Jul 15, 2013

HVCC’s Jay Fisher finds redemption in Caddie Tournament

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Caddie Tournament

  UPPER DARBY, Pa.–Jay Fisher of Huntingdon Valley Country Club found redemption at the 67th Caddie Tournament on Monday at McCall Golf & Country Club (par 66, 4,419 yards). Fisher posted a tournament low even-par 66 to win his flight, ages 18-21.

  Fisher was in-line to win the youngest flight of the 2009 Caddie Tournament at LedgeRock Golf Club. However, he failed to sign his scorecard and was disqualified.

  “Absolutely,” said Fisher, 19, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., when asked if those memories still haunt him. “I think about it all the time. The first thing I said when I walked off the green was sign your scorecard.”

  Fisher’s game entered this year’s tournament with issues. Two holes in, he was 2-over par in search of answers.

  “I haven’t been playing well all year,” said Fisher. “I’ve been working a lot. My brother (Graig) and I worked the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open for ESPN. We were getting yardages for the on-air guys.”

  However, Fisher righted the ship with back-to-back birdies on Nos. 5-6. He knocked a short chip on No. 5 (par 4, 314 yards) to three feet and made birdie after almost driving the green. On No. 6 (par 3, 117 yards), he lofted his 56-degree wedge to inches for a tap-in 2.

  Subsequent bogeys on Nos. 7 and 8 pushed Fisher to 2 over, but a pair of up-and-down par saves on Nos. 10 and 11 had him in a positive frame of mind.

  A birdie on No. 15 (par 3, 104 yards) with a 56-degree wedge to 15 feet moved him to plus-1 overall. He added another red figure on No. 17 (par 4, 361 yards) with a 60-degree wedge from 70 yards to 10 feet.

  “I didn’t think even par had a chance to [be low overall]” said Fisher, who has caddied at Huntingdon Valley the last six years. “I was concentrating on my age group. I was really just trying to beat my brother. He and Jack Connelly [the long-time Huntingdon Valley pro] taught me to play golf.”

  Fisher is a sophomore at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a current J. Wood Platt Caddie-Scholar.

  Jon Rudisill, a Pine Valley Golf Club caddie, posted a 1-over 67 to win the 28-40 age flight.

  Rudisill was 1-over par at the turn. He made three birdies, a bogey and a double bogey over the last nine holes to make a title run. Rudisill was 1 under through the first six holes of his back side but drove a ball out-of-bounds on No. 16 (par 4, 386 yards) and made double.

  Rudisill, 31, of Wyomissing, Pa., typically competes in Berks County events. He won the Berks County match play title three years.

Ages 17 and under
Name, club Score
Eric Dargis, Hidden Creek Golf Club 71
Alex Butler, Meadowlands Country Club 75
Shane Sarbieski, Chester Valley Golf Club 82
Nathaniel Fricke, Lancaster Country Club 87
Chad Piacitelli, Green Valley Country Club 99
Sean Cannon, Rolling Green Golf Club 112
Ages 18-21
Name, club Score
Jay Fisher, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 66
*Blayze DiPasquale, Trenton Country Club 68
*Aaron Fricke, Lancaster Country Club 68
Josh Long, Lancaster Country Club 69
James Zuraw, Chester Valley Golf Club 70
L.J. Georgetti, Wildwood Golf & Country Club 70
Michael Kelley, Rolling Green Golf Club 72
Taylor Barling, Hidden Creek Golf Club 72
Lee Thomas, Tavistock Country Club 73
Nicholas Carson, Lancaster Country Club 74
Vinnie Paolizzi, White Manor Country Club 75
William Peuser, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 76
Joseph Shaw, Philmont Country Club 77
Mark Kelly, Torresdale-Frankford Country Club 77
Aaron Shotzberger, Philmont Country Club 78
Pete Hayes, Chester Valley Golf Club 78
Alex Kirk, Commonwealth National Golf Club 80
Thomas Devlin, Meadowlands Country Club 80
Jordan Janinek, Commonwealth National Golf Club 81
Colin Goan, Tavistock Country Club 82
Matt Miller, The ACE Club 82
Ryan Minnick, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 83
William Sautler, Philadelphia Cricket Club 83
Matthew Donaldson, Tavistock Country Club 84
Charlie Shulman, Philadelphia Cricket Club 85
Ethan McCulla, Commonwealth National Golf Club 85
Peter Carroll, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 86
Evan Pettine, White Manor Country Club 88
Nicholas Hussey, Meadowlands Country Club 89
Timothy DeCarolis, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 91
Christian Smith, Llanerch Country Club 93
Joel Shulman, Philadelphia Cricket Club 94
Mark McChesney, Merion Golf Club 94
Calvin Given, Meadowlands Country Club 95
Stephen Kane, Tavistock Country Club 102
Justin Vega, Lancaster Country Club 110
Ages 22-27
Name, club Score
Brian Devlin, Philadelphia Cricket Club 68
Ryan Muller, Philadelphia Cricket Club 70
Chris Knee, Applebrook Golf Club 71
Michael Logue, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 71
Joey Hoban, Applebrook Golf Club 72
Sean Glavin, Pine Valley Golf Club 72
Mitchell Witman, Lancaster Country Club 73
Jamie Donahue, Overbrook Golf Club 75
Kyle Rooney, Old York Road Country Club 75
Philip Dougherty, Jr., Rolling Green Golf Club 75
Jose Centurion, Philadelphia Cricket Club 76
Mark Grilli, Philmont Country Club 76
Jason Wilt, Applebrook Golf Club 77
Joseph Coffey, III, Rolling Green Golf Club 77
Brett Sheva, Commonwealth National Golf Club 79
Graig Fisher, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 79
Andrew Opalka, Chester Valley Golf Club 80
Nick Oatman, Lancaster Country Club 80
Casey Fitzpatrick, Chester Valley Golf Club 81
Tom Crawford, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club 81
Ronald McAllister, Philmont Country Club 82
Robert Gribschaw, Commonwealth National Golf Club 84
Zack Hutchinson, Gulph Mills Golf Club 85
Chris Sokalski, Meadowlands Country Club 88
Trevor Kenny, Lookaway Golf Club 88
Kevin Conboy, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 91
Marcus Washington, Rolling Green Golf Club 102
Mark Fili, Llanerch Country Club 110
Andrew Francis, Chester Valley Golf Club WD
Brian Batchelor, Commonwealth National Golf Club NS
Christopher Capone, Philadelphia Cricket Club NS
Sam Cowden, Old York Road Country Club NS
Timothy Marshall, The Springhaven Club NS
Ages 28-40
Name, club Score
Jon Rudisill, Pine Valley Golf Club 67
Jeff Kostelnk, Pine Valley Golf Club 70
Michael Quinn, Philadelphia Country Club 71
Brian Egan, Saucon Valley Country Club 74
Joe DiMenna, The Springhaven Club 74
Kurt Walker, The Springhaven Club 75
Timothy Marshall, Pine Valley Golf Club 75
James Shaffer, III, Green Valley Country Club 77
Joshua Keyser, Saucon Valley Country Club 77
Jesse Corbett, Saucon Valley Country Club 78
Nigel Scott, Philadelphia Country Club 80
Mack Madzinski, Merion Golf Club 81
Timothy Smitheman, Jr., Applebrook Golf Club 82
Innes Reed, Stonewall 83
John Fink, Gulph Mills Golf Club 83
Victor Tabaac, Philmont Country Club 83
Chris Connors, Merion Golf Club 84
Garrity Powers, Lancaster Country Club 84
Matthew Reusche, Llanerch Country Club 84
Rick Ott, Applebrook Golf Club 84
Ryan Sensenig, Lancaster Country Club 88
Michael MacDonald, The Springhaven Club 89
Preston Baxter, Gulph Mills Golf Club 89
John Delventhal, Pine Valley Golf Club 90
Matthew Craig, Merion Golf Club 96
Charles Yang, Merion Golf Club 97
Michael Testa, IV, Llanerch Country Club 118
David Malone, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club WD
Paul Chipman, Meadowlands Country Club NS
Ages 41 and over
Name, club Score
*John Patella, Rolling Green Golf Club 70
Peter Hayes, Merion Golf Club 71
Desmond Atkinson, Merion Golf Club 74
William Erskine, Green Valley Country Club 74
Eric Dahl, Overbrook Golf Club 77
Jack Hopkins, Merion Golf Club 77
Bike Saunders, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 78
Dean DiBonaventure, Gulph Mills Golf Club 78
Frank Ursomarso, Applebrook Golf Club 78
Douglas Thompson, Merion Golf Club 79
Mike Kaplan, Philmont Country Club 79
Tom Valek, Lookaway Golf Club 79
Richard Pierson, Meadowlands Country Club 81
Bill Kindt, Saucon Valley Country Club 83
Raymond McClarin, Old York Road Country Club 83
Charles Searle, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 85
David Taylor, Llanerch Country Club 86
Michael Hickey, Overbrook Golf Club 86
Roger Leister, Philmont Country Club 86
Craig Gemmill, Lancaster Country Club 87
Joseph Sharon, Lookaway Golf Club 88
John Larkin, Overbrook Golf Club 89
Kevin Nicolas, Saucon Valley Country Club 89
Ralph Attarian, Overbrook Golf Club 91
Edward Griffith, Llanerch Country Club 92
John McNeill, Stonewall WD
Kevin Smith, Philadelphia Cricket Club NC
Owen Samuda, Pine Valley Golf Club DQ
NC-no card; NS-no show; WD-withdrawal; DQ – disqualification
*-order determined in scorecard playoff

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