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Jun 19, 2023

Central Tournament Series: Shade Mountain

Michael Felty
Cailyn Schall
Chase Wirnsberger
Central Tournament Series (Junior) at Shade Mountain Golf Course
June 19, 2023
Division I Boys’
Name, clubScore
Michael Felty, Susquehanna Valley Country Club74
Noah Romig, Shade Mountain Golf Course77
Sam Wetmiller, Susquehanna Valley Country Club79
Gardner Fravel, USGA/GAP GC81
Carter Girton, Belles Springs Golf Course83
Ben Bucher, USGA/GAP GC84
Talan Krepps, USGA/GAP GC85
Alexander Dietrich, Shade Mountain Golf Course87
Luke Fatool, Susquehanna Valley Country Club89
Evan Miller, Clinton Country Club90
McAlister Defazio, Susquehanna Valley Country Club90
Wilson Abram, Shade Mountain Golf Course91
Kamdon Eicher, Shade Mountain Golf Course92
Zeb Hufnagle, Shade Mountain Golf Course92
Max Wirnsberger, Bucknell Golf Club93
Cameron Lenner, Susquehanna Valley Country Club94
Christian Kisner, Susquehanna Valley Country Club99
Ryan Ault, Clinton Country Club101
Dominic Santer, GAP Youth on Course104
Chase Yoder, Shade Mountain Golf Course113
Westin Kuhns, USGA/GAP GC118
Parker Atwood, USGA/GAP GCNS
Eben Kisner, Susquehanna Valley Country ClubWD
Division I Girls’
Name, clubScore
Cailyn Schall, Williamsport Country Club80
Hannah Heaton102
Emily Everett, GAP Youth on Course121
Isabella Fleegle124
Division II
Name, clubScore
Chase Wirnsberger, Bucknell Golf Club48
Sadie Schall, Williamsport Country Club53
Gabe Romig, Shade Mountain Golf Course58
NS – no show; WD – withdrawal

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