Compher Cup - History - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Compher Cup – History

The annual matches pit GAP against the New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA) with 12-man teams from each side competing, concurrently, in an individual match and four-ball match. Each match is worth one point. Ties are halved. If teams tie, reigning winner retains the Compher Cup. GAP leads the all-time series 40–14–5. The 2005 Compher Cup was rained out.

2024NJSGA (13.5)GAP (4.5)Union League Golf Club at Torresdale (Philadelphia, Pa.)
2023GAP (11)NJSGA (7)Mountain Ridge CC (West Caldwell, N.J.)
2022GAP (10.5)NJSGA (7.5)Tavistock CC (Haddonfield, N.J.)
2021NJSGA (11)GAP (7)Somerset Hills CC (Bernardsville, N.J.)
2020No Contest - COVID-19
2019GAP (10.5)NJSGA (7.5)The Ridge at Back Brook (Ringoes, N.J.)
2018GAP (14)NJSGA (4)Sunnybrook GC
(Plymouth Meeting, Pa.)
2017GAP (13.5)NJSGA (4.5)Baltusrol GC
(Lower) (Springfield, N.J.)
2016GAP (14)NJSGA (4)Metedeconk National
GC (Jackson, N.J.)
2015GAP (9)NJSGA (9)Bayonne GC (Bayonne, N.J.)
2014GAP (9.5)NJSGA (8.5)Aronimink GC
(Newtown Square, Pa.)
2013NJSGA (10.5)GAP (7.5)Galloway National GC (Galloway, N.J.)
2012GAP (11.5)NJSGA (6.5)Philmont CC
(North; Huntingdon Valley, Pa.)
2011GAP (13)NJSGA (5)Trump National GC — Colts Neck (Colts Neck, N.J.)
2010GAP (11.5)NJSGA (6.5)Gulph Mills
GC (King of Prussia, Pa.)
2009NJSGA (13.5)GAP (4.5)Hollywood GC (Deal, N.J.)
2008GAP (12.5)NJSGA (5.5)Pine Valley GC (Pine Valley, N.J.)
2007GAP (12)NJSGA (6)Mountain Ridge CC (West Caldwell, N.J.)
2006GAP (11)NJSGA (7)Philadelphia Cricket Club (Wissahickon Course;
Flourtown, Pa.)
2005No contest — weatherHollywood GC (Deal, N.J.)
2004NJSGA (9.5)GAP (8.5)Bent Creek CC (Lititz, Pa.)
2003GAP (9)NJSGA (9)Somerset Hills CC (Bernardsville, N.J.)
2002GAP (12)NJSGA (6)Huntingdon Valley CC (Huntingdon Valley, Pa.)
2001GAP (9)NJSGA (9)Manasquan River GC (Brielle, N.J.)
2000GAP (15.5)NJSGA (2.5)Lehigh CC (Allentown, Pa.)
1999GAP (11)NJSGA (7)Metedeconk National
GC (Jackson, N.J.)
1998GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Galloway National GC (Galloway, N.J.)
1997GAP (9.5)NJSGA (8.5)Plainfield CC (Plainfield, N.J.)
1996GAP (12.5)NJSGA (5.5)Pine Valley GC (Pine Valley, N.J.)
1995NJSGA (12.5)GAP (5.5)Ridgewood CC (Paramus, N.J.
1994NJSGA (9.5)GAP (8.5)Saucon Valley
CC (Bethlehem, Pa.)
1993NJSGA (9.5)GAP (8.5)Baltusrol GC
(Springfield, N.J.)
1992GAP (10.5)NJSGA (7.5)Pine Valley GC (Pine Valley, N.J.)
1991GAP (11.5)NJSGA (6.5)Metedeconk National
GC (Jackson, N.J.)
1990GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Tavistock CC
(Haddonfield, N.J.)
1989GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Plainfield CC (Plainfield, N.J.)
1988GAP (12.5)NJSGA (5.)Lehigh CC (Allentown, Pa.)
1987GAP (9)NJSGA (9)Ridgewood CC (Paramus, N.J.
1986GAP (12.5)NJSGA (5.5)Atlantic City CC (Atlantic City, N.J.)
1985NJSGA (10)GAP (8)Hollywood GC (Deal, N.J.)
1984GAP (10)NJSGA 98)Lehigh CC (Allentown, Pa.)
1983GAP (14.5)NJSGA (4)Manasquan River GC (Brielle, N.J.)
1982GAP (16)NJSGA (2)Huntingdon Valley CC (Huntingdon Valley, Pa.)
1981GAP (12)NJSGA (6)Baltusrol GC
(Springfield, N.J.)
1980GAP (13.5)NJSGA (4.5)Saucon Valley
CC (Bethlehem, Pa.)
1979GAP (9)NJSGA (9)Plainfield CC (Plainfield, N.J.)
1978GAP (12.5)NJSGA (5.5)Tavistock CC
(Haddonfield, N.J.)
1977GAP (13.5)NJSGA (4.5)Hackensack GC (Oradell, N.J.)
1976GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Philadelphia CC (Gladwyne, Pa.)
1975GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Medford Village CC (Medford, N.J.)
1974NJSGA (9.5)GAP (8.5)Heidelberg CC (Bernville, Pa.)
1973NJSGA (15)GAP (5)Plainfield CC (Plainfield, N.J.)
1972NJSGA (10)GAP (8)Moselem Springs
GC (Fleetwood, Pa.)
1971NJSGA (11)GAP (7)Shackamacon G&CC
(Scotch Plains, N.J.)
1970GAP (11)NJSGA (7)Philadelphia Cricket Club (Flourtown, Pa.)
1969GAP (9.5)NJSGA (8.5)Montclair CC (Montclair, N.J.)
1968GAP (12)NJSGA (6)Atlantic City CC (Atlantic City, N.J.)
1967GAP (10)NJSGA (2)Upper Montclair CC (Upper Montclair, N.J.)
1966GAP (12)NJSGA (6)Philadelphia CC (Gladwyne, Pa.)
1965GAP (14.5)NJSGA (3.5)Arcola CC (Paramus, N.J.)
1964NJSGA (9.5)GAP (8.5)Plainfield CC (Plainfield, N.J.)
1963GAP (10)NJSGA (8)Huntingdon Valley CC (Huntingdon Valley, Pa.)
1962NJSGA (11.5)GAP (6.5)Hollywood GC (Deal, N.J.)