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May 01, 2019

Women’s Philling the GAP: Etiquette

Women’s Philling the GAP: Etiquette Reminders

It’s a crucial part of any round, whether competitive or casual. Etiquette is something learned with experience, but also acquired by studying the game and Rules of Golf. Whether a player is a novice, or even a seasoned veteran, helpful reminders are always needed for when you are out on the course. Here’s a few tips to remember when in play:

  • On the tee: Stand off of the teeing ground behind your opponent and out of their line of sight when they are preparing to hit their tee shot.
  • On the putting green: Make sure to not walk through or stand in your opponent’s putting line. Make sure that you are out of their line of sight. To be courteous to the groups behind you, repair any ball marks you see on the green.
  • Order of play: The player furthest from the hole will play their shot. In stroke play, there is no penalty for playing a shot out of turn. Players may allow others to hit first if it logically makes more sense.
  • Flagstick: With the changes to the Rules of Golf, there is no longer a penalty for putting with the flagstick in. Be sure to communicate with your group who would like to leave the flagstick in and who would like the flagstick removed from the cup.
  • Ready for play: Be ready to play when it is your turn. Have your glove on, yardage taken and club selected.

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