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Jun 03, 2010

Doylestown CC’s Smiths repeat as victors in Father & Son (Middle)

SOMERS POINT, N.J. – David and Zach Smith of Doylestown CC successfully defended their title Thursday in the Father & Son (Middle) at Greate Bay CC (par 70, 6,274 yards).

  The duo, both of Doylestown, Pa., carded a 1-over-par 71 to edge the 43-team field by a stroke. The Smiths also won last year’s tournament by a stroke at Golden Oaks GC.

Zach & David Smith, Doylestown CC

  “It’s an honor,” Zach, 22, said.

  “It’s neat to win it two years in a row,” David, 54, added. “We’ve learned how to play this format.”

  Following a string of five straight pars to start their round, the Smiths found red figures on the par 5, 537-yard No. 6. David’s second shot missed the green by three feet, and Zach sent the ensuing eagle try 15-feet past the flagstick. David then snaked in a downhill birdie putt, and the Smiths finished their outward trek at 1 under.

  However, they crashed into a figurative wall on Nos. 10 (par 4, 420 yards) and 11 (par 4, 402 yards) by carding bogeys thanks to wayward drives.

  “We hit a snag for a little while,” Zach, a recent St. Joseph’s University graduate, said. “We didn’t hit any greens for a stretch in the middle. We were both struggling off the tee today.”

  “And we’re normally pretty consistent off the tee,” David said. “Today, we just weren’t.”

  But the Smiths “bounced back nicely on No. 12,” Zach said. David’s drive on the par 4, 385-yard hole found the fairway, and Zach stuck his 9-iron 145 yards onto the green. David rolled in a three-footer for birdie. The pair also birdied No. 5 (par 5, 535 yards). From 70 yards out, Zach nuked his wedge 65-feet past the flagstick. David, however, drained the ensuing birdie putt from the back fringe to put the Smiths’ score back in the red.

  “My dad came through,” Zach said.

  The Smiths again ran into trouble on back-to-back holes coming in. On No. 17 (par 4, 386 yards), David needed to drill his approach wedge over the trees, but it traveled 120 yards and just missed the green by three feet. Zach’s chip sailed 10-feet past the flagstick, and David didn’t convert the comebacker for par. On No. 18 (par 4, 385 yards), Zach smoked his tee shot 300 yards onto the fairway. David’s approach, however, caught the right greenside bunker. Zach blasted out, but his dad missed a 12-footer for par.

  “I didn’t think we played that great, but we were able to pick each other up most of the day,” David said. “We were competitive, and we thought we had a chance (to win).”

  “There were some holes were one of us hit a bad tee shot to start, but the other would come through and get it in play,” Zach added. “I guess you can’t really ham-and-egg it in this format. Usually, our strategy is for me to hit first and for me to try to bomb away. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s usually his goal to get it in the fairway. My dad’s very consistent with his wedges.”

  Brad and Joe Spuhler of Wildwood G&CC carded a 6-under-par 64 net to win the Net Division of the tournament.

  The Father & Son (Middle) tournament is for those father and son teams with sons ranging in ages from 18 to 29. The event was conceived in 2008 because of the high demand for participation in both the Father & Son (Younger), which celebrates its 53rd anniversary this year, and the Older tournament, an event in its 99th year.

Gross Results
David SmithDoylestown Country Club71
Zach SmithDoylestown Country Club71
Jordan WycoffWhitemarsh Valley Country Club72
W. Kirk WycoffWhitemarsh Valley Country Club72
Martin KlagholzAronimink Golf Club72
Jeff KlagholzRolling Green Golf Club72
Eric HoltTorresdale-Frankford Country Club73
Thomas Holt, Jr.Torresdale-Frankford Country Club73
Alexander MullerManufacturers Golf & Country Club73
James MullerManufacturers Golf & Country Club73
Brad SpuhlerWildwood Golf & Country Club74
Joe SpuhlerWildwood Golf & Country Club74
Joseph SeuferStonewall74
Trevor SeuferStonewall74
Thomas Holt, IIITorresdale-Frankford Country Club75
Thomas Holt, Jr.Torresdale-Frankford Country Club75
Dennis WesthaferWest Chester Golf & Country Club76
Ryan WesthaferWest Chester Golf & Country Club76
Dave O’BrienCedarbrook Country Club76
Kevin O’BrienCedarbrook Country Club76
Jay DeakinsSt. Davids Golf Club76
Scott DeakinsSt. Davids Golf Club76
Dan O’BrienCedarbrook Country Club77
Dave O’BrienCedarbrook Country Club77
Jeffrey PalmerChester Valley Golf Club77
John PalmerChester Valley Golf Club77
Aaron WiddoesLoch Nairn Golf Club77
Pete WiddoesLoch Nairn Golf Club77
Dwight DudasIndian Valley Country Club77
Matt DudasIndian Valley Country Club77
Brian GintyTalamore Country Club77
Kyle GintyTalamore Country Club77
Greg VerdeSpring Ford Country Club77
Tony VerdeSpring Ford Country Club77
Phillip VillariRiverton Country Club78
Phillip Villari, Jr.Riverton Country Club78
Tony DePaulNorth Hills Country Club78
Tony DePaul, Jr.North Hills Country Club78
Jack SeeseHuntingdon Valley Country Club78
Sean SeeseHuntingdon Valley Country Club78
Doug RobertsQuarry Ridge Golf Course79
Bradley RobertsWedgwood Country Club79
Bruce GodickRolling Green Golf Club79
Ross GodickRolling Green Golf Club79
Bryan MarvinOld York Road Country Club79
Michael MarvinOld York Road Country Club79
Andrew EckertBent Creek Country Club80
Gerald EckertBent Creek Country Club80
Chris EwingDoylestown Country Club80
Samuel EwingDoylestown Country Club80
Michael MoranOverbrook Golf Club80
Tom MoranOverbrook Golf Club80
Christopher CaspersonIndian Valley Country Club80
Eric CaspersonIndian Valley Country Club80
Bobby Arthur, Jr.Tavistock Country Club80
Robert ArthurTavistock Country Club80
Gary YeagerPhiladelphia Cricket Club81
Royce YeagerPhiladelphia Cricket Club81
Robert Galbreath, Jr.Huntingdon Valley Country Club81
Robert Galbreath, Sr.Philmont Country Club81
Edward BaderMedford Lakes Country Club81
Keith BaderMedford Lakes Country Club81
John McCallisterOld York Road Country Club83
Stephen McCallisterOld York Road Country Club83
Andrew JaskelPhiladelphia Publinks GA83
Al JaskelUnaffiliated83
Frank PiciChester Valley Golf Club84
Tim PiciChester Valley Golf Club84
Aldo Franconi, Jr.Fox Hill Country Club84
Ryan FranconiFox Hill Country Club84
David HenryMedford Lakes Country Club86
Kenneth HenryMedford Lakes Country Club86
John WilladsenSakima Country Club86
Mike WilladsenSakima Country Club86
Brendan CraigWhitemarsh Valley Country Club87
Thomas CraigWhitemarsh Valley Country Club87
William HoeseLinks Golf Club87
William Hoese, Jr.Links Golf Club87
James LaGrecaSandy Run Country Club88
Michael LaGrecaSandy Run Country Club88
Mike MiklinevichGreate Bay Country Club88
Michael MiklinevichHarbor Pines Golf Club88
Frederick Kotalik, M.D.Chester Valley Golf Club89
Sean KotalikChester Valley Golf Club89
Joseph DulkaDuPont Country ClubWD
WD – withdrawal
Net Results
Brad SpuhlerWildwood Golf & Country Club64
Joe SpuhlerWildwood Golf & Country Club64
Jordan WycoffWhitemarsh Valley Country Club68
W. Kirk WycoffWhitemarsh Valley Country Club68
Joseph SeuferStonewall68
Trevor SeuferStonewall68
Edward BaderMedford Lakes Country Club68
Keith BaderMedford Lakes Country Club68
Martin KlagholzAronimink Golf Club69
Jeff KlagholzRolling Green Golf Club69
Chris EwingDoylestown Country Club70
Samuel EwingDoylestown Country Club70
David SmithDoylestown Country Club71
Zach SmithDoylestown Country Club71
Eric HoltTorresdale-Frankford Country Club71
Thomas Holt, Jr.Torresdale-Frankford Country Club71
Alexander MullerManufacturers Golf & Country Club71
James MullerManufacturers Golf & Country Club71
Thomas Holt, IIITorresdale-Frankford Country Club71
Thomas Holt, Jr.Torresdale-Frankford Country Club71
Dennis WesthaferWest Chester Golf & Country Club71
Ryan WesthaferWest Chester Golf & Country Club71
Jeffrey PalmerChester Valley Golf Club71
John PalmerChester Valley Golf Club71
Bryan MarvinOld York Road Country Club71
Michael MarvinOld York Road Country Club71
Jay DeakinsSt. Davids Golf Club72
Scott DeakinsSt. Davids Golf Club72
Phillip VillariRiverton Country Club72
Phillip Villari, Jr.Riverton Country Club72
Bruce GodickRolling Green Golf Club72
Ross GodickRolling Green Golf Club72
John WilladsenSakima Country Club73
Mike WilladsenSakima Country Club73
Greg VerdeSpring Ford Country Club74
Tony VerdeSpring Ford Country Club74
Tony DePaulNorth Hills Country Club74
Tony DePaul, Jr.North Hills Country Club74
Gary YeagerPhiladelphia Cricket Club74
Royce YeagerPhiladelphia Cricket Club74
Dwight DudasIndian Valley Country Club75
Matt DudasIndian Valley Country Club75
Jack SeeseHuntingdon Valley Country Club75
Sean SeeseHuntingdon Valley Country Club75
Doug RobertsQuarry Ridge Golf Course75
Bradley RobertsWedgwood Country Club75
Frank PiciChester Valley Golf Club75
Tim PiciChester Valley Golf Club75
Aaron WiddoesLoch Nairn Golf Club76
Pete WiddoesLoch Nairn Golf Club76
Christopher CaspersonIndian Valley Country Club76
Eric CaspersonIndian Valley Country Club76
Michael MoranOverbrook Golf Club77
Tom MoranOverbrook Golf Club77
John McCallisterOld York Road Country Club77
Stephen McCallisterOld York Road Country Club77
Bobby Arthur, Jr.Tavistock Country Club78
Robert ArthurTavistock Country Club78
Robert Galbreath, Jr.Huntingdon Valley Country Club78
Robert Galbreath, Sr.Philmont Country Club78
James LaGrecaSandy Run Country Club78
Michael LagrecaSandy Run Country Club78
Mike MiklinevichGreate Bay Country Club78
Michael MiklinevichHarbor Pines Golf Club78
Aldo Franconi, Jr.Fox Hill Country Club79
Ryan FranconiFox Hill Country Club79
Brendan CraigWhitemarsh Valley Country Club80
Thomas CraigWhitemarsh Valley Country Club80
Frederick Kotalik, M.D.Chester Valley Golf Club83
Sean KotalikChester Valley Golf Club83

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