Jul 05, 2015

Cricket’s Boreland finishes with low score at Caddie Tournament

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Caddie Tournament

  EXTON, Pa.- To go along with an overly-impressive golf swing, Paul Boreland also boasts an overly-impressive caddie résumé.| Scorecards | History |

  Boreland, who has worked at Philadelphia Cricket Club for just over five weeks, finished with the low overall score in the 69th Caddie Tournament at Whitford Country Club (par 72, 6,215 yards) after posting a 1-over 73. The 31-year-old native of Scotland began his caddying days on the illustrious greens and fairways of St. Andrews Links.

  ”Back home, I caddied at St. Andrews during the summers. I’ve been in the States for the past 11 years, on and off,” Boreland said. “I then started down at Secession Golf Club in Beaufort, S.C. That’s where I fell in love with America and fell in love with the South. Then, I fell in love with the game.”

  On Monday, Boreland used four birdies to propel his round to the top of the overall leaderboard, which consisted of 122 caddies that are currently working for one of the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s 150 Member Clubs.

  His first red number of the day came on No. 3 (par 4, 390 yards). Boreland stuck his lob wedge on the green to three feet, then snuck in the short birdie putt over the lip of the cup. No. 9 (par 5, 472 yards) saw Boreland’s next birdie fall after an 8-iron approach and a chip shot was put to inches from the stick. He hit every green in regulation on the front nine, but came away from the round with a total of 38 putts. Boreland finished his round with crucial birdies on both Nos. 15 (par 4, 342 yards) and 16 (par 5, 505 yards) while utilizing his powerful long game to make up for his struggling short game.

  “I wish I could blame the greens but the greens were awesome today. These greens were great, rough was great, fairways were great. It was just me and my short game struggling today,” said Boreland. “The fairways are very big here. If you got in the rough here, it was your own fault. Most importantly, when you got to the green, everything was rolling pure.”

  While Boreland is still new to the Cricket Club, he says the current conditions there are comparable to some of Europe’s finest tracks.

  “The course is amazing. The greens are the best I’ve ever seen,” Boreland said. “The fairways are running as quick as St. Andrews green in terms of pureness. Just everything about it is great, including the members there.”

  Two players finished just one stroke behind Boreland: Chris Legare, another caddie at Cricket, and Chris Tobias, who caddies out of Merion Golf Club.

  Legare, 34, of Haverford, Pa., carded a front nine 39 and back nine 35. He recently served two years in the Army, where he was stationed out of Fort Hood, Texas, and started looping at Cricket on May 25.

  “I absolutely love it. Every member that I’ve talked to and carried for has said that they have fallen even more in love with it since the renovations. It’s an amazing place,” said Legare.

  Tobias, a resident of Perkasie, Pa., currently calls Merion his place of employment, but also caddies at Trump National in Jupiter Fla. during the Philadelphia region’s cold season. He has worked rounds on prestigious courses such as Augusta National, Whistling Straights, and Hamilton Farm.

  The 32 year old fired a 1-under front nine 35 followed by a back nine 39 on Monday.

  “I’m always around the game. Its always go home and watch the Golf Channel for me after I get home from working or playing. It’s an addiction for me.”

  The Caddie Tournament had five flights. There is no overall champion.

Golf Association of Philadelphia
  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 151 Member Clubs and 57,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. As Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Source of Golf Information, the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Ages 17 and under
Name, club Score
David Formica, Lancaster Country Club 84
James Mundy, North Hills Country Club 89
Vincent Lucchesi, Llanerch Country Club 92
John Dougherty, The Springhaven Club 97
Mark Fischer, Chester Valley Golf Club 98
Jack Dienes, Chester Valley Golf Club 108
Ryan Tait, The Springhaven Club 108
Connor Kilcoyne, Whitford Country Club 112
Ben Zazo, Lancaster Country Club WD
Sean Noonan, Overbrook Golf Club DQ
Ages 18-21
Name, club Score
*Robert Olseski, Chester Valley Golf Club 75
Zach Arsenault, Tavistock Country Club 75
Jay Fisher, North Hills Country Club 76
Scott Forrester, Meadowlands Country Club 78
Corey Betham, St. Davids Golf Club 80
Andrew Hogan, Chester Valley Golf Club 82
Brian Callahan, Lookaway Golf Club 83
William Sautter, Philadelphia Cricket Club 83
Matt Iehle, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 86
Daniel Vincent, Whitford Country Club 87
Shane Dougherty, Llanerch Country Club 88
Tyler Monahan, Tavistock Country Club 88
Mat Barnett, Philadelphia Cricket Club 89
Eric Vigliarolo, Metedeconk National Golf Club 91
Shane Sarbieski, Chester Valley Golf Club 91
Ray Wenner, The Springhaven Club 97
Matthew Beck, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 99
Tom McCann, Rolling Green Golf Club 101
Charles Brennan, North Hills Country Club 103
Nick Alizzi, Llanerch Country Club 110
David Anderson, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 112
Joseph Benzing, Chester Valley Golf Club 128
Logan Adams, St. Davids Golf Club WD
Logan Rosa, Lancaster Country Club NS
Ryan Gargiule, Lookaway Golf Club DQ
William Zahn, St. Davids Golf Club NS
Ages 22-28
Name, club Score
James Pokorny, Merion Golf Club 75
Jose Centurion, Philadelphia Cricket Club 77
Chris Knee, Applebrook Golf Club 78
Robert Bangs, Jr., Merion Golf Club 78
Jamie Donahue, Overbrook Golf Club 79
Tyler Noll, Merion Golf Club 79
Jason Wilt, Applebrook Golf Club 81
Erik Shucavage, Saucon Valley Country Club 82
Timothy Marshall, The ACE Club 82
Chris Naccarelli, The Springhaven Club 84
Steffen Schenkenberger, Metedeconk National Golf Club 84
Timothy Zimmaro, The ACE Club 84
William Michniewicz, Overbrook Golf Club 86
Colin Pippert, Philadelphia Cricket Club 87
Kyle Donovan, Whitford Country Club 88
Tom Crawford, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club 88
Greg Rabuttino, The Springhaven Club 91
Jimmy Atkins, Philadelphia Cricket Club 91
Andrew Wiley, Applebrook Golf Club 94
Josh Redmond, Overbrook Golf Club 94
William Vollrath, Lookaway Golf Club 94
Wesley Calderone, Applebrook Golf Club 95
Scott Baggot, Tavistock Country Club 98
Colin Goan, Tavistock Country Club 99
Nicholas Hussey, Meadowlands Country Club 99
Steve Norwood, The Springhaven Club 101
Sean Fairorth, Waynesborough Country Club 109
Marcus Washington, Rolling Green Golf Club 116
Marcus Halla, Waynesborough Country Club 119
Ages 29-43
Name, club Score
Paul Boreland, Philadelphia Cricket Club 73
Chris Legare, Philadelphia Cricket Club 74
Chris Tobias, Merion Golf Club 74
James Shaffer, III, Green Valley Country Club 76
Michael Quinn, Philadelphia Country Club 76
Dave Malone, Jr., Green Valley Country Club 77
Chris Rossi, Applebrook Golf Club 78
Brian Devlin, Philadelphia Cricket Club 79
Bryan Davidson, Philadelphia Cricket Club 79
Eddie Westley, Llanerch Country Club 79
Eric Dahl, Manufacturers Golf & Country Club 80
Sean Hughes, Philmont Country Club 80
Nigel Scott, Philadelphia Country Club 83
Shane Stolzer, Green Valley Country Club 84
Brian Egan, Saucon Valley Country Club 85
Jason Schatz, Waynesborough Country Club 85
Matt Masar, Metedeconk National Golf Club 86
Philip Mortell, Aronimink Golf Club 87
Craig Coppola, Saucon Valley Country Club 88
John Patella, Rolling Green Golf Club 88
Kevin Doney, Aronimink Golf Club 89
Christopher Shadek, Tavistock Country Club 91
Matthew Craig, Merion Golf Club 92
Matthew Ruhe, Saucon Valley Country Club 94
Kyle Fishbaugh, Waynesborough Country Club 97
Ronald McAllister, Philmont Country Club 97
Michael Testa, IV, Llanerch Country Club 99
Charles Yang, Merion Golf Club 100
Thomas McLoughlin, Metedeconk National Golf Club 105
Mark Grilli, Philmont Country Club WD
Ages 44 and over
Name, club Score
Lance Hornung, Merion Golf Club 82
William Kindt, Saucon Valley Country Club 84
Mike Kaplan, Philmont Country Club 86
Pete Anglin, Waynesborough Country Club 86
Robert Clark Jr, Saucon Valley Country Club 86
Joe Kuriger, Philmont Country Club 88
Michael Hickey, Overbrook Golf Club 88
Douglas Thompson, Merion Golf Club 89
Don Reid, Metedeconk National Golf Club 90
Peter Hayes, Merion Golf Club 90
Thomas McCarthy, Saucon Valley Country Club 91
Tony Plancastelli, Lookaway Golf Club 91
Eric Miller, Merion Golf Club 92
Anthony Munafo, Philmont Country Club 93
Richard Pierson, Aronimink Golf Club 94
Howard Merritt, Applebrook Golf Club 95
Tom Burke, Saucon Valley Country Club 95
Tom Valek, Lookaway Golf Club 95
David Taylor, Llanerch Country Club 96
Roger Leister, Philmont Country Club 96
Kevin Nicolas, Saucon Valley Country Club 98
Raymond McClarin, Old York Road Country Club 98
Stephen McGill, Stonewall Links 102
Rocky Colavita, Overbrook Golf Club 113
Stanley Saunders, Huntingdon Valley Country Club WD
Vincent Phillips, North Hills Country Club WD
William Erskine, Green Valley Country Club DQ

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