Central Tournament Series: Belles Springs - The Golf Association of Philadelphia

Jul 24, 2023

Central Tournament Series: Belles Springs

Kyle Beward/Claire Dworsky & Hannah Heaton
Bryce Bussom
GAP Central Tournament Series at Belles Springs Golf Club
July 24, 2023
Boys’ Division I
Name, clubScore
Kyle Beward, Shade Mountain Golf Course72
Carter Girton, Belles Springs Golf Club76
Liam McClain, Belles Springs Golf Club78
Stevie Fisher, Belles Springs Golf Club79
Ryan Ault, Clinton Country Club84
Derek McElrath, Tyoga Country Club85
Kamdon Eicher, Shade Mountain Golf Course86
Jacob Andreyo, Mountain View Country Club91
Evan Miller, Clinton Country Club93
Alexander Dietrich, Shade Mountain Golf Course95
Wilson Abram, Shade Mountain Golf Course95
Mitchell Widerquist, USGA/GAP GC97
Wade Habovick, Belles Springs Golf Club97
Girls’ Division I
Name, clubScore
Claire Dworsky, Mountain View Country Club92
Hannah Heaton, Belles Springs Golf Club92
Emily Everett, GAP Youth on Course101
Sadie Schall, Williamsport Country Club109
Cailyn Schall, Williamsport Country ClubWD
Boys’ Division II
Name, clubScore
Bryce Bussom, GAP Youth on Course42
Chase Wirnsberger, Bucknell Golf Club46
WD – withdrawal

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