Jun 28, 2007

Yardley Country Club repeats as Philadelphia Team Champion

  SPRINGFIELD, Pa.–Yardley Country Club repeated as the Philadelphia Team Champion defeating Commonwealth National Golf Club, Overbrook Golf Club and Tavistock Country Club on Thursday at Rolling Green GC. It was Yardley CC’s seventh Philadelphia Team Championship title.

Commonwealth National GC, the 2007 GAP Team Matches Champion, placed second with 18.5 points. It entered the afternoon with a half-point lead over Yardley CC, 8.5-8, after the morning Alternate Shot portion of the event. Overbrook GC finished in third with 15.5 points and Tavistock CC carded 13.5 points.

  “We play in such a tight knit group week in and week out and play match play against each other, that this format comes naturally to us,” said Erickson, the Yardley CC team captain. “We always seem to be able to pull through in the Singles Matches.”

  The Team Championship final consists of eight-man teams playing an Alternate Shot format in the morning with Singles Matches in the afternoon.

  Yardley Country Club captured Philadelphia Team Championship trophies in 1990, 1993, 1996, 2001-02 and 2006. It was also the last team to repeat. The Philadelphia Team Championship dates back to 1915.

  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 135 Member Clubs and 60,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. The purpose of the Association is simple: To promote, protect and preserve the game of golf in the region.

Overbrook GC Pts Commonwealth National GC Pts
Chris Lange/Mike Rogers 2 Mike Moffat/Steve Owens 3
Bob Cunningham/Andy Thompson 1 Brett Diakon/John Robinson 2.5
Frank McFadden/Oscar Mestre, Jr. 3 Ryan Gelrod/Ken Matt 1
Brian Early/Ray Thompson 0 Craig Burton/Scott Carney 2
Total 6 Total 8.5
Tavistock CC Yardley CC
Tom Gramigna/Sean Leonard 0 Chris Ault/Paul Rogowicz 1
Bob Arthur/Bill McGuinness 0 Mark Miller/Glenn Smeraglio 2.5
Ron Cusick/Mike Tash 0 Steve Arnold/Ed Erickson 2
Doug Cusick/Jamie Slonis 1.5 Phil Bartholomew/Al Padovano 2.5
Total 1.5 Total 8
Overbrook GC Pts Commonwealth National GC Pts
Chris Lange 1 Mike Moffat 3
Ray Thompson 3 Steve Owens 1
Andy Thompson 1 Brett Diakon 2
Frank McFadden 0 John Robinson 2
Brian Early .5 Ken Matt .5
Oscar Mestre, Jr. 3 Ryan Gelrod .5
Bob Cunningham 0 Scott Carney 1
Mike Rogers 1 Craig Burton 0
TOTAL 15.5 TOTAL 18.5
Tavistock CC Pts Yardley CC Pts
Mike Tash 0 P.J. Bartholomew 2
Jamie Slonis 2 Mark Miller 0
Ron Cusick 0 Chris Ault 3
Doug Cusick 1 Glenn Smeraglio 3
Bob Arthur 2.5 Paul Rogowicz 2.5
Sean Leonard .5 Steve Arnold 2
Tom Gramigna 3 Ed Erickson 2
Bill McGuinness 3 Al Padovano 2
TOTAL 13.5 TOTAL 24.5

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