GAP/DSGA Spring Classic: Final Round - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Apr 16, 2024

GAP/DSGA Spring Classic: Final Round

Four teams grab hardware at Spring Classic

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The first four champions of the 2024 GAP/DSGA season were crowned Tuesday after the final round of the Spring Classic at Rehoboth Beach Country Club (par 72, 5,974 yards).

The competitors teed off at Kings Creek Country Club Monday and Rehoboth Beach Tuesday in a 36-hole Net Stableford competition. The team total score is calculated with the combined total of points earned by both players during the course of the two rounds.

The flights are based on handicap indexes. The following teams won its respective flights.

First Flight: Adam Schmidt and John Purple, Jr. (pictured right), Kings Creek, 125 points (won in a scorecard playoff)

Second Flight: Mike and Ray Wankmiller, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club, 137 points

Third Flight: Alex Wisniewski and David Pearl, White Clay Creek Country Club, 150 points

Fourth Flight: Art Young and Guy Wharton, White Clay Creek and DuPont Country Club, 146 points


Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The organization’s 345 Member Clubs and 110,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

First Flight
Name, ClubTotalR1R2
Adam Schmidt & John Purple, Jr., Kings Creek Country Club1256164
Michael Damiano & Tim Whelan, Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club1256164
Barry Conrad & Michael Avery, Kings Creek Country Club, Hartefeld National1206159
Andrew Dennis & Patrick Evancho, Frog Hollow Golf Club, Newark Country Club1185860
Bunky Cochran & Kevin Sartell, USGA/GAP GC, Wild Quail Golf & Country Club1185860
James Pike & John E. Birk, White Clay Creek Country Club, DuPont Country Club1165066
Greg Mitchell & William Looney, Fieldstone Golf Club, Hartefeld National1135954
Gerald Haftmann & Jerry Haftmann, Rolling Green Golf Club1116150
AJ Kolodczak & Richard Habibi, Fieldstone Golf Club1105555
Jeff Medlar & Joe Arrante, Newark Country Club1065353
Gary Johnson & Harold Schweitzer, Broad Run Golfer’s Club, White Clay Creek Country Club964947
Andrew MacLean & Joseph Sabelhaus, Bayside Resort Golf ClubWD6462
Second Flight
Mike Wankmiller & Ray Wankmiller, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1377067
Jon Miller & Shane Miller, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1346965
Joe Vasy & John Cole, USGA/GAP GC, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1306763
Mark Yoder & Timothy Yoder, Hooper’s Landing Golf Course1276265
Ed Aikin & Kyle Petaccio, USGA/GAP GC1266759
Joe Capen & Ron McGaw, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1245569
Jeffrey Hammond & Matthew Miller, Golf Tour Greater Philadelphia1226458
Eddie Rohe & Steve Morgan, Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club, Bayside Resort Golf Club1195861
Dan Barnett & David Barnett, Rock Manor Golf Club1196455
Jim Walker & Rob Volko, DuPont Country Club1175760
Bryan Morgan & Juan Johnson, Baywood Greens, Mulligan’s Pointe1155461
Jeffrey Amrhein & Jobie Waldt, Briarwood Golf Club, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1145262
Charles Martin & Harold Kennedy, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club1025547
Third Flight
Alex Wisniewski & David Pearl, White Clay Creek Country Club1507377
Adam Ternosky & Robert Ternosky, USGA/GAP GC1377463
O.J. Juhl & Tyler Juhl, Sakima Country Club1275770
Clark Bond & Patrick Lamboni, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1276958
Aaron Lorentz & Mark Czerwinski, Frog Hollow Golf Club, Ed Oliver Golf Club1205862
Pat Connor & Robert Venturena, USGA/GAP GC1195762
Craig Clauser & Richard Karolczak, Maple Dale Country Club1185860
Jack Beeson & Tom Finn, DuPont Country Club1176255
Neal Levitsky & Ronny Abrams, Fieldstone Golf Club, Wilmington Country Club1105951
Brian Kocher & Joe Dellose, Ed Oliver Golf Club1025151
Charles Weikle & Ken Beard, Ed Oliver Golf Club1014952
Glenn Burcham & Ric Johnson, Hartefeld National994653
Frank Vassallo & Robert Strong, Wilmington Country Club, Rock Manor Golf Club974849
Carey Dolan & Jerry Doody, Bayside Resort Golf Club964848
Fourth Flight
Art Young & Guy Wharton, White Clay Creek Country Club, DuPont Country Club1467769
Francis Smith & James Brown, Newark Country Club1286959
Carl Vollmer & John Borsello, Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club1146549
Anthony Reed & Bill Woodis, Ed Oliver Golf Club1136350
Buddy Bromley & Preston Godfrey, Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club1136053
Jeff Schnorr & Mike Rowe, The Rookery Golf Club1126448
Edward Harris & Wayne Scott, USGA/GAP GC1095257
Louis Mene & Randall Hernandez, DuPont Country Club, White Clay Creek Country Club1095653
Donald Dzedzy & Gene Karwacki, Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club1075552
John Czerwinski & Paul Jungling, Kings Creek Country Club, DuPont Country Club1065551
Dale Hoover & Joe Wienkowitz, Newark Country Club1065848
Charles McDonald & Martin Bruhl, Frog Hollow Golf Club955936
George H. Finn & Zachary Finn, USGA/GAP GC905040
WD – withdrawal

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