Aug 03, 2020

Philling the GAP: Social Media

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Join the conversation, no matter which platform you prefer. GAP will be there and will be ready to interact. The GAP social media channels serve as a voice – and contact point – for the Association. Active on all major platforms, it’s easy to find us. Just search @GAofPhilly and give GAP a follow.

Twitter is the priority when it comes to news-related content, including tournament updates, scoring links and daily happenings. Contests have been known to pop up here, too. On Facebook, recap links and important announcements are prominent, plus a fair share of photo galleries and organic interaction. Instagram is where you’ll want to go for all things GAP, visually.

There’s a social media platform preference for everyone, and GAP’s audience is a growing one. For that reason, the goal is to remain active everywhere we can, providing updates and a constant point of contact for the entire GAP Membership. Whether it’s tweeting out the latest birdie make or contest announcement, our social media presence is one you can always count on for content. See you on the news feeds, GAP Members.

• To date, the @GAofPhilly Twitter account, which features a verified blue checkmark, has grown to over 5,800 followers.
• On Facebook, GAP has over 3,000 followers and growing. Daily content continues to flow on our Facebook page.
• The GAP Instagram has blossomed to over 3,400 followers. Over 940 posts have been published to date.
• Other social media channels that you can find GAP on: LinkedIn and Periscope.

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