Playoff –
Virtual BMW GAP Team Matches

The Virtual BMW GAP Team Matches Playoff is here. And the inaugural, and hopefully only, winner is …. up to you.

Voting is just like each week prior. Click on a respective club and vote on the matches at that club.

The Overall GTM Record listed for each player is since 2004, when GAP starting recording data. In an effort to make scoring as realistic as possible given the current global climate, GAP established a points-allocation system based on votes. Below is the breakdown.

Scoring for Playoff

  • Player with most votes 3 points
  • Player with second most votes 2 points
  • Player with third most votes 1 point
  • Player with fourth most 0 points. 

Voting begins on Monday at 9 a.m. and closes at noon on Friday of that respective week.

Tell your friends, teammates and fellow club members. Use the hashtag #BMWGTM when posting on social media to spread the word.

Which club will be the BMW Virtual GAP Team Matches champion?

Click on the button below the club
to view this week’s home matchup.


LuLu 1, LedgeRock 1, Old York Road 1 , Huntingdon Valley 1

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