon Valley CC 88
Fulginiti, Frank / Fulginiti, Brian Trenton CC 88
Traum, Steven / Traum, Scott Little Mill CC 89
Marshalek, Steve / Marshalek, John Whitford CC 89
Frazier, Quint / Frazier, Graeme Philadelphia Cricket Club 89
Esher-Hagel, John / Hagel, William McCall Golf & Country Club 90
Rauch, Mark / Rauch, Carter McCall Golf & Country Club 91
Martinez, Will / Martinez, Jerry Wilmington CC 91
Devine, Richard / Devine, Gregory Llanerch CC 91
Fazio, Matt / Fazio, Michael Huntingdon Valley CC 92
Martinez, Jerry / Martinez, Christopher Wilmington CC 93
Caruno, Alex / Caruno, John Woodstone CC 93
Aronchick, M.D., Craig / Aronchick, Jake Rolling Green GC 94
Dupre, Matthew / Dupre, Alex Rolling Green GC 94
Smith, Todd / Smith, Bob Trenton CC 95
Isaacman, Mike / Isaacman, Dan Talamore CC 96
Liddell, Luke / Liddell, Tom Torresdale-Frankford CC 96
Zipf, Mark / Zipf, Kevin Philadelphia CC 97
Wasserstein, David / Wasserstein, Alan Pine Hill GC 97
Walsh, Mac / Walsh, III, Michael Aronimink GC 97
Henderson, Branton / Henderson, Sam Merion GC 98
Walters, Peter / Walters, Robert Talamore CC 101
Mischler, Jr., Frederick / Mischler, Fred Huntington Valley CC 101
Lowry, David / Lowry, Zachary White Manor CC 103
Leighton, Thomas / Leighton, Jr., M.D., John Huntingdon Valley CC 105
WD – withdrawal

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