Oct 01, 2018

Philling the GAP: Score posting

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

October 2018

Unlimited: the number of minutes that cellphone providers advertise in today’s technology-driven world. Unlimited: the number of scores that Golf Association of Philadelphia members can post to their handicap record. That includes area scores from rounds played during the active season (April 1-Nov. 14). Even if you take a golf trip during the winter, you can (potentially) post that score because 16 states offer year-round active seasons. Whether it’s through the user-friendly GAP App, My GAP Locker or the club’s score posting computer, you can add rounds to your handicap record at any time. GAP members posted 1,220,606 scores in 2017 (1,329,762 in 2018 thus far). Posting scores to your handicap record allows you and your fellow golfers, regardless of ability level, to enjoy fair competition every time you set foot on the course.

  • More than two million golfers nationwide have USGA Handicap Indexes issued by golf clubs.
  • The Golf Association of Philadelphia addresses score posting in the “Frequently Asked Questions” portion of its website.

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