Mar 01, 2016

Philling the GAP: BMW GAP Team Matches

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

March 2016

Nothing says golf season is here like the BMW GAP Team Matches. The longest-running Interclub concoction of its kind, the BMW GAP Team Matches showcases competition and camaraderie in a team environment. Members of full Member Clubs represent their facility on three Sundays in April and enjoy different courses throughout the Philadelphia region. The relationship and memories that follow are unparalleled. The BMW GAP Team Matches features teams of 12 players, with six competing at home and six on the road. Participants engage in a singles match and four-ball match concurrently.

  • On Oct. 15, 1896, a team representing Philadelphia Cricket Club traveled to Devon Golf Club for a match. The occurrence served as the genesis for the BMW GAP Team Matches.
  • The BMW GAP Team Matches underwent three name changes. It began in 1897 as the Interclub Team Matches, became the Suburban League Matches in 1915 and then the GAP Team Matches in 1997.
  • Huntingdon Valley Country Club holds the most BMW GAP Team Matches titles with 32.
  • BMW became a presenting sponsor in 2015.
  • The BMW GAP Team Matches wasn’t contested in 1943-45 (World War II) and 1994 (severe winter weather).
  • In 2015, a total of 332 teams from 138 Member Clubs participated in the BMW GAP Team Matches.
  • Division AA is the top tier in the BMW GAP Team Matches. There are seven divisions overall.
  • Philadelphia Cricket Club, one of the Association’s founding Member Clubs, won its first BMW GAP Team Matches title in 2013.
  • The BMW GAP Team Matches Playoff determines the event’s overall champion.
  • The BMW GAP Team Matches is 116 years old.

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