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May 29, 2012

Talamore Country Club’s Abramski takes Warner Cup (Net)

  LAFAYETTE HILL, Pa.–The cliché no pain, no gain isn’t for Bob Abramski of Talamore Country Club. Saddled with back issues since a freak high school injury, Abramski employed the services of David Ostrow with Body Balance for Performance this year to alleviate the chronic issue from his golf game. Tuesday at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, the now pain free Abramski carded a 76 net 64 to take the Warner Cup (Net) for players 55 years of age and older.

  “The last two years I had to wear a brace every time I played,” said Abramski, 63, of Fort Washington, Pa. “I’ve been seeing David, who specializes in evaluating how your body parts move when you swing the club. I’ve played at least 30 rounds this year and I haven’t worn the brace once. He’s a miracle worker.”

  Abramski’s longtime friend, fellow club member and group mate, Gary Tiller, placed second with a net 65. The two rode in the same cart today. Both players carried a 12 handicap at Whitemarsh.

  “I love these events, the courses and the competition. I love being a part of the Golf Association of Philadelphia,” said Abramski. “It is special to win something like this.”

  Added Tiller with a smile, “It’s great. My only disappointment is I didn’t beat [Bob].”

  Abramski is a retired underwriter from ACE Insurance who said his game made the turn just this Sunday.

  “I was struggling to break into the low 80s prior to this Sunday when I started feeling better with my tempo,” said Abramski. “Monday I shot a 76 at Talamore and I haven’t been close to 80 all season. My Handicap Index is up more than 2½ strokes since last year.”

  Abramski’s magic potion Tuesday spelled 14 pars and four bogeys. He had two over-par blemishes on each side, three of those – on No. 6 (par 4, 302 yards), No. 8 (par 4, 394 yards) and No. 17 (par 5, 454 yards) – the result of poor approach shots. His bogey on No. 11 (par 5, 456 yards) resulted from a poor third shot.

  “I didn’t hit the ball that well off the tee but I scored well,” said Abramski. “I probably hit only seven or eight fairways, but what I did do was hit my approach shots well. I hit really crisp irons. On the longer holes I played to a yardage. I tried to leave myself with a 90- or 100-yard shot I’m comfortable with.”

  Abramski’s competed in Golf Association of Philadelphia individual tournaments since the year he retired, 2006. Tiller, on the other hand, is a newcomer to the local competitive circuit. He’s only played in Association events the past few seasons.

  However, Whitemarsh Valley brought Tiller back to the 1970s when his boss was a member at the Lafayette Hill club and he would tee it up regularly.

  “It brought back some memories for sure,” said Tiller.

  Tiller, 60, of Hatboro, Pa., and Abramski were neck-and-neck all day. In fact, after nine holes, both started their rounds on No. 10, Tiller held a one-stroke advantage.

  “I haven’t broken 85 all year. I’ve been struggling to break 90,” said Tiller. “I putted well today though, I didn’t have one three putt and five or six one putts.”

  Tiller recorded five bogeys and a birdie on his inward nine, two more strokes than Abramski and one more overall.

  “I kept waiting for the real Gary to show up,” joked Tiller.

  A Talamore member since 2003, Tiller and Abramski and their wives are close friends. That doesn’t make the two men any less competitive, however. Tiller defeated Abramski last year in the club net tournament. They two are set to square off again in a few days.

  “That’s the big one,” said Abramski.

  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 145 Member Clubs and 57,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. As Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Source of Golf Information, the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Name, club Net
Bob Abramski, Talamore Country Club 64
Gary Tiller, Talamore Country Club 65
Thomas Brennan, Blue Bell Country Club 67
Gary Chlapaty, RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 68
Louis Graziano, The Bucks Club 68
Francis Tan, Medford Lakes Country Club 68
Robert Rosenwasser, Hopewell Valley Golf Club 69
Ed Rogers, Concord Country Club 69
Ed Brzezowski, Concord Country Club 70
David Kearney, Lehigh Country Club 71
Richard Genoni, Waynesborough Country Club 71
Aaron Shatzman, Meadowlands Country Club 71
Mike Schuster, Chester Valley Golf Club 71
Spike McKeeta, Chester Valley Golf Club 71
William Rosen, Downingtown Country Club 71
Gerald Barr, Lehigh Country Club 72
Steven Gordon, Old York CC at Chesterfield 72
Tom Cohen, Running Deer Golf Club 72
Wilfred Carey, Country Club of Scranton 72
Jim Sheppard, Makefield Highlands Golf Club 72
Rick Ames, Philadelphia Publinks GA 72
Scott Ryan, Llanerch Country Club 72
E. Gerald Hurst, Jr., Lookaway Golf Club 72
Edward Osciak, Jr., Loch Nairn Golf Club 72
John Kyle, Edgmont Country Club 72
Rick Coroniti, RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 72
Dennis Hancock, Jericho National Golf Club 73
Joseph DeAngelis, Jericho National Golf Club 73
Carmen Finore, Saucon Valley Country Club 73
Richard Corbin, Moorestown Field Club 73
Bob Roche, Merion Golf Club 74
John Mellors, Jericho National Golf Club 74
Arthur Hausman, Green Valley Country Club 74
Mark Pfeffer, Hidden Creek Golf Club 74
Frank Hanna, Sandy Run Country Club 74
John O’Rourke, McCall Golf & Country Club 74
Bob Barron, Medford Lakes Country Club 74
James Leonard, Chester Valley Golf Club 74
Robert Murray, McCall Golf & Country Club 74
Joe Ruggear, Mercer Oaks Golf Course 75
John Clough, Philadelphia Cricket Club 75
Mark McDermott, Kennett Square Golf & Country Club 75
Charles Caparo, Plymouth Country Club 75
Ned Moore, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 75
Robert Felter, Lancaster Country Club 75
Frank Setzman, Edgmont Country Club 75
Robert Jenkins, Spring Ford Country Club 75
Scott Dichter, Meadia Heights Golf Club 75
Brendan Kearney, Sandy Run Country Club 75
Don Neill, Blue Bell Country Club 76
Fred Spratt, Running Deer Golf Club 76
Michael Shemeley, Links Golf Club 76
Stephen Pence, Little Mill Country Club 76
Thomas Schaible, Chester Valley Golf Club 76
Ron Mittendorf, Blue Bell Country Club 76
Louis Siesser, Jericho National Golf Club 76
Leo Argeros, Sandy Run Country Club 76
Luke Pape, Torresdale-Frankford Country Club 76
Frank Dano, Meadia Heights Golf Club 77
Jack Endicott, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 77
Jim Balaschak, Trump National Golf Club – Philadelphia 77
Jim Lloyd, Running Deer Golf Club 77
Michael McCorriston, Jericho National Golf Club 77
William McCabe, Jr., McCall Golf & Country Club 77
Ronald Hooven, Talamore Country Club 77
Carmen Caruso, Spring Ford Country Club 77
Jerry Owens, Flourtown Country Club 77
Bill Menseck, Penn Oaks Golf Club 78
Daniel Flynn, Sandy Run Country Club 78
Jeff Kallberg, Philadelphia Publinks GA 78
Wayne Diluigi, Running Deer Golf Club 78
Joseph Koch, Jr., Lu Lu Country Club 78
Les Runkewich, Medford Village Country Club 78
Mark Sokoloff, Spring Mill Country Club 78
Ray Klein, Five Ponds Golf Club 78
John Connelly, Sandy Run Country Club 78
Lester Michael, Lehigh Country Club 79
Vincent Kraft, Jr., Lehigh Country Club 79
Dr. Ronald Zweibaum, Little Mill Country Club 79
John Prestwood, St. Davids Golf Club 79
Richard Turner, Edgmont Country Club 79
Vito Caracappa, Golf Course at Glen Mills 79
William Jones, McCall Golf & Country Club 79
Brian Cassano, Little Mill Country Club 79
John Carr, Jericho National Golf Club 79
Francis Sbandi, Esq., Edgmont Country Club 80
Jack Gallagher, Pine Valley Golf Club 80
Vincent Torno, McCall Golf & Country Club 80
Kyran Connelly, Makefield Highlands Golf Club 80
Bruce Heugel, Lehigh Country Club 80
Joel Wolinsky, Spring Mill Country Club 81
Bob Supplee, Sandy Run Country Club 81
Larry Kopec, Sakima Country Club 81
David Tritton, St. Davids Golf Club 81
Jay McMenamin, Running Deer Golf Club 81
Palmer Hossler, Loch Nairn Golf Club 81
Wayne Butz, St. Davids Golf Club 81
Richard Ogorek, Fieldstone Golf Club 82
Richard Senker, Stonewall 82
Bill Tripp, French Creek Golf Club 82
Allan Shannon, Makefield Highlands Golf Club 82
Brad Goldstein, Spring Mill Country Club 82
Brian Mulvenna, White Oaks Country Club 82
Everett Young, Sandy Run Country Club 82
George Hilley, McCall Golf & Country Club 82
John Long, Edgmont Country Club 82
Louis Degennaro, Country Club of Scranton 83
Ernest Eichenberg, III, Waynesborough Country Club 83
Mark Weinberg, Lookaway Golf Club 83
Robert Agran, Reading Country Club 84
Hal Morris, Talamore Country Club 84
Frederick Weiler, Sandy Run Country Club 84
Richard Sullivan, Old York CC at Chesterfield 85
Earl Grim, Moorestown Field Club 85
Kenny Sojka, Wyoming Valley Country Club 87
Ed Gallagher, Old York CC at Chesterfield 87
Charles Rogalla, Country Club of Scranton 88
Rob Hayes, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 89
Dave Stouffer, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 91
Dave Furman, Running Deer Golf Club 92
Paul Visokey, Trenton Country Club 92
David Myers, Chester Valley Golf Club 94
Bill Arent, Makefield Highlands Golf Club DQ
Terry Radcliffe, Lancaster Country Club NC
Thomas Freitag, Lu Lu Country Club NS
James Rocks, Wedgwood Country Club WD
Sean Duffy, Moselem Springs Golf Club WD
Steve Levine, Greate Bay Country Club WD
Richard Taylor, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club WD
Murray Felzer, White Manor Country Club WD
Samuel Pace, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club WD
Frank Caterini, Wildwood Golf & Country Club WD
George Connell, Wildwood Golf & Country Club WD

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