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Mar 01, 2018

Philling the GAP: AGA merger

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Philling the GAP

Philling The GAP

March 2018

New in 2018, the Golf Association of Philadelphia brings the Anthracite Golf Association, cohorts in Northeastern Pennsylvania, into the fold. Translation? All Anthracite services fall under the GAP umbrella. The former Anthracite Member Clubs are now eligible to become AGA/GAP Member Clubs. All AGA/GAP members are eligible for GAP tournaments (save for the BMW GAP Team Matches). All member benefits will then apply: tournament access, handicapping services, complimentary subscriptions to the Golf Association of Philadelphia Magazine and much more. Anthracite’s tournament schedule remains in place, with all GAP members now eligible for those events as well. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • A group of golf enthusiasts met at Fox Hill Country Club in 1951 to officially form the Anthracite Golf Association.
  • Anthracite’s most distinguished event is the Coal Scuttle, an interclub competition in the vein of the BMW GAP Team Matches.
  • Anthracite offers a scholarship program that helps graduating high school seniors from the Northeastern Pennsylvania region in their pursuit of a college education.

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