Jun 28, 2012

Huntingdon Valley’s Gregors win Father & Son (Younger)

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Father & Son (Younger)

  PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. — Even though the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s Father & Son (Younger) is a riding-only event, Michael Gregor walked a lot Thursday. And it wasn’t to search for countless lost golf balls. He let his son Jack operate the golf cart as a last-minute preparation for his driver’s license test.

  Although the Huntingdon Valley Country Club members used different modes of transportation for most of the day, they collectively navigated Plymouth Country Club (par 72, 6,388 yards) with precision and power. Michael and his son Jack carded a 2-under-par 70 to take the tournament’s 55th edition. The North Wales, Pa. residents captured the Father & Son (Younger) Junior-Junior Division in 2006 and 2009.

   “He’s getting better with scoring and understanding not always to hit driver,” Michael said. “He hits fairway woods off tees to keep himself under the hole sometimes. He’s figuring out that pars are just fine and you don’t have to hit it at every flag and try to birdie every hole. He’s working harder at it. That’s what I’ve noticed the most.”

  Starting on the back nine, the Gregors opened their championship quest with a birdie. Jack crushed a drive on No. 10 (par 4, 296 yards) to the end of the fairway. Michael knocked a wedge 60 yards to five feet. The Gregors fired consecutive red figures on Nos. 12 (par 3, 170 yards) and 13 (par 5, 493 yards). Jack, an incoming junior at La Salle High School, hit a 7-iron to 20 feet and Michael executed the birdie putt on the first. Jakc’s powerful 5-iron shot on No. 13 traveled 210 yards and stopped 20 feet from the flagstick. A two-putt for birdie moved the duo to 3 under.

  Before the pedal reached the floor, however, the Gregors swerved a bit on No. 15 (par 4, 400 yards). A pair of errant tee shots led to a double bogey.

   “It was a community of bad shots on the entire hole,” Michael, 49, said.

  The downhill par 5, 523-yard 17th marked another bump in the road. Michael tried to punch a 4-iron along the right, but pulled it left into the hazard. After taking a drop, Jack nestled a wedge onto the green to 15 feet, but Michael couldn’t convert the par putt. The Gregors avenged the error with a birdie on No. 18 (par 5, 503 yards). Jack again hammered a drive, leaving Michael with a 180-yard 7-iron shot that reached the putting surface. Two putts for a 4 gave the Gregors subpar status to begin their inward trek.

  Jack’s length again boosted the team on No. 6 (par 4, 322 yards). A “perfect” 3-wood from the youngster put Michael 50 yards from the flagstick. He knocked a wedge to 10 feet, and Jack cleaned up the birdie putt. The Gregors detoured from their red figure road after a three-putt bogey on the par 3, 146-yard No. 7, but returned to the pavement with a birdie on No. 9 (par 4, 389 yards). Standing underneath a tree, Jack punched a pitching wedge 100 yards to 30 feet below the hole location.

   “I had no fear and got lucky on that one,” Michael said of the birdie putt. “We talked about it and went with the straight read. Luckily, it hit the back of the hole and stayed in.”

  A rash of injuries have hampered Jack’s golf game over the last year. At the outset of the 2011 tournament season, he suffered an upper-back/shoulder injury that doctors couldn’t diagnose. (“It was kind of a freak accident that sort of healed itself,” Jack said). Lower back problems later that year limited his effectiveness on the course. Jack dislocated his shoulder last month to add injury to, well, injury.

  Health-wise, Jack now appears to be back on track. He qualified for match play in the First Flight of the GAP Junior Boys’ Championship earlier this week. Thursday’s victory alongside his dad Michael is perhaps a sign that the physical setbacks are long gone.

   “I’m better now, so hopefully it stays that way,” Jack said.

Junior-Junior Division

  Colman and Randy Mitchell of Wilmington Country Club and Louis and Louis John Giovi of Yardley Country Club carded respective 5-over-par 77s to finish as co-champions in the Junior-Junior Division.

  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 145 Member Clubs and 57,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. As Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Source of Golf Information, the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Junior Division
Name, club Score
Jack Gregor/Michael Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 70
Davis Mitchell/Randy Mitchell, Wilmington Country Club 71
Tom Gergel/Jack Gergel, West Chester Golf & Country Club 72
Clement Erhardt/Reilly Erhardt, Trenton Country Club/Yardley Country Club 73
Mike Beaty/Evan Beaty, Plymouth Country Club 73
Jonathan Liu/Grant Liu, Commonwealth National Golf Club 74
Frankie Brigidi/Frank Brigidi, III, Philadelphia Cricket Club 75
Kevin Conners/Kevin Conners, Jr., Applecross Country Club/Whitford Country Club 75
Donald Dissinger/Peter Dissinger, Merion Golf Club 76
Zach Wintsch/Joe Wintsch, Bellewood Golf Club 77
Paul Altieri/Steven Altieri, Hopewell Valley Golf Club 77
William Thornton, Jr./Evan Thornton, LedgeRock Golf Club/Berkshire Country Club 77
Mac Walsh/Michael Walsh, III, Aronimink Golf Club 77
Daniel Lenhardt/Stephen Lenhardt, Plymouth Country Club 77
John Quirk/Jack Quirk, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 77
Brad Ebersole/Steve Ebersole, The Ridge at Back Brook 78
Cody Smith/Gary Smith, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 78
Matthew Bastian/Matthew Bastian, Jr., Rolling Green Golf Club 79
Charles Clark/John Clark, West Chester Golf & Country Club 79
Ryan Kelly/Kevin Kelly, Philadelphia Cricket Club 80
Wally Swiger/Cole Swiger, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 80
Robert Firth/Robert Firth, Jr., Commonwealth National Golf Club 80
Kevin Melnick/Zachary Melnick, Plymouth Country Club 80
Christopher Chizauskie/Thomas Chizauskie, Concord Country Club/The Springhaven Club 81
Paul Altieri/Daniel Altieri, Hopewell Valley Golf Club 81
Hugh Farris/John Farris, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81
Perry Landis/Tucker Landis, Moselem Springs Golf Club 81
Jay Losty/James Losty, Merion Golf Club 82
Michael Barychewsky/Michael Barychewsky, Spring Mill Country Club/Yardley Country Club 82
Eric Perez/Fernando Perez, Brookside C.C. of Allentown 82
Carlos Fullerton/Jim Fullerton, Brookside C.C. of Allentown 83
Regan Erhardt/Clement Erhardt, Yardley Country Club/Trenton Country Club 83
Chris Binet/Brian Binet, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 83
Nolan Dirienzi/Ron Dirienzi, Rolling Green Golf Club 83
Joseph Rueter, Jr./Joseph Rueter, Huntingdon Valley Country Club/Torresdale-Frankford Country Club 83
Michael Reed-Price/Robert Reed, Sunnybrook Golf Club 83
Christopher Ade/Matthew Ade, Riverton Country Club 84
Neal Levitsky/Kevin Levitsky, Wilmington Country Club 84
Jack McAleese/John McAleese, III, Aronimink Golf Club 85
Rick Studer/Eric Studer, Makefield Highlands Golf Club 85
Jeffrey Henderson/Jack Henderson, Gulph Mills Golf Club 86
Quinn Dolan/Kevin Dolan, Rolling Green Golf Club 86
Jake Mingione/Matt Mingione, Plymouth Country Club 86
Matthew Duman/Scott Duman, Laurel Creek Country Club 86
John Nabial/James Nabial, Cherry Valley Country Club 87
Douglas Gregor/Andrew Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 87
Jack Hirsh/Laurence Hirsh, Philadelphia Cricket Club 87
Hank Kaufmann/Ron Hipple, Yardley Country Club/Bensalem Township Country Club 87
Christian Portale/Joseph Portale, Concord Country Club 87
Mitchell Pinheiro/Tanner Pinheiro, Stonewall/Philadelphia Junior Tour 87
Jake Fazio/Michael Fazio, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 88
Bryan Fernandes/Victor Fernandes, Laurel Creek Country Club 88
Thomas McGrath/Liam McGrath, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 89
David Lowry/Zachary Lowry, White Manor Country Club 89
Patrick Clearkin/Brendan Clearkin, Old York Road Country Club 90
John Farris/Jack Farris, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 91
Michael Patterson/James Patterson, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 92
Tripp Davis/Owen Davis, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 92
Tom Barbine/Anthony Barbine, RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 94
Ken Jones/Timothy Jones, Riverton Country Club 94
Michael Gradisek/William Gradisek, Stonewall 95
Ernie Sims/Magnus Sims, Overbrook Golf Club 96
Ryan Brennan/Matthew Brennan, Sr., Rolling Green Golf Club 96
Daniel Yahr/Harold Yahr, Talamore Country Club 97
Trey Fallows/Ralph Fallows, Laurel Creek Country Club/Moorestown Field Club 99
Jeffrey Mehallick/Tyler Mehallick, RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve 101
James Anthony, V/Jim Anthony, IV , Bensalem Township Country Club 102
Chris Matteo/Nick Matteo, Lu Lu Country Club 107
Patrick Gillespie, Jr./Patrick Gillespie, III, Overbrook Golf Club 108
Junior-Junior Division
Name, club Score
Randy Mitchell/Colman Mitchell, Wilmington Country Club 77
Louis Giovi/Louis John Giovi, Yardley Country Club/Old York CC at Chesterfield 77
Bill Civitella/Billy Civitella, Aronimink Golf Club 78
Matthew Civitella/Matthew Civitella, Waynesborough Country Club 78
Nate Menon/Sanand Menon, LedgeRock Golf Club 81
David Kottler/Andrew Kottler, Cherry Valley Country Club 81
Colin Motherway/James Motherway, Cherry Valley Country Club 82
Dan Bastian/Matthew Bastian, Rolling Green Golf Club 83
Gregg Wallace/Andrew Wallace, Green Valley Country Club 83
Stever Boham/Connor Boham, Spring Ford Country Club/Skippack Golf Club at Evansburg State Park 83
Scott Pfeiffer/David Pfeiffer, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 85
Andrew Desjardins/Jay Desjardins, Waynesborough Country Club 86
Alec Ryden/Brad Ryden, Laurel Creek Country Club 87
James Gillespie/James Gillespie, Jr., Concord Country Club 87
Mark Schoeller/Brent Schoeller, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 87
Ryan McHugh/Stephen McHugh, Philadelphia Junior Tour/Kennett Square Golf & Country Club 87
Bill Civitella/Kevin Civitella, Aronimink Golf Club 88
Rich Weise/R.J. Weise, Old York CC at Chesterfield 88
Patrick Loftus/Liam Loftus, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 89
Darren Nolan/Brendan Nolan, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 90
Thomas Finn/Patrick Finn, Cavaliers Country Club 90
Ryan Susanin/Peter Susanin, Overbrook Golf Club 91
Mark Lafond/Matthew Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club 91
Patrick Loftus/Patrick Loftus, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club/North Hills Country Club 91
Charles Hurchalla/Zachary Hurchalla, Stonewall/Philadelphia Junior Tour 91
Ernie Sims/Gavin Sims, Overbrook Golf Club 92
Rob Moses/Robbie Moses, Concord Country Club 92
Rob Sitzler/Jake Sitzler, Burlington Country Club 92
Paul Bizzaro/Paul Bizzaro, II, Deerwood Country Club 94
Mark Fuessinger/Stephen Fuessinger, Llanerch Country Club 94
George Griffaton/Ben Griffaton, Brookside Country Club 94
John Bartos/Drew Bartos, Saucon Valley Country Club 94
Cory Hunter/John Hunter, Commonwealth National Golf Club 94
James Greenhalgh/Alexander Linn, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 94
James Berg/Paul Berg, The Springhaven Club 95
Frank Gregor/Frankie Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 95
Matthew Brennan, Sr./Matthew Brennan, Rolling Green Golf Club 95
Richard Sposato/Richie Sposato, Llanerch Country Club 95
Doug Gregor/Wade Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 96
Christopher Mezzanotte/James Mezzanotte, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 98
Bruce Cowgill/Matt Cowgill, Whitford Country Club 100
Dan Lafond/Jack Lafond, Blue Bell Country Club 100
William Binder/William Binder, IV, Lookaway Golf Club 101
Chuck Clifford/Drew Clifford, Spring Ford Country Club 103
John McClatchy/Tim McClatchy, Whitford Country Club 105
Russ Bleiler/Dean Bleiler, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 105
Joe Calabretti/Joe Calabretti, Jr., North Hills Country Club 110
Stephen Phenneger/Michael Phenneger, Saucon Valley Country Club 123

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