Silver Cross - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Silver Cross Award

The Silver Cross is presented to the player with the lowest aggregate score in the qualifying round(s) of the BMW Philadelphia Amateur Championship and the Joseph H. Patterson Cup.

2023Troy VannucciLittle Mill CC274
2022Michael R. Brown, Jr.LuLu CC275
2021Peter BradbeerMerion GC268
2020*^Jeff OsbergPine Valley GC137
Playoff (The 1912 Club): Osberg (72) & Zach Barbin (72);
Osberg made par 4 on 19th hole; Barbin a bogey
2019#Jeff OsbergPine Valley GC205
2018Ryan RucinskiFieldstone GC286
2017Peter BradbeerMerion GC286
2016Jeff OsbergHuntingdon Valley CC284
2015Jeff OsbergHuntingdon Valley CC275
2014Matthew TeesdaleCommonwealth National GC280
2013Brandon MatthewsGlenmaura National GC281
2012#Brandon MatthewsFox Hill CC212
2011Mike MeisenzahlLittle Mill CC284
2010Jeff OsbergLlanerch CC288
2009James Kania, Jr.Overbrook GC283
2008Glenn SmeraglioYardley CC279
2007Michael McDermottMerion GC277
2006Stephen ArnoldYardley CC279
2005John SawinMerion GC283
2004Michael TashTavistock CC289
2003Michael McDermottLlanerch CC282
2002Christian BartolacciJericho National GC282
2001Glenn SmeraglioYardley CC288
2000Glenn SmeraglioYardley CC291
1999Justin ThompsonOverbrook GC290
1998Andy ThompsonOverbrook GC289
1997Michael A. TashWoodbury CC297
1996Jim Sullivan, Jr.Huntingdon Valley CC292
1995James Kania, Sr.Overbrook GC290
1994#James Kania, Sr.Overbrook GC214
1993Mike GregorHuntingdon Valley CC292
1992James Kania, Sr.Overbrook GC290
1991#Robin McCoolSaucon Valley CC219
1990*#Robin McCoolSaucon Valley CC217
 Playoff: McCool (65) & Blaise Giroso (71)
1989#William McGuinnessTavistock CC220
1988David K. BrookresonHuntingdon Valley CC298
1987Richard StanfordYardley CC292
1986Blaise GirosoBrandywine CC288
1985Blaise GirosoBrandywine CC294
1984David K. BrookresonHuntingdon Valley CC290
1983#Blaise GirosoBrandywine CC222
1982Noel CarusoWhitemarsh Valley CC287
1981Paul Erhardt, IIIChester Valley GC293
1980James RobertsonLlanerch CC299
1979Gary DeetscreekOld York Road CC300
1978Paul Erhardt, IIIChester Valley GC286
1977Michael RosePhilmont CC295
1976*Duke DelcherSandy Run CC260
 Playoff: Delcher (77) & James Hamilton (78)
1975R. Jay SigelAronimink GC289
1974R. Jay SigelAronimink GC292
1973*R. Jay SigelAronimink GC296
 Playoff: Sigel (73) & Donald DeAngelis (76)
1972R. Jay SigelAronimink GC283
1971Donald M. NorburyBuena Vista CC292
1970R. Jay SigelAronimink GC293
1969R. Jay SigelAronimink GC298
1968Paul Erhardt, IIISakima CC294
1967*Donald M. NorburyWildwood G&CC289
 Playoff: Norbury (71) & William H. Care, Jr. (71)
 (Won by default per Executive Committee meeting)
1966James P. KingCedarbrook CC289
1965William H. Care, Jr.Atlantic City CC291
1964William H. Care, Jr.Atlantic City CC296
1963John H. Guenther, Jr.Berkshire CC293
1962John DyniewskiWhitemarsh Valley CC288
1961Howard EverittShawnee CC295
1960John H. Guenther, Jr.Berkshire CC288
1959John DyniewskiWhitemarsh Valley CC299
1958William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC291
1957William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC282
1956William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC293
1955John DyniewskiWhitemarsh Valley CC290
1954William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC290
1953Sam PenecaleMelrose CC295
1952William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC299
1951Sam PenecaleMelrose CC291
1950George H. RowbothamAronimink GC286
1949W.B. McCullough, Jr.Huntingdon Valley CC297
1948Stanley NolanSandy Run CC300
1947George H. RowbothamLlanerch CC301
1946William Hyndman, IIIHuntingdon Valley CC293
1945No Contest — World War II
1944No Contest — World War II
1943No Contest — World War II
1942W.B. McCullough, Jr.Huntingdon Valley CC305
1941Howard EverittManufacturers G&CC300
1940Howard EverittManufacturers G&CC297
1939J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC296
1938J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC293
1937Willard H. GoecklerWhitemarsh Valley CC292
1936Harold S. Cross, Jr.Huntingdon Valley CC306
1935Charles A. RecknerCedarbrook CC309
1934W.B. McCullough, Jr.Huntingdon Valley CC299
1933Chris BrinkeAronimink GC306
1932John J. JenningsMelrose CC304
1931J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC304
1930Charles A. RecknerCedarbrook CC305
1929J.G. BoardmanAshbourne CC303
1928J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC302
1927Theodore JohnstonGreen Valley CC306
1926J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC297
1925Charles A. RecknerCedarbrook CC314
1924J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC308
1923Maxwell R. MarstonMerion Cricket Club297
1922J. Wood PlattWhitemarsh Valley CC306
1921Charles A. RecknerCedarbrook CC315
1920#George W. HoffnerBala GC236
1919George W. HoffnerBala GC309
1918No Contest — World War I
1917No Contest — World War I
1916S.E. SharwoodMerion Cricket Club316
1915Walter H. ReynoldsAronimink GC322
1914Simon CarrHuntingdon Valley CC311
1913Cameron B. BuxtonHuntingdon Valley CC323
1912Wirt L. ThompsonHuntingdon Valley CC320
1911George A. CrumpPhiladelphia CC324
1910H.R. WorthingtonPhiladelphia Cricket Club323
1909Harold B. McFarlandHuntingdon Valley CC314
1908Howard W. PerrinPhiladelphia Cricket Club331
1907Harold B. McFarlandHuntingdon Valley CC337
1906Howard W. PerrinPhiladelphia Cricket ClubN/A
1905Harold B. McFarlandHuntingdon Valley CCN/A
1904Albert W. TillinghastPhiladelphia Cricket Club340
1903Harold B. McFarlandHuntingdon Valley CC326
1902Howard W. PerrinPhiladelphia Cricket Club341
* — won in playoff
^-shortened to 36 holes due to COVID-19 restrictions
#-shortened to 54 holes