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2020 Player Information

The following Player Information material is applicable for all GAP administered Tournaments. To find revised tournament information, ie. field size, visit the Tournament Schedule and click on the respective event.

Please do not come to any tournament if you do not feel well. You are not permitted to participate in the tournament if you have a fever or suffer from any respiratory illness. GAP staff has been instructed to refuse service to those who do not appear healthy, and you will be required to leave at once.

Please read this notice carefully and make sure you are fully prepared before coming to [the tournament]. GAP staff will be closely monitoring these policies and all tournament participants and other persons will be expected to follow them to ensure the safety of everyone on the property/course.

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: Any participation in the tournament, use of the golf course, a golf cart and facilities at [the tournament], attendance or spectating at [the tournament] may expose you to COVID-19. Your decision to participate in the tournament, use of the golf course, a golf cart and facilities at [the tournament], attend [the tournament] is made knowingly and voluntarily by you with full knowledge of this risk. Otherwise, your participation in the tournament, use of the golf courses, golf carts and facilities at [the tournament], attendance or spectating at [the tournament] shall constitute a waiver and release of GAP, its officers, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, staff and agents from any and all liability with respect to exposure of the COVID-19. If you disagree, do not come to [the tournament].

GAP has taken the following steps to limit the exposure of our players, staff and facilities to the COVID-19:

The Staff and Executive Committee will wear a provided facemask when around groups of people and speaking with any player directly. Hand sanitizer to be available at the first tee, 10th tee and electronic scoring area. Players are expected to supply their own facemasks and are expected to wear them when around groups of people except when playing in the competition.

Most events reduced to 78 players, click here for event-by-event details. All events limited to a one-tee start in groups of two.

Ball Washers – There will be no ball washers.

Bunkers – Bunker rakes may be removed from the course. Until further notice, GAP will play lift, clean and place in all bunkers – 1 club length no closer to the hole. The ball must remain in the bunker. Players may not smooth the bunker before placing. GAP asks all players to smooth their damage in a bunker as much as possible after playing out of the bunker.

Caddies – Not permitted.

Cart Policy for Championships (Amateur, Open, Patterson Cup) – All players are permitted to take single rider carts. GAP will pay facilities and bill players electronically through Golf Genius. If there is a Junior who is in the field and not of age, a parent/escort/chaperone is permitted to drive the cart. If carts are not permitted due to weather, then the event will continue as a walking event. A reminder, there will still be no caddies allowed.

Drinking Water – Players are encouraged to bring their own. No drinking water will be available on the course.

Evacuation – In the event of weather delay, players must head directly to their cars to wait for the all clear.

Flagsticks – The staff will utilize whatever procedure has been adopted by the host club (noodles, ez-lyft, etc.) Players are not permitted to touch the flagsticks. Depending on the system utilized by the facility, the staff may decide to use a GAP version.

Locker Rooms – Will not be available. The GAP staff will ensure there are bathrooms available and are cleaned often.

Lunch – When possible, staff will arrange a to-go type meal (boxed lunches) to be available for players and staff. Please review tournament information sheet for each individual event per the status.

Pace of Play – GAP will utilize the two-checkpoint system for the season. Clocks will not be positioned on the course.

Parent/Escort/Chaperone Carts (for viewing golf) – Permitted only in Junior Boys’ Championship, Christman Cup and Jock MacKenzie.

Player Planning – It is imperative for our tournament participants to have a plan for participation. Items that will need consideration include drinking water, facemasks, hand sanitizer, food, weather, sunblock, bug spray, temperature, equipment (golf gloves, balls, tees, ball markers, pencils and markers, towels), etc. Many of the normally available items will not be available.

Practice Rounds – All practice rounds are cancelled.

Scoring – Players MUST use electronic scoring through the USGA Tournament Management App (scoring process will be announced in tournament information at close of entries). Your groups GGID will be available at the first tee. Please see supporting materials in the Player Information Packet. There will be no scorecards.

Spectators – Spectators will not be permitted; except that any player who requires assistance in transportation to the tournament site or who requires assistance in driving a golf cart during the competition is permitted to authorize one and not more than one person to spectate at the event or, if applicable, but only if such person is a member of the player’s immediate family and living in the same household as the player, to operate the player’s golf cart during the competition; provided that in all such circumstances such person may not provide any assistance to the player, may not indicate the line of play, may not handle the player’s clubs or equipment, and may not otherwise provide any services normally provided by a caddie. 

Warm-Up Range/Putting Green – Players are limited to arriving 30 minutes prior to their tee time unless a particular facility/range location requires the use of more time. Please read specific player information prior to the event. Players are limited to 15 minutes for range warm-up. A staff member will be positioned on range to monitor the player’s 15-minute warmup.

Withdrawals – Players must use great discretion to WD. There are limited fields at events and groupings are in twosomes. If you have any sense that you will have to WD, then please do so while the staff can find someone from the waitlist to fill the spot. Please don’t WD on the day of the event as there will NOT be players waiting at the site to fill your spot.