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Aug 14, 2017

Commonwealth’s Breslin bests field in 71st Caddie Tournament

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Caddie Tournament

POTTSTOWN, Pa. — If John Breslin needed a campaign slogan for the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s 71st Caddie Tournament, then “Brez for Prez” — nickname plus position sought — fit naturally. The recent Saint Joseph’s University graduate won Monday’s election by a two-vote margin at Bellewood Country Club (par 71, 6,105 yards).

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  Breslin, a caddie of eight years at Commonwealth National Golf Club, carded a 3-under-par 68, the tournament’s low score. He edged Chris Button of Philadelphia Country Club, Robert Crawford of Lookaway Golf Club and Chris Tobias for the day’s best round. That trio finished at 70.

  “I was pretty consistent the whole day,” Breslin, 22, of Jenkintown, Pa., said. “I missed a bunch of birdie putts on the front but I was striking the ball well. I went to the back, had a birdie on No. 10 and held it all together.

  On the aforementioned 10th hole (par 5, 538 yards), Breslin knocked a 60-degree wedge from 30 yards to 10 feet. He quickly overcame a bogey on the downhill 14th hole (par 3, 157 yards) with a birdie on the next hole (par 4, 371 yards). He smacked a sand wedge 81 yards to five feet. Back-to-back birdies to close separated Breslin from his fellow candidates. On the 17th hole (par 3, 175 yards), he stopped a 6-iron eight feet left of the flagstick. Breslin striped a drive on No. 18 (par 5, 505 yards), elevated a 6-iron from 190 yards out of an uphill lie and two-putted for birdie from 30 feet.

  Breslin carded a birdie against a bogey on his outward nine. A heavy wedge from 70 yards on No. 3 (par 4, 344 yards) caused a 5 on the scorecard. Breslin bashed a 5-iron 215 yards to a chair’s length outside the right greenside bunker. His ensuing flop shot stopped a foot from the jar.

  “The greens were rolling incredibly well today, very true,” Breslin said. “If I hit putts online, they were going to stay there.”

  When he isn’t carrying golf bags at Commonwealth, Breslin, who majored in politic science and minored in ethics, justice and law, plays the venue once or twice a week.

  “I really love the course. It’s great target golf,” he said. “You must hit fairways. You must hit greens.”

  Breslin will take the L SAT in the fall. He hopes to become a lawyer.

  Two years ago, Tobias defeated Button, 1-up, in a caddie competition conducted on Merion’s famed East Course. The two met again, on paper, near the top of the leaderboard Monday. They, like Breslin, praised Bellewood’s putting surfaces.

  “The greens were just choice. They were pure,” Tobias, 34, of Ardmore, Pa., said. “You were on caution pretty much most of the day. If somebody didn’t three-putt today, that would be like winning the lottery.”

  “The greens were awesome,” Button, 28, of West Conshohocken, Pa., said. “I had to play a little bit of defense out there on some of the putts. They were some of the best greens I putted on all year. There’s no doubt about that.”

  The Caddie Tournament had five flights. There isn’t an overall champion.

  Originating in 1928, the Caddie Tournament is open to all caddies who have been regularly employed at Member Clubs for at least 30 days prior to the event. Tournament eligibility is restricted to Amateur players who do not have membership privileges at any Member Club.

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Ages 17 & Under
Name, club Score
Jason Swartz, Commonwealth National Golf Club 76
Jack Larosa, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 78
Joseph Hassey, Jr., Llanerch Country Club 86
Alex Tobiassen, French Creek Golf Club 88
Ian Donaher, Doylestown Country Club 102
Will Price, North Hills Country Club 114
Tim Fitzpatrick, North Hills Country Club 121
Forrest Lederer, The Springhaven Club WD
Max Elfenbein, The Springhaven Club WD
Ages 18-20
Name, club Score
*Luke McKeogh, Commonwealth National Golf Club 75
Pat Donaldson, Tavistock Country Club 75
Thomas Weir, Aronimink Golf Club 75
Mark Amadio, French Creek Golf Club 79
Michael Risser, Chester Valley Golf Club 80
Ryan Borrmann, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 82
Reed Huntzinger, Bent Creek Country Club 84
Luke Teesdale, Commonwealth National Golf Club 84
Matt Michniewicz, Overbrook Golf Club 84
Vincent Lucchesi, Llanerch Country Club 84
Brandon Vattima, The Springhaven Club 85
Kyle Fiorelli, The Springhaven Club 85
Cory Hunter, Commonwealth National Golf Club 85
Sean Lacey, Overbrook Golf Club 89
Theodore Decker, Philadelphia Country Club 91
John Dougherty, The Springhaven Club 92
Ryan Cahill, Chester Valley Golf Club 92
Michael Ellis, IV, Chester Valley Golf Club 92
Luke Irons, Commonwealth National Golf Club 93
Matt Druce, Merion Golf Club 94
Reid Moncada, Doylestown Country Club 97
Michael Austin, Tavistock Country Club 97
Daniel Bolton, Doylestown Country Club 97
Joe Moran, Chester Valley Golf Club 98
Jason Garstkiewicz, Tavistock Country Club 98
Kyle Kilvington, Tavistock Country Club 98
Nicholas Gajdos, Philadelphia Cricket Club 99
Jake Woodruff, North Hills Country Club 112
Bobby Ramsey, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 112
Morgan Rush, St. Davids Golf Club 116
Ethan Samuel, Chester Valley Golf Club 123
Logan Rosa, Lancaster Country Club WD
John Collins, Philadelphia Country Club WD
David Robbins, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale WD
Ages 21-25
Name, club Score
John Breslin, Commonwealth National Golf Club 68
Robert Crawford, Lookaway Golf Club 70
Stewart Rickenbach, Lookaway Golf Club 72
Kyle Henofer, North Hills Country Club 73
Corey Betham, St. Davids Golf Club 74
Shawn Gensbauer, The ACE Club 76
Mark Kelly, St. Davids Golf Club 76
Colton Heisey, Applebrook Golf Club 77
Michael Fedak, Jr., Gulph Mills Golf Club 79
Ryan Estock, Spring Ford Country Club 79
Colin Pippert, Philadelphia Cricket Club 80
Matthew Beck, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81
Mike Siddel, Tavistock Country Club 82
Shane Mcintyre, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club 83
Walt Kosiek, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 83
Chad Piacitelli, Green Valley Country Club 85
Thomas Wolf, French Creek Golf Club 85
Scott Baggot, Tavistock Country Club 86
Corey Whalen, Aronimink Golf Club 87
Vincent Garman, Merion Golf Club 87
Matt Iehle, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 88
Alexander Vicente, Philadelphia Country Club 89
Nicholas Blake, Philadelphia Country Club 89
Kyle Jackson, Whitford Country Club 90
Tyler Bricker, Philadelphia Cricket Club 90
Mark Fischer, Chester Valley Golf Club 91
Kyle Heesen, Doylestown Country Club 93
Nicholas Rose, Llanerch Country Club 99
Michael Costello, Philadelphia Country Club 104
Carter Robinson, Doylestown Country Club 105
John Schuyler Hart, Lehigh Country Club NS
Nick Owsik, Philmont Country Club WD
Ages 26-41
Name, club Score
*Chris Button, Philadelphia Country Club 70
Chris Tobias, Merion Golf Club 70
Matt Hildenbrand, Stonewall 74
Seth Hartman, Stonewall 74
Jason Wilt, Applebrook Golf Club 74
Stephen Kunkle, Philadelphia Cricket Club 76
Ross Tucker, St. Davids Golf Club 77
Timothy Zimmaro, The ACE Club 78
Jonathan Sharp, Aronimink Golf Club 78
Robert Bangs, Jr., Merion Golf Club 78
Trevor Mcnulty, Merion Golf Club 80
David Malone, Jr., Green Valley Country Club 81
Tom Crawford, Jr., Philadelphia Cricket Club 81
Michael Quinn, Philadelphia Country Club 81
Brian Egan, Wedgwood Country Club 82
Kevin Belza, Merion Golf Club 82
Nigel Scott, Philadelphia Country Club 82
Wesley Calderone, Applebrook Golf Club 83
Josh Keyser, Philadelphia Cricket Club 83
Gregory Scherr, Lookaway Golf Club 85
Brian Boyle, Rolling Green Golf Club 86
Matt Benkoski, Aronimink Golf Club 86
Jonathan Burns, Philmont Country Club 86
Chris Rossi, Applebrook Golf Club 88
Mike Traeger, Lancaster Country Club 90
Gabriel Cintron, The ACE Club 93
Matthew Craig, Merion Golf Club 93
Ronald McAllister, Philmont Country Club 94
Matt Rooney, Llanerch Country Club 95
Michael Testa, IV, Llanerch Country Club 97
Tim Cruice, Overbrook Golf Club NS
Timothy Marshall, The ACE Club WD
Ages 42 & Over
Name, club Score
Rob Kingston, Saucon Valley Country Club 76
John Patella, Rolling Green Golf Club 77
Jack Lukens, Lookaway Golf Club 77
Eric Dahl, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club 78
Douglas Thompson, French Creek Golf Club 79
Mike Kaplan, Llanerch Country Club 82
Jeff Campbell, Saucon Valley Country Club 82
Mike Petruccelli, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 82
Chris Catanese, Applebrook Golf Club 82
Paul Bilous, Lehigh Country Club 83
Ernesto Umana, Stonewall 83
Tom Valek, Lookaway Golf Club 84
Andy Hubal, The Ridge at Back Brook 86
Eric Miller, Merion Golf Club 88
Stanley Saunders, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 89
William Kindt, Saucon Valley Country Club 89
Raymond McClarin, Old York Road Country Club 90
Mark Patterson, Union League Golf Club at Torresdale 91
Thomas McCarthy, Saucon Valley Country Club 94
Craig Gemmill, Lancaster Country Club 94
Tom Burke, Saucon Valley Country Club 97
Charles Yang, Merion Golf Club 97
Gregory Greenberg, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 99
William Beamer, Stonewall 99
David McDermott, Philadelphia Country Club 101
William Krewson, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 102
John Larkin, Aronimink Golf Club 103
Richard Gallagher, Jr., The ACE Club 105
David Shaner, Aronimink Golf Club 108
Rodney Donnell, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 113
Jack Hopkins, Merion Golf Club DQ
Roger Leister, Philmont Country Club WD
Richard Pierson, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club WD
* — won in scorecard playoff
DQ — disqualification; NS — no show; WD — withdrawal

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