Jun 20, 2012

Amateurs Fahey, Owens head Open Qualifier at Woodcrest

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Open Qualifier

CHERRY HILL, N.J. — Overbrook Golf Club’s Sean Fahey and Wildwood Golf & Country Club’s Steve Owens withstood 100-degree temperatures and carded respective 2-under-par 69s to share medalist honors in an Open Championship Qualifier at Woodcrest Country Club (par 71, 6,488 yards) Wednesday. Fahey and Owens, along with eight others, advanced to the Championship proper, set for July 23 at the pristine Pine Valley Golf Club. At the end of the day, the cut line fell to 72.

   “It feels great,” Fahey said. “I’ve had a couple of friends who’ve gotten the invitation to play there. I’ve been really jealous of them. Now I’ll be able to get on that course, which is obviously the best in the country.”

  “This is my second time playing in [the Open Championship],” Owens, 45, of Philadelphia, Pa., added. “It feels great.”

  Fahey is off to a scorching start in 2012. The Villanova, Pa. resident qualified for match play in the Association’s Amateur Championship last week at Huntingdon Valley Country Club.

   “I worked a lot over the winter with Brian Quinn [Temple University’s golf coach], and he helped me a lot,” the soft-spoken 16 year-old said. “I’ve been hitting it really well over the last couple of months. Whenever my putter seems good, I seem to play really well.”

  Fahey, a semifinalist in the 2011 Junior Boys’ Championship, assembled a modest outward campaign Wednesday, mixing a bogey and a birdie with seven pars. On the par 5, 521-yard No. 2, Fahey steered his drive into the left tree-line. He pitched out to the fairway, flew a 9-iron 150 yards over the green and failed to get up-and-down for par. After flighting a drive over the trees on No. 8 (par 4, 420 yards), Fahey smacked a sand wedge 100 yards to four feet below the flagstick and cleaned up the birdie putt.

  Fahey kept his nerves in check and continued his red figure rhythm on No. 11 (par 5, 503 yards). He hammered a hybrid 220 yards and watched his golf ball “hit something hard,” which halted its momentum and allowed it to rest 15 feet from the jar. Fahey then two-putted for birdie. On the par 3, 180-yard 13th hole, he drew a 6-iron to seven feet above the flagstick and drained the downhill, right-to-left breaker for birdie.

   “I just started it on the line and it broke right in,” he said.

  Fahey drilled a 6-iron 185 yards and dropped a six-footer over the right edge for a 3 on No. 16 (par 4, 409 yards). He ended with an ultimately meaningless bogey on the par 5, 560-yard 18th hole. Fahey attempted to punch a 4-iron under a tree following a poor drive, but only advanced his golf ball into the first cut. Fahey elected to lay up short of the water hazard with a 9-iron, nuked a gap wedge over the green and nearly holed a downhill putt for par.

  Fahey will travel to Peddie Golf Club tomorrow to compete in a U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifier.

   “It will be 72 holes in three days,” Fahey, who competed in a Pennsylvania Golf Association Amateur Championship Qualifier at Concord Country Club yesterday, said. “I’ll be a little tired, but we’ll see how it goes.”

  Owens’ round mirrored Fahey’s: four birdies and two bogeys. He registered consecutive red figures on Nos. 3 (par 3, 163 yards) and 4 (par 5, 512 yards). Owens left a 7-iron 15 feet right of the No. 3 hole location and converted the right-to-left-curler for birdie. He stopped a 60-degree wedge at eight feet on No. 4. Owens crushed a hybrid more than 200 yards to 15 feet and two-putted for a 4 on No. 11. A 5-iron to 25 feet above the No. 13 flagstick resulted in birdie No. 4 on the day.

  Owens, an inspector for a taxi cab and limousine enforcement, doesn’t play a lot of competitive golf annually, but the Open and its backdrop inspired an appearance Wednesday. He qualified for the 2011 U.S. Mid-Amateur.

  Founded in 1897, the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) is the oldest regional golf association in the United States and serves as the principal ruling body of amateur golf in its region. Its 145 Member Clubs and 57,000 individual members are spread across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. As Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Source of Golf Information, the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s mission is to promote, preserve and protect the game of golf.

Name, club Score
(a) Sean Fahey, Overbrook Golf Club 69
(a) Steve Owens, Wildwood Golf & Country Club 69
(a) Matthew Finger, Woodcrest Country Club 70
(a) Ryan O’Donnell, Rolling Green Golf Club 70
(a) Benjamin Smith, Little Mill Country Club 71
(a) Geoffrey Cooper, Links Golf Club 71
*(a) James Gillespie, Wedgwood Country Club 72
*(a) Paul Tighe, Little Mill Country Club 72
*(a) Cory Siegfried, Philadelphia Country Club 72
*Don Allan, Woodcrest Country Club 72
Alternates (in order)
*(a) James Braunsberg, Blue Bell Country Club 72
*(a) Anthony Ventura, Greate Bay Country Club 73
Failed to qualify
*George Frake, II, Little Mill Country Club 73
*(a) Thomas Bartolacci, Jr., Saucon Valley Country Club 73
(a) Ryan McCarty, Little Mill Country Club 74
(a) Matthew Gaffney, Little Mill Country Club 74
Robert Hennefer, Links Golf Club 75
Michael Little, Rolling Green Golf Club 75
(a) Jay Rubenstein, Saucon Valley Country Club 75
(a) Elias Chua, Fieldstone Golf Club 75
(a) Matt Raudenbush, Tavistock Country Club 75
John DiMarco, Laurel Creek Country Club 76
(a) Karl Nutt, Laurel Creek Country Club 76
Rick Hughart, Tavistock Country Club 76
Mark Bixler, Pine Valley Golf Club 76
David Taraschi, Merchantville Country Club 76
(a) Amory Davis, Bidermann Golf Club 76
(a) Matt Brainard, Loch Nairn Golf Club 76
(a) Daniel Furman, Commonwealth National Golf Club 77
(a) Daniel Rexon, Tavistock Country Club 77
James Austin, Five Ponds Golf Club 77
(a) Brian Powell, Burlington Country Club 77
(a) Marty Crounse, Mercer Oaks Golf Course 77
Jason Panter, White Oaks Country Club 77
Jeff Breiner, Carlisle Country Club 77
Corey Katzen, Tavistock Country Club 77
(a) Jamie Slonis, Tavistock Country Club 77
Terry Hertzog, Bent Creek Country Club 77
Mark Parson, Greate Bay Country Club 77
(a) Frank Savarese, Philadelphia Publinks GA 78
(a) Eric Spiller, Woodcrest Country Club 78
(a) Thomas Hyland, Little Mill Country Club 78
(a) Troy Vannucci, Burlington Country Club 78
(a) Robert Kownacky, Laurel Creek Country Club 78
(a) Sam Gallen, Berkshire Country Club 78
(a) Rob Singer, Little Mill Country Club 78
(a) Russell Hill, Old York CC at Chesterfield 78
(a) Denis Dotson, Makefield Highlands Golf Club 78
Graham Dendler, Trenton Country Club 78
(a) Rich Thon, The Springhaven Club 79
(a) Troy Miller, Back Creek Golf Club 79
Jeffrey Bonicky, Sea Oaks Golf Club 79
(a) Harry Lore, Little Mill Country Club 79
(a) David Atkinson, Llanerch Country Club 79
(a) Brian Kenny, Greate Bay Country Club 79
Brad Hare, Medford Lakes Country Club 79
(a) Zachary Pogust, The ACE Club 79
Tom Gilbert, Gulph Mills Golf Club 79
Kevin Melrath, Linfield National Golf Club 79
(a) Garrett Conway, Burlington Country Club 80
(a) Scott Bergson, Little Mill Country Club 80
(a) Adam Warner, Rancocas Golf Club 80
(a) Kyle Martin, Commonwealth National Golf Club 80
(a) Charles Scalzott, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 80
(a) Jack Wallace, Philadelphia Cricket Club 80
(a) William Thornton, Jr., LedgeRock Golf Club 80
(a) Mark Agnew, Hartefeld National 80
(a) Vincent A. Scarpetta, Jr., Glenmaura National Golf Club 81
(a) Vince Scarpetta, Glenmaura National Golf Club 81
(a) Brian Herman, Merchantville Country Club 81
(a) Chris Meares, Sakima Country Club 81
(a) Gene Martin, Laurel Creek Country Club 81
(a) Lance Hornung, Wedgwood Country Club 81
(a) Tom Shin, Laurel Creek Country Club 81
(a) Bill Moule, Links Golf Club 81
(a) David Dorey, Tavistock Country Club 81
(a) Steven Passalacqua, Wedgwood Country Club 81
(a) Evan Thornton, Berkshire Country Club 81
(a) Christopher Lucarelli, Country Club of Scranton 81
(a) Jack Gregor, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 81
(a) Kyle Raudenbush, Tavistock Country Club 81
(a) Zachary Falone, Rolling Green Golf Club 81
(a) Joseph Russo, Running Deer Golf Club 82
(a) Chris Hunger, Wedgwood Country Club 82
(a) Joseph Roeder, Links Golf Club 82
(a) L.J. Georgetti, Wildwood Golf & Country Club 82
(a) Vincent Sirianni, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club 82
Doug Delaney, Sand Barrens Golf Club 82
(a) Reid Carnes, Sea Oaks Golf Club 82
(a) Mark Battista, Philadelphia Publinks GA 83
(a) Rick Lynd, Running Deer Golf Club 83
(a) Archie Struthers, Greate Bay Country Club 83
(a) Jordan Claffey, Philmont Country Club 83
(a) Mario Canal, Laurel Creek Country Club 84
(a) Rick Hendrickson, Hidden Creek Golf Club 84
(a) Brett Cybulski, Merchantville Country Club 84
(a) Tom DiCinti, Links Golf Club 84
(a) Matthew Scheeper, Running Deer Golf Club 84
(a) Joe April, Philadelphia Cricket Club 84
(a) Robert Galbreath, Jr., Philmont Country Club 84
(a) Joseph Chiusano, Golden Pheasant Golf Club 84
(a) Kyle Ginty, Talamore Country Club 84
(a) David Ripa, Running Deer Golf Club 85
(a) Andrew Dietz, Laurel Creek Country Club 85
(a) Dino Stathis, Metedeconk National Golf Club 85
(a) Bruce Apple, Woodcrest Country Club 85
(a) Justin Smith, Huntingdon Valley Country Club 85
(a) Brad McFadden, Overbrook Golf Club 85
(a) Alex Dupre, Rolling Green Golf Club 85
Ronald Pine, Trenton Country Club 85
(a) Dominic Digiacomo, Greate Bay Country Club 85
(a) Jeff Newman, Little Mill Country Club 86
(a) Connor Eichman, Llanerch Country Club 86
(a) Greg Girone, Wedgwood Country Club 86
(a) Tanner Swanson, Penn Oaks Golf Club 86
(a) Matt Dieleuterio, Cavaliers Country Club 86
(a) Glenn Zuck, Galloway National Golf Club 86
(a) John Aloisio, Running Deer Golf Club 87
Eric Grossman, Laurel Creek Country Club 87
(a) Ivan McBride, Five Ponds Golf Club 87
Brian Levengood, Pine Valley Golf Club 87
(a) Douglas Rodio, Little Mill Country Club 88
(a) Chris Bevelheimer, Sakima Country Club 88
James Shukdinas, Dick’s Sporting Goods 88
(a) Timothy Marshall, Inniscrone Golf Club 88
(a) John Ward, Greate Bay Country Club 88
(a) John Volpe, Inniscrone Golf Club 88
(a) Rand Mendez, Fieldstone Golf Club 88
Daniel Hoban, Middletown Country Club 89
(a) James Denon, Jr., The Springhaven Club 89
(a) Edward Furman, Commonwealth National Golf Club 89
(a) Scott Kalan, White Manor Country Club 89
(a) Robert Filipe, Jr., Laurel Creek Country Club 89
(a) Jules Quinones, Blue Bell Country Club 89
(a) Andrew Pierson, Merchantville Country Club 92
(a) Eric Miller, Penn Oaks Golf Club 92
(a) Jack Grasso, Sunnybrook Golf Club 92
(a) Derek Partin, White Oaks Country Club 102
(a) John Kappes, Wedgwood Country Club NC
(a) John Moran, Middletown Country Club WD
(a) Gerry Baldachino, Old York CC at Chesterfield WD
(a) Gil Moniz, Jr., Running Deer Golf Club NC
Pete Grundtisch, Sea Oaks Golf Club NC
(a) Bradley Roberts, Wedgwood Country Club WD
Michael Shenkman, The ACE Club WD
Frank Hesson, Indian Spring CC WD
(a) David Maslanka, Seaview Resort & Spa WD
(a) William Voris, Galloway National Golf Club WD
Marty Vybihal, The Club at Morgan Hill WD
Steven Cuzzort, Back Creek Golf Club WD
(a) Mike Miklinevich, Greate Bay Country Club WD
Greg Keil, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club WD

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