Jun 14, 2005

Tavistock CC’s Jamie Slonis tops Amateur Championship Qualifier

BLUE BELL, Pa.–Jamie Slonis of Tavistock CC braved stifling weather conditions to earn the top seed in the match play draw for the 105th Amateur Championship with a 2-under-par 141 in qualifying on Tuesday at Cedarbrook CC (par 72, 6,959 yards) and Green Valley CC (par 71, 6,757 yards).

  A field of 131 players vied for the 32 match play slots that determine the Golf Association of Philadelphia Amateur Champion. The first and second rounds of the Amateur Championship are set for tomorrow. The first round begins at 8 a.m. with second-round tee times to follow. The quarterfinals and semifinals are scheduled for Thursday with the 36-hole final set for Saturday, June 18. All matches will be played at Cedarbrook CC.

  “It’s a nice honor [to be medallist] because it’s an event everyone shoots to play well in,” said Slonis, 36, of Sewell, N.J. “I haven’t really put it all together for a day [recently]. This is the first day I played fairly solid from start to finish.”

  Slonis carded an even-par 70 at Green Valley CC in the morning before recording a 2-under-par 70 at Cedarbrook CC in the p.m. Players completed 18 holes at each course in qualifying. A playoff for the final match play position fell at the two-round total of 154. Three players contested for the one spot with Chris Sylvia of Little Mill CC surviving.

  Slonis opened his day with a 2-under-par 33 on the backside at Green Valley CC, his opening nine, but finished bogey, double bogey to drop to even after one round. At Cedarbrook CC, Slonis wasn’t about to let that happen again.

  He made the turn with an even-par 36 after carding two birdies and two bogeys. A kick-in birdie on the 10th (par 5, 531 yards) and a short putt on No. 12 (par 5, 516 yards) moved him back into red digits. However, bogeys on No. 15 (poor drive) and 16 (poor iron shot), started leaving that bad taste in his mouth again. He put a stop to that rather quickly, though, knocking a pitching wedge from 127 yards to three feet on No. 17 (par 4, 418 yards) and a sand wedge from 82 yards on No. 18 (par 4, 431 yards) to a foot.

  “I wanted to avoid the big mistakes,” said Slonis, who works in the finance world. “I putted really well today. I had a couple three putts from long distances, but I made my fair share of 10-15-20 footers.”

  The Amateur Championship Qualifier also serves as qualifying for the Open Championship and the initial two scores of the Silver Cross. Slonis was the low qualifier for the Open Championship as well and, obviously, currently leads the Silver Cross. However, his chance at winning the coveted cross an award that dates back to 1902 and awarded to the player with the lowest aggregate score in the qualifying rounds of the Amateur Championship and the two rounds of the Patterson Cup won’t happen.

  Slonis is set to travel to Scotland in August for the British Middle-Amateur Championship at Muirfield Golf Club. He is exempt for the tournament based on qualifying for match play of the U.S. Mid-Am Championship at Wilmington CC two years ago.

  “I figured it would be a once in a lifetime chance,” said Slonis.

  A number of prominent figures in the Golf Association of Philadelphia qualified for match play, including Brian Gillespie, the 2001 Amateur Champion; Chris Lange of Overbrook GC, a three-time Amateur Champion and reigning Player of the Year; Michael McDermott of Merion GC, a three-time Player of the Year and Michael Tash of Tavistock CC, the 2003 Amateur Champion.

  Other past champions in the match play field include Chris Anderson of Wilmington CC (1982-83) and Bill McGuinness of Tavistock CC (1996).

  Perhaps the most intriguing story of the tournament comes from Robert Galbreath, Jr. of Huntingdon Valley CC. Galbreath, who turned 14 years old today, carded a 152 total, 9-over-par, and qualified for match play for the first time in three prior tries. He is believed to be the youngest player in Golf Association of Philadelphia to qualify for match play of the Amateur.

  “I didn’t come in here with a cocky attitude, but I had a good amount of confidence,” said Galbreath of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. “I thought I could make it.”

Name Club Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Total
Jamie Slonis Tavistock Country Club 71 GVC 70 CCC 141
John Sawin Merion Golf Club 69 CCC 75 GVC 144
Dan Walters Philadelphia Publinks GA 70 CCC 76 GVC 146
Chris Gallagher Penn Oaks Golf Club 75 GVC 71 CCC 146
Clint Deibert Doylestown Country Club 70 CCC 77 GVC 147
Tug Maude Merion Golf Club 73 CCC 74 GVC 147
Conrad Von Borsig Concord Country Club 72 GVC 76 CCC 148
Kyle Davis Inniscrone Golf Club 74 GVC 74 CCC 148
Francis McFadden Overbrook Golf Club 74 CCC 75 GVC 149
Sean Leonard Tavistock Country Club 77 CCC 72 GVC 149
Shane Dooley Spring Ford Country Club 75 CCC 74 GVC 149
Glenn Smeraglio Yardley Country Club 78 GVC 71 CCC 149
Gui Costin Merion Golf Club 73 CCC 76 GVC 149
Christopher Gold Little Mill Country Club 74 GVC 76 CCC 150
Patrick Marshalek Whitford Country Club 74 GVC 76 CCC 150
Brian Gillespie St. Davids Golf Club 77 GVC 73 CCC 150
Michael Tash Tavistock Country Club 79 CCC 71 GVC 150
Douglas Schroer St. Davids Golf Club 78 GVC 73 CCC 151
Bryant Reyes Hartefeld National 76 CCC 75 GVC 151
Christopher Lange Overbrook Golf Club 71 GVC 80 CCC 151
David Liotta Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 74 CCC 77 GVC 151
Michael Rose Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 74 GVC 77 CCC 151
Chris Anderson Wilmington Country Club 77 GVC 75 CCC 152
Douglas Zelner Coatesville Country Club 76 GVC 76 CCC 152
Michael Moffat Commonwealth National Golf Club 77 CCC 75 GVC 152
Oscar Mestre, Jr. Overbrook Golf Club 78 GVC 74 CCC 152
Robert Galbreath, Jr. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 74 CCC 78 GVC 152
Kenneth Matt Lu Lu Country Club 80 GVC 73 CCC 153
James Kieserman Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 76 GVC 77 CCC 153
Michael McDermott Merion Golf Club 78 GVC 75 CCC 153
William McGuinness Tavistock Country Club 76 GVC 77 CCC 153
*Chris Sylvia Little Mill Country Club 74 CCC 80 GVC 154
Failed to qualify
Brian Owens Gulph Mills Golf Club 76 GVC 78 CCC 154
Warren Smith Cavaliers Country Club 73 CCC 81 GVC 154
Billy Mullen Plymouth Country Club 79 CCC 76 GVC 155
Douglas Cusick Tavistock Country Club 77 GVC 78 CCC 155
Logan Terry Plymouth Country Club 79 CCC 76 GVC 155
Scott Storck Philadelphia Cricket Club 80 CCC 75 GVC 155
Billy McCrossan White Manor Country Club 78 GVC 77 CCC 155
Christopher Ault Spring Mill Country Club 76 GVC 79 CCC 155
James Winner Philadelphia Publinks GA 79 GVC 76 CCC 155
Paul Gagliardi Cedarbrook Country Club 73 CCC 82 GVC 155
Brian Creghan Plymouth Country Club 77 GVC 79 CCC 156
Bryan Marvin Old York Road Country Club 78 CCC 78 GVC 156
John Mullins Spring Ford Country Club 74 GVC 82 CCC 156
Mario Verticelli Spring Mill Country Club 77 CCC 79 GVC 156
Robert Arthur Tavistock Country Club 79 CCC 77 GVC 156
Robert Gill Fox Hill Country Club 81 CCC 75 GVC 156
Billy Stewart Llanerch Country Club 78 CCC 78 GVC 156
Byron Whitman Golden Oaks Golf Club 79 GVC 77 CCC 156
Christian Davis Glenmaura National Golf Club 80 CCC 76 GVC 156
James Kania, Jr Overbrook Golf Club 80 GVC 76 CCC 156
John Robinson Commonwealth National Golf Club 79 GVC 77 CCC 156
Patrick Garrison Philadelphia Publinks GA 79 CCC 77 GVC 156
Drew Garis North Hills Country Club 74 CCC 83 GVC 157
Fredrick Taggart Meadia Heights Golf Club 76 CCC 81 GVC 157
Robert Dziak Spring Ford Country Club 79 GVC 78 CCC 157
John Michael Pelet Wyncote Golf Club 78 GVC 79 CCC 157
P. Chet Walsh Philadelphia Country Club 75 CCC 82 GVC 157
Robin McCool Saucon Valley Country Club 79 GVC 78 CCC 157
Santo Lafoca Huntsville Golf Club 80 CCC 77 GVC 157
Sean Clifford Ashbourne Country Club 81 GVC 76 CCC 157
Tom Borsello Fieldstone Golf Club 79 CCC 78 GVC 157
Brian Rothaus Philmont Country Club 75 CCC 83 GVC 158
Chris Kallmeyer Philadelphia Cricket Club 81 CCC 77 GVC 158
Jeff Huntzinger North Hills Country Club 84 CCC 74 GVC 158
Mark Kosko Seaview Marriott Resort 79 GVC 79 CCC 158
Stephen Seiden Concord Country Club 81 CCC 77 GVC 158
Anthony Apostolico Hartefeld National 77 CCC 81 GVC 158
Gary Daniels Applebrook Golf Club 79 GVC 79 CCC 158
Paul Polinsky Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 77 GVC 81 CCC 158
Rich Thon The Springhaven Club 78 GVC 80 CCC 158
Anthony Martire Seaview Marriot Resort & Spa 78 CCC 81 GVC 159
Brandon Detweiler Lancaster Country Club 81 GVC 78 CCC 159
Dan Pinciotti, Jr. Huntingdon Valley Country Club 80 GVC 79 CCC 159
James Arsenault Little Mill Country Club 77 CCC 82 GVC 159
Joe April Wedgwood Country Club 76 CCC 83 GVC 159
Matt Raudenbush Pine Valley Golf Club 80 CCC 79 GVC 159
Robert Billings Rolling Green Golf Club 81 GVC 78 CCC 159
Tyler Glassman Meadowlands Country Club 80 GVC 79 CCC 159
Roc Irey Cedarbrook Country Club 78 GVC 81 CCC 159
Sean Seese Huntingdon Valley Country Club 83 GVC 76 CCC 159
Geoffrey Cooper Ballamor Golf Club 82 GVC 78 CCC 160
Gerard Ascolese North Hills Country Club 82 GVC 78 CCC 160
Jim Yenser Philadelphia Publinks GA 82 CCC 78 GVC 160
Marlin Detweiler Lancaster Country Club 82 GVC 78 CCC 160
Charles Dowds, III North Hills Country Club 83 GVC 77 CCC 160
Ron Weaver Meadia Heights Golf Club 81 CCC 79 GVC 160
James Greenhalgh Wildwood Golf & Country Club 81 CCC 80 GVC 161
Brian Corbett Huntsville Golf Club 81 GVC 80 CCC 161
Donald Ashley Philadelphia Country Club 78 GVC 83 CCC 161
Drew Panebianco Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 82 CCC 80 GVC 162
R. Blake Slawecki Spring Ford Country Club 77 GVC 85 CCC 162
Scott Elwell Running Deer Golf Club 80 CCC 82 GVC 162
Steven Walczak Wilmington Country Club 81 GVC 81 CCC 162
Chris Bevelheimer Sakima Country Club 84 GVC 79 CCC 163
Stephen Sieracki Merchantville Country Club 84 CCC 79 GVC 163
Geoff Forcino Waynesborough Country Club 78 CCC 85 GVC 163
Mike Lebow Spring Ford Country Club 83 CCC 80 GVC 163
Bill Boyle Metedeconk National Golf Club 86 CCC 78 GVC 164
Cole Willcox Philadelphia Country Club 76 CCC 88 GVC 164
Daniel Doyle Edgmont Country Club 84 CCC 80 GVC 164
David Grossman Greate Bay Golf Club 82 GVC 82 CCC 164
Thomas DiCinti Little Mill Country Club 85 GVC 79 CCC 164
Bill Murray Merchantville Country Club 86 GVC 79 CCC 165
David Hoegel Little Mill Country Club 79 GVC 86 CCC 165
Leonard Staskiel Woodbury Country Club 79 GVC 86 CCC 165
Matthew Bellis Commonwealth National Golf Club 80 CCC 85 GVC 165
Rand Mendez Fieldstone Golf Club 82 GVC 83 CCC 165
Tom Piersanti Radley Run Country Club 78 CCC 87 GVC 165
Michael O’Keefe Little Mill Country Club 80 GVC 86 CCC 166
Perry Landis Berkleigh Country Club 85 CCC 81 GVC 166
Jack Wallace Burlington Country Club 82 CCC 85 GVC 167
Thomas Flatley Merion Golf Club 85 CCC 82 GVC 167
James Finnerty Radley Run Country Club 83 CCC 85 GVC 168
Vince Yost Cedarbrook Country Club 82 GVC 87 CCC 169
Joshua Caggiula Phoenixville Country Club 86 CCC 83 GVC 169
Scott Klee RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 86 CCC 85 GVC 171
Mark Bielecki Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 83 CCC 89 GVC 172
Bryan McClaskey Merchantville Country Club 89 GVC 86 CCC 175
J Kirk Luntey Merion Golf Club 81 CCC 94 GVC 175
Larry Silk Greate Bay Golf Club 81 CCC NC GVC NC
Dan Pickering Indian Valley Country Club 81 CCC WD GVC WD
Frank Corrado, Jr. Jericho National Golf Club 86 GVC WD CCC WD
Mark Battista Philadelphia Publinks GA 83 GVC WD CCC WD
Michael Sanger Merion Golf Club 85 GVC WD CCC WD
William Bello Metedeconk National Golf Club 88 CCC WD GVC WD
Thomas Gramigna Tavistock Country Club 84 GVC WD CCC WD
GVC-Green Valley Country Club
CCC-Cedarbrook Country Club
*-advanced in playoff
WD-withdrawal; NC-no card

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