Owens captures Spring Net Championship - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Jun 10, 2005

Owens captures Spring Net Championship

  WEST CHESTER, Pa.–Steven Owens of Ashbourne Country Club fired a net 65 to cruise to victory in the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s Spring Net Championship on Thursday at Hershey’s Mill Golf Club.

  Owens, a 12 handicap, bested a field of 132 players to take home the overall low net championship trophy. The 6,296-yard, par-72 layout played firm and fast during on a hot, muggy afternoon.

  Playing early in the morning, Owens took advantage of the cooler temperatures. He birdied two of the first three holes – No. 1 (par 5, 488 yards) and No. 3 (par 5, 495 yards) – to jumpstart his round.

  A few struggles coming in rounded out a front nine 40.

  However, Owens did not allow those mistakes, including a triple bogey on the ninth hole, dictate the final nine of his round. He bounced back with a birdie at No. 10 (par 4, 349 yards) and another on No. 11 (par 5, 468 yards). A third birdie on the par 4, 14th hole (351 yards) helped Owens complete a stellar 1-over-par gross score of 37 on the back nine and a round of net 65.

Overall Net Championship
Low Net
1. Steven Owens, Ashbourne CC 65

Class A (Handicap 1-10)
T1. Charles Caparo, Plymouth CC 71
T1. Kurt Muller, Laurel Creek CC 71
T1. Ed Hennessy, Medford Village CC 71
Senior Division
1. Steve Pence, Little Mill CC 72

Class B (Handicap 11-13)
T1. Jay Scattergood, Reading CC 70
T1. Bill Lawson, Chesapeake Bay GC 70
T1. Robert Freudenheim, Radnor Valley CC 70
Senior Division
1. Don Thompson, Chesapeake Bay GC 71

Class C (Handicap 14-17)
1. Thomas Bellwoar, Hershey’s Mill GC 67
2. Charles Winfield, Sakima CC 68
T3. Geoff Preston, Cedarbrook CC 69
T3. Jeffrey Pelesh, Edgmont CC 69
Senior Division
1. Bob Manfre, Philadelphia Publinks GA 69

Class D (Handicap 18-34)
1. Jim Carrigan, Moselem Springs GC 68
1. Dave Owens, Melrose CC 68
1. Aaron Rozenweig, Ashbourne CC 68
Senior Division
1. Robert Fountain, Sakima CC 69

Class A (Handicap 1-10)
Name Club Net
Charles Caparo Plymouth Country Club 71
Edward Hennessy Medford Village Country Club 71
Kurt Muller Laurel Creek Country Club 71
Steve Pence Little Mill Country Club 72
David D’Agostino Aronimink Golf Club 73
Donald Galbraith Stonewall 73
John DiValentino Lu Lu Country Club 73
Ron Mittendorf Blue Bell Country Club 73
Thomas O’Rourke Chester Valley Golf Club 73
Lance Hornung Wedgwood Country Club 74
Rick Johnson Edgmont Country Club 74
Charles Kraatz Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 75
Chris Philipps Riverton Country Club 75
Tim Ungrady Edgmont Country Club 75
Steven Abramowicz RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 76
Bob Wicker Little Mill Country Club 77
Stephen Silvano McCall Golf & Country Club 77
Art Brosius, II DuPont Country Club 78
Edward Yamasaki Philmont Country Club 78
Jay Kocher Wilmington Country Club 78
Marvin Lawrence Brandywine Country Club 78
Richard Genoni Waynesborough Country Club 78
Steve Yassky Edgmont Country Club 78
Jules Quinones Blue Bell Country Club 79
Peter Totten Yardley Country Club 79
Stephen Sader Commonwealth National Golf Club 80
Chick Hoff Ashbourne Country Club 81
Michael Loughery Sandy Run Country Club 81
Robert McFalls Hershey’s Mill Golf Club 81
Lawrence Dolan Sandy Run Country Club 82
Fred Banta Running Deer Golf Club 83
George Parsons Running Deer Golf Club 87
Thomas Flatley Merion Golf Club 87
Wade Hersperger, Jr. Pine Hill Golf Club 91
Brian McCrudden Tattersall Golf Club WD
John MacDonald Melrose Country Club NS
Martin Davis Chesapeake Bay Golf Club NS
Class B (Handicap 11-13)
Name Club Net
Steven Owens Ashbourne Country Club 65
Bill Lawson Chesapeake Bay Golf Club 70
Jay Scattergood Reading Country Club 70
Robert Freudenheim Radnor Valley Country Club 70
Don Thompson Chesapeake Bay Golf Club 71
Francis Sbandi Edgmont Country Club 72
Mark Pfeffer Hidden Creek Golf Club 74
Andrew Hamilton, III The Springhaven Club 75
Greg Smith Brandywine Country Club 75
William Schroeder Bucks County Country Club 75
Peter Zukowski Makefield Highlands Golf Club 76
Thomas Zeranski Burlington Country Club 76
Martin DeLuca Penn Oaks Golf Club 78
Robert Zowney Sandy Run Country Club 78
Jim Johnson Philadelphia Publinks GA 79
Tom Faro Philadelphia Publinks GA 79
Walt Neumann McCall Golf & Country Club 80
Jon Ray Hershey’s Mill Golf Club 81
Craig Schilpp Golf Course at Glen Mills 82
Edward Wudyka, Jr. Coatesville Country Club 82
John Holsten Aronimink Golf Club 82
Patrick Givey Philadelphia Publinks GA 82
Steven Cashman Hershey’s Mill Golf Club 82
Robin Powell Honeybrook Golf Club 83
Jeffrey Mullin Philadelphia Country Club 84
Robert Fernandez Jericho National Golf Club WD
Class C (Handicap 14-17)
Name Club Net
Thomas Bellwoar Hershey’s Mill Golf Club 67
Charles Winfield Sakima Country Club 68
Bob Manfre Philadelphia Publinks GA 69
Geoff Preston Cedarbrook Country Club 69
Jeffrey Pelesh Edgmont Country Club 69
George Hilley McCall Golf & Country Club 70
Chris O’Neill Wildwood Golf & Country Club 72
Edward Godshall Reading Country Club 72
Norman Wilde, Jr. Philadelphia Cricket Club 72
Thomas Brennan, Sr. Melrose Country Club 73
Arthur Bielby DuPont Country Club 74
Laurence Gladhill Sakima Country Club 75
Nick DiFabio Philadelphia Publinks GA 75
Bob Jenkins Spring Ford Country Club 76
David Steele Lancaster Country Club 76
John Long Edgmont Country Club 76
Joseph Herzog Sandy Run Country Club 76
Morris Rorer DuPont Country Club 76
Frank Setzman Edgmont Country Club 77
J. Stacey Redican Sandy Run Country Club 77
Robert McArthur Links Golf Club 77
Gary Valley Philadelphia Publinks GA 78
James Leonard Chester Valley Golf Club 78
Louis Mirandy Running Deer Golf Club 78
Richard VanZijl Stonewall 78
Terry Radcliffe Lancaster Country Club 78
John DePaul Sandy Run Country Club 79
Joseph McCullough Philadelphia Publinks GA 79
Henry Kerth DuPont Country Club 80
John O’Rourke McCall Golf & Country Club 80
Rick Ames Philadelphia Publinks GA 80
Scott Dichter Meadia Heights Golf Club 80
Gerard Harrington Philadelphia Publinks GA 81
William Greenway Sandy Run Country Club 81
Erwin Antoni, Sr. Sandy Run Country Club 83
Michael Perilli Melrose Country Club 83
Carmen Caruso Ballamor Golf Club 84
Noel Montesano Medford Village Country Club 85
Roland Thomas, Jr. McCall Golf & Country Club WD
Class D (Handicap 18-34)
Name Club Net
Aaron Rosenzweig Ashbourne Country Club 68
Dave Owens Melrose Country Club 68
Jim Carrigan Moselem Springs Golf Club 68
Robert Fountain Sakima Country Club 69
Bruce Foster Wildwood Golf & Country Club 71
John DeCarlo Melrose Country Club 71
Bill Smith Olde York Country Club 72
James O’Donnell Burlington Country Club 72
Joe Dowling Concord Country Club 73
Ed Hargadon Sandy Run Country Club 74
Robert Murray McCall Golf & Country Club 74
William Taylor The Springhaven Club 74
Gus Pedicone Sandy Run Country Club 76
Myron Soslow Radnor Valley Country Club 76
Frank Maderich DuPont Country Club 77
George Harding DuPont Country Club 78
Stanley Nash Merion Golf Club 78
Albert Little, Jr. Commonwealth National Golf Club 79
John Bagger DuPont Country Club 79
Harry Whitney Philadelphia Publinks GA 80
Joseph Hannigan Sandy Run Country Club 80
Jack Breslin Olde York Country Club 81
Jack Impriano Applebrook Golf Club 82
Jeffrey Stopford The Springhaven Club 82
William Lashner McCall Golf & Country Club 82
Stephen Cooper Ballamor Golf Club 83
Thomas Lee Sandy Run Country Club 85
Charles Croney Old York Road Country Club 87
Glenn Camp The Springhaven Club 87
Rick Coroniti Spring Ford Country Club WD
WD-withdrawal; NS-no show

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