Philling the GAP: New logo - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Apr 01, 2019

Philling the GAP: New logo

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

April 2019

If one of your friends drastically changes his or her hairstyle, you notice immediately, right? A “looks good” or “what did you do to your hair?” generally follows. GAP supporters surely have noticed the organization’s mane change by now. The new GAP logo is the centerpiece of a rebranding. It expresses a message of unity and longevity, representative of the oldest regional/state golf association in the nation. The new logo has four distinct parts: the shield, the GAP acronym, golf clubs and 1897. You’re going to like the way we look. We guarantee it.

  • GAP paired a video detailing the new logo with the launch of its new website in March 2019.

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