GAP Central Junior Series: Susquehanna Valley - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Jun 13, 2023

GAP Central Junior Series: Susquehanna Valley

GAP Central Junior Series at Susquehanna Valley Country Club
June 13, 2023
Boys’ Division
Name, clubScore
Max Wirnsberger, Bucknell Golf Club81
Brady Mapes, Elmhurst Country Club85
Mason Farrell, Susquehanna Valley Country Club86
Ryan Ault, Clinton Country Club86
Carter Girton, Belles Springs Golf Club87
Kamdon Eicher, Shade Mountain Golf Course87
Jason Walsh , Elmhurst Country Club89
Kyle Beward, Shade Mountain Golf Course90
Wilson Abram, Shade Mountain Golf Course93
Matthew Seidita, USGA/GAP GC94
Talan Krepps, USGA/GAP GC94
Ben Bucher, USGA/GAP GC96
Luke Fatool, Susquehanna Valley Country Club96
Alexander Dietrich, Shade Mountain Golf Course97
Christian Kisner, Susquehanna Valley Country Club97
Dominic Santer, GAP Youth on Course99
Hayden Zuchowski, Tyoga Country Club101
Westin Kuhns, USGA/GAP GC105
Parker Atwood, USGA/GAP GC108
Eben Kisner, Susquehanna Valley Country Club111
Derek McElrath, Tyoga Country Club115
Division 2 – Nine holes
Name, club
Chase Wirnsberger, Bucknell Golf Club47
Sadie Schall, Williamsport Country Club59
Girls’ Division
Name, club
Cailyn Schall, Williamsport Country Club88
Hannah Heaton, Belles Springs Golf Club113
Isabella Fleegle, Belles Springs Golf Club120

Celebrating Amateur Golf since 1897, GAP, also known as the Golf Association of Philadelphia, is the oldest regional or state golf association in the United States. It serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. The organization’s 340 Member Clubs and 100,000 individual members are spread across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. The GAP’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

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