Aug 23, 2006

Overbrook GC’s Thompson wins Chapman Cup

  He bested the 121-player field by two strokes despite recent struggles with a new swing.

  “I haven’t been playing well as of late and I’m in between swings, so it was a hang-on kind of round for me today,” he said. “I just tried to keep it in play.”

  Thompson admitted to having less than stellar prospects for Wednesday’s tournament.

  “Sometimes when you don’t have a lot of expectations coming in, you just take it for what it is and today was that day,” said Thompson, who was the only player to card a sub-par score on both the front and back nine.

  Through 15 holes, Thompson stood at 2-under par as he came to what he called one of the most important holes of his round.

  On No. 7 (par 3, 203 yards), Thompson’s 16th hole of the day, he found himself in rare trouble when he knocked a hybrid into the right greenside bunker, only to get up-and-down after sinking an eight footer for par.

  “I knew that even-par, 1 under would be close,” he said, “so it was great to save par there.”

  Thompson was consistent all day, hitting 14 greens in regulation.

  He added, “I drove the ball in play all day and hit a lot of greens.”

  Starting on the back nine, Thompson parred his first five holes before recording a bogey on the 15th (par 4, 333 yards) when he pulled a 3-wood into the trees. Thompson regrouped in style, though, posting red figures on No. 16 (par 4, 363 yards) and No. 17 (par 3, 168 yards). He hit a 9-iron from a 128 yards out to 15 feet on the 16th and then knocked a 6-iron on the 17th to 18 feet left of the hole.

  Charles Jones of Philadelphia Publinks finished second at even-par 71. Frank McFadden of Overbrook GC and Thomas Bartolacci, Jr. of Saucon Valley CC tied for third at 2-over par.

  “I had a lot of guessing out there,” said Jones, 55, of Collegeville, Pa. “You have to hit a lot of tough shots [to score].”

  This year for the first time, the Chapman Cup was split into two divisions, Gross and Net, to accompany more players. The Net Tournament is set for Sept. 13 at Whitford CC.

  The Chapman Memorial Cup is named for Frank H. Chapman, who served as the Association’s Secretary-Treasurer for 23 years. Players with a USGA Handicap Index of 7.0 or lower were eligible to compete in today’s tournament.

1. Andy Thompson, Overbrook GC, 69
2. Charles Jones, Philadelphia Publinks, 71

Ages 55-59
T1. Mathew Bellis, Commonwealth National GC, 74
T1. David Brookreson, Huntingdon Valley CC, 74
T1. Lee Cook, Laurel Creek CC, 74
T1. Michael Dougherty, Huntingdon Valley CC, 74
T1. William Lawler, Fox Hill CC, 74
T1. Martin Klagholz, Aronimink GC, 74
1. Naz Gagliardi, Philadelphia Publinks, 67

Ages 60-65
T1. James Haynie, LuLu CC, 77
T1. David Jordan, Woodbury CC, 77
T1. Charles McClaskey, Wyncote GC, 77
T1. Charles McDowell, Wilmington CC, 77
1. John Snyder, Waynesborough CC, 70

Super Senior (65 and over)
1. Joseph Scott, Jr., Kennett Square Golf & CC, 75
2. Robert Proto, Little Mill CC, 76
T1. Herbert Gordon, Doylestown CC, 70
T1. Ben Sack, Overbrook GC, 70
T1. Curtis Young, Merion GC, 70

Ages 55-59
Pos. Name Club Gross Net
1 Andy Thompson Overbrook Golf Club 69 69
2 Charles Jones Philadelphia Publinks GA 71 68
T3 Francis McFadden Overbrook Golf Club 73 74
T3 Thomas Bartolacci, Jr. Saucon Valley Country Club 73 73
T5 David Brookreson Huntingdon Valley Country Club 74 75
T5 Lee Cook Laurel Creek Country Club 74 71
T5 Martin Klagholz Aronimink Golf Club 74 70
T5 Matthew Bellis Commonwealth National Golf Club 74 72
T5 Michael Dougherty Huntingdon Valley Country Club 74 71
T5 William Lawler Fox Hill Country Club 74 75
T11 Chuck Wilkins Little Mill Country Club 75 75
T11 Donald Ashley Philadelphia Country Club 75 72
T11 Michael Rose Philmont Country Club 75 74
T11 Mike Metz Fox Hill Country Club 75 73
T11 Naz Gagliardi Philadelphia Publinks GA 75 67
T11 Robin McCool Saucon Valley Country Club 75 78
T11 Thomas DiCinti Little Mill Country Club 75 75
T11 Thomas Mallouk Lookaway Golf Club 75 72
19 Terrence Sawyer Yardley Country Club 76 73
T20 Carl Everett Merion Golf Club 77 74
T20 John Emmel, Jr. Hidden Creek Golf Club 77 72
T20 Neil McDermott Llanerch Country Club 77 73
T23 Daniel Burton Bent Creek Country Club 78 76
T23 Frank Treml Sandy Run Country Club 78 73
T23 Michael Fox Philadelphia Country Club 78 75
T23 Michael Nilon Philadelphia Country Club 78 75
T23 Ted Beringer Philadelphia Country Club 78 73
T28 Ed Chylinski Chester Valley Golf Club 79 79
T28 Michael Rowland Lehigh Country Club 79 79
T28 Richard Speranza Jericho National Golf Club 79 75
T28 Robert Billings Rolling Green Golf Club 79 77
T28 Robert Ockenfuss Indian Valley Country Club 79 79
T33 Bernie Zbrzeznj Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 80 75
T33 Felton Walker Little Mill Country Club 80 73
T33 George May Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 80 76
T33 Michael Egan Lookaway Golf Club 80 76
T37 James Coleman Rolling Green Golf Club 81 77
T37 Wally Swiger Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81 77
T39 Alan Van Horn Lu Lu Country Club 82 75
T39 Carlyle Robinson Fox Hill Country Club 82 79
T39 John Kernan Riverton Country Club 82 80
T39 Jon Mabry Moorestown Field Club 82 77
T39 Kevin Scanlon Rolling Green Golf Club 82 81
T44 Andrew Guinan Applebrook Golf Club 83 81
T44 John Cech Riverton Country Club 83 78
T44 Robert VanEtten, Jr. Laurel Creek Country Club 83 78
T44 Ron Mittendorf Blue Bell Country Club 83 75
T44 Willard Woolbert Philadelphia Cricket Club 83 79
T49 Bob Harris Blue Bell Country Club 84 82
T49 Charles Whipple Huntingdon Valley Country Club 84 78
T49 Eugene Maginnis, Jr. Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 84 81
T49 Jim Soukup Burlington Country Club 84 79
T53 Barry Goldstein Commonwealth National Golf Club 86 79
T53 Gus Barber Kennett Square Golf & Country Club 86 82
T53 Rick Pogany Burlington Country Club 86 82
56 Fred Banta Running Deer Golf Club 87 82
57 Marc Rosenberg Blue Bell Country Club 88 78
58 Frank Shuman Lookaway Golf Club 89 84
T59 Charles Caparo Plymouth Country Club 90 83
T59 Stephen Crescenzo Wyncote Golf Club 90 82
61 Robert Murphy Wilmington Country Club 93 88
62 Richard Bunn, Sr. McCall Golf & Country Club WD WD
Ages 60 and Over
T1 Charles McClaskey Wyncote Golf Club 77 77
T1 Charles McDowell Wilmington Country Club 77 75
T1 David Jordan Woodbury Country Club 77 72
T1 James Haynie Lu Lu Country Club 77 74
T1 John Snyder Waynesborough Country Club 77 70
6 George Carr Wedgwood Country Club 78 77
T7 Don Neill Talamore at Oak Terrace Country Club 79 72
T7 Frank Polizzi Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 79 78
T7 O. Gordon Brewer, Jr. Pine Valley Golf Club 79 78
T7 Raymond Fuller Wedgwood Country Club 79 73
T7 Thomas O’Rourke Chester Valley Golf Club 79 73
T12 J. Peter Pierce Philadelphia Country Club 80 74
T12 John Owens Hidden Creek Golf Club 80 77
T12 John Rowe Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 80 75
T12 Richard Smith Philadelphia Country Club 80 79
T16 Curt Fromal The Springhaven Club 81 74
T16 Gibby Young Hartefeld National 81 78
T16 John MacDonald Medford Lakes Country Club 81 73
19 Gregory Gaul Merion Golf Club 82 76
T20 Joseph Virdone Philadelphia Country Club 83 76
T20 Ken Gaskill Burlington Country Club 83 80
T20 Robert Wicker Little Mill Country Club 83 75
T20 Terry Fair RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 83 80
T20 William Weinfeld JC Melrose Country Club 83 79
25 Art Brosius DuPont Country Club 84 81
26 Fred Olt Little Mill Country Club 87 82
T27 Joseph Maxwell Hartefeld National 88 81
T27 Vernon Kelly, Jr. Philadelphia Cricket Club 88 83
29 Jim Lloyd Running Deer Golf Club 90 83
30 Robert Schiller Old York Road Country Club 91 84
31 Robert Davy Medford Village Country Club 93 84
T32 Jarrett Kling Merion Golf Club WD WD
T32 Jay McLaughlin Stone Harbor Golf Club WD WD
Super Senior
1 Joseph Scott, Jr. Kennett Square Golf & Country Club 75 71
2 Robert Proto Little Mill Country Club 76 72
3 Herbert Gordon Doylestown Country Club 77 70
4 Jay Howson, Jr. St. Davids Golf Club 79 77
T5 Ben Sack Overbrook Golf Club 80 70
T5 Curtis Young Merion Golf Club 80 70
T5 James Dever, Jr. Wildwood Golf & Country Club 80 73
T8 Ernest Eichenberg, III Waynesborough Country Club 81 71
T8 James Sherratt Old York Road Country Club 81 76
T8 Wade Hersperger, Jr. Pine Hill Golf Club 81 74
T11 Louis Pace Medford Village Country Club 82 77
T11 Warren Deakins Philadelphia Country Club 82 73
T13 Edward Noble Tavistock Country Club 83 72
T13 Eric Norlin Coatesville Country Club 83 73
T15 Alan Cole Makefield Highlands Golf Club 84 76
T15 Jay Kocher Wilmington Country Club 84 81
T15 Roger Wilke Wilmington Country Club 84 75
18 Donald Hoegel Little Mill Country Club 85 74
T19 George Becker, Jr. Doylestown Country Club 86 77
T19 Thomas Morgan Riverton Country Club 86 80
T21 Clarence Jordan Running Deer Golf Club 88 75
T21 Jim Callaghan Rolling Green Golf Club 88 80
23 Gordon Eichert Little Mill Country Club 89 76
T24 Charles Stone Tavistock Country Club WD WD
T24 Jay Guben Running Deer Golf Club WD WD
T24 William Bayles, Jr. Phoenixville Country Club WD WD

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